• Alpha Ranger

     SO, I reached 100 edits not much to be proud of. But hey another digit :). Anyway, some anounncements I will be making a show called The Alpha Show :D that's pretty plain actually how about Alpha Centure? Yup, that means Alpha CENTER but my old username for like 1 hour was Centure and centure sounds like center. SO this show will be like a bunch of minigames it's like a camp that will start sign-ups soon.

    One more thing is that I made a fanfiction for Traveling Roleplay and Pokemon Legend will keep going for awhile.


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  • Alpha Ranger

     Don't worry I am not ending it.

    Season 1 will have 30 episodes and these are unscheduled episodes that me and NegimaLover (creators) have made they are just not schudeled into the season.

    Season 1 Unscheduled Episodes
    Number Episode Release?
    1 My Kingdom Season Finale?
    2 Whenever There's a Minun Side, There's Always a Plusie Side! Soon?
    3 Rock-A-Bye Plovaby! Soon.
    4 Pokemon Powers Episode 10?

    1. My Kingdom - A episode made by Alpha Ranger that may be the season finale.

    2.  Whenever There's a Minun Side, There's Always a Plusle Side!
    (Preview: Liam and co. arrive at the Gym, Liam uses Zomblob, Driclaw and Minun, while the Gym leader uses Panzap, Libulb and Jolteon, after both side are down to their last Pokemon, Liam with Minun and the gym leader wi…

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  • Wolfdragon Rex


    June 1, 2014 by Wolfdragon Rex

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  • Wolfdragon Rex

    A world where notebooks exist, but not just any notebooks. If you write a name in these notebooks, that person will die. This is the world Death Note is set in.

    After watching all 37 episodes of Death Note, I felt sad. Throughout this dark anime (in more ways than one) I felt a turmoil of emotions. Anger, Happiness, Sadness. I grew to love Light's character, even though I wanted to hate him. I enjoyed the rivalry between Light and L, and then later Light and Near. I was sad when L, Rem and Watari died. I hated characters like Demegawa.

    But throughout Death Note, there were only two points that actually brought on extreme emotion, both of which were extreme sadness, as in I actually cried at those points. The first was Naomi's suicide. Just w…

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  • XrosHearts

    I'm here to states issues and news about the wiki

    Say hello to the new admin TrentFan.

    Hello, this really isn't an issue but we should premote this wiki for others to know about it, so spread the word to your friends and wiki friends.

    This wiki is lacking new things, so if you can and want to please create more things to add to this wiki.

    If there is any issue, or anything at all you wanna say please leave it in a comment.

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  • DaRealLeon

    we will accepting up to 4 other people. me and TF are already signed in, and will also be portraying the NPC's in the story.

    the sign ups will go like this (Note: traits with a * next to them are not required)






    Weapon:(Any kind of weapon existing in the 17th century will work)

    Fighting Style:(can be of any of the existing characters, they are found on the main page, for more help, visit the SoulCalibur wiki)

    Story: (any kind of backstory of other personanl info about the character's goals can be listed.)

    These are me and TF's characters in the RP, when your character is accepted, they will be listed here also.

    (my character)

    Name: Leon Douglas

    Birthplace: French Empire

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: Has never weighed…

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  • XrosHearts

    Hello, I know most of you have great ideas and many of them can help this wiki flourish so if you have any ideas please say so.

    From now on camps are going to fall under the category of roleplays from now on but Fyrexx/Mrodd whatever you want to be called this wiki is not partnered with Total Drama Island Camps Wiki so I have no right to say to only do camps over there. This wiki is to be made from the creativity of everyone so if you want to make a camp here go ahead but make sure it follows rules and guidelines.

    The voting is ending and the winners will be announced tomorrow as the day goes by, all winners will be getting a picture of a trophy. I'll attempt my best at it, though I am not an excellent drawer. If anyone else wants to do this…

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  • XrosHearts

    Avi made the original one of this blog in feburary but I believe we need it now.

    This wiki's design is boring don't you agree, we need a more festive, more New Year's, more Janurary 2013 design. All great wiki's have great designs. If you have an idea or wannt to to attempt this please leave a comment.

    Spread the word! The Unwritten wiki's Revival has begun! The Unwritten Wiki is back! Tell old members and those how may like to join, maybe even tell random people on random wikis. To make this wiki flourish we need more members.

    We need to come up with projects or events for the entire wiki. Events to stimulate activity and coopperation.

    If you have an idea for any of these please leave a comment below

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  • XrosHearts

    Hello well looks like this place is starting to flourish so from now on I'll make monthly blogs with news. If anyone wants their to add news to next or this month's news blog please contact me on my talk page.

    Hello I'm am restarting featured items all previous winners will remain. All winning pages will not be deleted. For this month only any story or fanfiction can run for Featured items regardless of its length.

    Hello Zanna and I have Commenced the Unwritten Awards 2012 we have 2 new categories and this year there is no Best Camp as there has been no technical "Camp". The categories and nomeniees have been made now you have to vote. The winners will be announced New Year's Eve every winner being announced 1 hour appart and the User of The…

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  • Wolfdragon Rex

    The protagonist of The Power Within. Rex Canina is a talented young man who has been gifted with the ability of telekinesis. He is being hunted down by the mysterious agency that has control over his hometown.

    The girlfriend of Rex Canina. She unknowningly has geokinesis.

    An agent of the agency. She was undercover as one of Iris's friends. She developed feelings for Rex but puts her duty above all else. She weilds dual katanas.

    One of Rex's friends. He puts immense trust in Rex and follows him. Like Rex, Jacke is hunted by the agency. He possesses cyrokinesis.

    One of Rex's friends. Micheal and Rex support each other and act like brothers. He's always ready to make a joke, even if it's at his own expense. He possesses chronokinesis.

    Micheal Wyve…

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  • XrosHearts

    The Unwritten Revival

    December 16, 2012 by XrosHearts

    Hello I've never been the one from here to be up and give the news and stuff, but I've decided its time for this wiki's revival for far too long it's time for a comeback. I've taken charge to create a path for the future, with permission from AverageHero.

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  • Zannabanna

    Leaving the Wiki

    May 30, 2012 by Zannabanna

    Hey Guys. Just wanted to say I'm leaving this wiki. Sorry but It's like a desert here. Bye

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  • WelshGirlAmber

    Guess who?

    May 1, 2012 by WelshGirlAmber

    Its mee! Im back! I hopre Your all still here! Xros, Ah, REX!,INSF, HR and more :)) yaaaay

    Celebration! Lol

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  • Wolfdragon Rex


    April 25, 2012 by Wolfdragon Rex

    NOTE: Stars

    • 1 Star - 2,000 Points
    • 2 Stars - 4,000 Points
    • 3 Stars - 6,000 Points
    • 4 Stars - 8,000 Points
    • 5 Stars - 10,000 Points

    My scores and comments!

    • California Gurls - Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg - 9,971 points - This song is so girly T.T
    • Take on Me - a-ha - 5,325 points - This song is just plain weird.
    • Pump It - The Black Eyed Peas - 8,662 points - The achievement for this song is hard to get! (Get at least good on every crystal move).
    • Lollipop - MIKA - 5,279 points - I HAD TO SKIP IN THIS SONG!
    • Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland - 6,716 points - All I had to say is 'What the?!'
    • Baby One More Time - The Girly Team - 7,968 points - The dancers are cheerleaders...
    • Price Tag - Jessie J featuring B.o.B - 8,440 points - This song …
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  • Izzyndawnfan12
    • SOBS*
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  • Izzyndawnfan12

    Wiki Ideas

    February 29, 2012 by Izzyndawnfan12

    I am an admin here, and I really want to have sOme more fun on this wiki, and make it look prettier. So, I was thinking for a weekly game on an IRC channel where the users challenges will be based on random facts, challenges which most of them will be based on this wikia. As I want to get this wiki a facelift, does anyone have any design ideas of should the wiki stay as it is. Also, I think we should have a bit more categories, such as Horror, Mystery, Adventure etc for the pages. Thanks for reading :) When nothing goes right, go left 11:08, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • AverageHero

    So, I know that the users here have busy schedules and so do I what with school and other wikis, but...

    I feel like I've just failed. I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me by making some kind of depressing theme, but I just feel like nothing I do spices this wiki up, which is why I want you guys to vote for a new founder.

    As soon as a new founder is elected, I'm most likely going to depart the wiki. I had a sort of good run, but I think I'm just not the right person for the job as THIS Wiki's founder.

    Being my specialty resides more so in Total Drama Wikis, I'm taking a chance and have made a wiki designed for Total Drama Roleplays, which we know has failed many times. Hopefully I can make it work. It's called the Total Drama Networ…

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    New Camp Alert~!

    February 20, 2012 by Sgt.FrogEpic190

    I have no idea what it's gonna be called but it goes like this:

    There is gonna be 5 or 6 players. There will be more than 5 rules, and Each submission REQUIRES art.

    Everyone will get 10 Gold Coins. Each coin will be taken away, given, or kept. I will describe something and everybody must guess what it is and draw a picure. So Like this:

    • Hamm: Rainbow Sock

    If I see something like this:


    There will be judging on the art, It's EXCELENT,3 coins. Maybe, 2 coins. Try Harder,1 coin.

    Hope you join! :L

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    Puzzles are fun! And rewarding too. Every part of a puzzle is a certain amount of Golden Keroros.(Represented by ₪ ) There will be 5 rounds. YOU ONLY HAVE 4 GUESSES. Who ever answers them correctly gets a Keroro. They can be used in the store and get you a prize. (Shown Below)

    • 30-31₪: A user box, collab, and a drawing (Pencil and paper or MSPaint, your choice)
    • 24-29₪: a user box
    • 20-23₪: collab
    • 15-19₪: A NEW CA- one more puzzle just to see if you can get a prize.
    • 10-14₪: a sympathy hug.
    • 0-13₪: Nothing,please try harder next time. :)

    The spent Keroros will not affect your final total.

    Item Price What it does
    Hint 2₪ Gives a hint for the puzzle
    Bonus Question 4₪ Helps you get a certian ammout of Keroros(₪).
    Insta-Solve™ 20₪ Solves a question/puzzle for you.

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  • Wolfdragon Rex

    Puzzles and More

    February 12, 2012 by Wolfdragon Rex

    La di da, I shall make puzzles for you people ^w^. Also each answer gives you a certain aount of points, which currently don't do anything but they shall do something in the future!

    Mi mi mi mi mi miiiiiiii~! These questions are about music~! Let's see if you don't lose it~!

    • Name a famous classical composer. [One Point] Answer: Wolfgang Mozart (Xros)
    • What is the newest song by Katy Perry? [One Point]
    • How many people sing 'Give me everything tonight'? [Two Points]
    • The song by Cee-lo Green 'Forget/F***/F you' was actually writen by who? [Four Points]
    • Name the four types of instraments. [Five Points]
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  • XrosHearts

    Johnny's Puzzles

    February 11, 2012 by XrosHearts

    Here I will make puzzles you can try to solve.

    UPDATE: The Top Puzzle Solver gets a prize (dun dun dun)

    The crossword puzzle will have references as clues.

    p o r t a l . . . . . .
    . e . . .














    2. The cake is a lie! (dun dun dun)

    4. Luke I am your father! (Didn't see that coming)

    5. Shut up!

    1. TDI Camps wiki's Werewolf

    3. #1 Digimon Master

    User Solved
    Rex 4 Read more >
  • AverageHero

    This is Avi, your friendly wiki founder! After a recent chat with some of the admins over chatango, I've decided to create this blog as a haven for the new "Wiki Improvement Project"! I want to make our wiki awesome which is why I'll be working to make our wiki look good, be more fun, and get into rhythm! And I'll definately need you admins' help!

    -I propose that we work to bring new features to our wiki like weekly roleplaying games over IRC or Chatango, more small weekly activities like polls and puzzles on the wiki, newsletters to give you guys the scoop, story reviews, and MORE!

    STATUS: In Progress

    -Once we get more stuff, I propose we make this wiki look even more awesome! We can keep up with the featured logo contest, and we can also ma…

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  • Izzyndawnfan12

    Alright, I won't be that much active on this wikia for an unknown amount of time for the reasons being, me has alot of projects on tyhe TDIFF Wiki, more life related work thingies lkike some weird Boys Brigade thing which will also strip me off a few days, and three, HR is not here. jks. But anyway, I will mainly be updating and commenting, but not much editing from now on. If you don't like it, send a letter to my wife at Camp Wawanakwa, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada about how you don't like it. She will then send it to me, so I'll send a letter back to her, who will send the letter back to you so noone finds out my adress. M'kay? Oh, and when I get back on my laptop, I will be attempting more artwork with the ROTI characters. ♥ Love the Moonch…

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  • Mrodd

    Art Requests

    February 4, 2012 by Mrodd

    I will now be taking Art requests, any kind of art...

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    It's SONGUGU!

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  • Izzyndawnfan12


    January 17, 2012 by Izzyndawnfan12

    IF we don't, wikia WILL be doomed.

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  • Bethanyvsduncan

    Yep i have my very first fanfic coming out soon to watch and i already have a character list so you know who you wanna root for the players are



















    Trent and


    and if your wondering what will happen to the other 18 they will all make cameos during the series where they will help with the challenges so comment on who you think will win and trust me the final 5 will suprise you

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    Syle is now....

    January 17, 2012 by Sgt.FrogEpic190


    This is Kinda like INDF's blog, but it's not.


    Ok, I wanted to be called "Kululu190" but someone had "Kululu12". I was like: "Holy crap, holycrap!!! I need to contact Wikia to tell them!!!" So I did.

    A few hours later, Brandon Rhea (A guy from the Wikia staff...) Sent me an email. I didn't get it untill a few hours ago.

    I was like "Oh good, I was notified, he said it's alright." I emailed him back what I wanted to be named.

    I told him:

    "Sgt.FrogEpic190 or If that's too long,


    He told me it wasn't too long and he'd get to the name changing.

    IT TOOK ALMOST 2 HOURS. But that wasn't a problem for me.

    I liked that I talked to a real person, and not a robot.

    So, that's my story. If Brandon helps you anytime, say that Sgt.Fr…

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    Ok, I asked Rex in our "secret way" of communication if I should bring back Pictonary or Let's take a Quiz. Sadly, he hasn't answered yet. And I asked him almost a month ago. :P

    So, that's why I'm asking YOU guys! Which one would you like to priticipate in more, Let's Take A Quiz, or Pictionary? Vote now! Closes on the 21st! Vote in the coments!

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  • XrosHearts

    Olympian Trivia

    January 14, 2012 by XrosHearts

    So in celebration of the new movie Sea of Monsters and new book Mark of Athena in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus I'm making a weekly quiz show based on both series and the the actual greek and roman mythology so if anyone wants to compete just ask in the comments.

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    Youv'e loved the Pick-A-Paths. You want to do one. Now you can! With 3 to choose from and counting, you can! Vist the [Pick-A-Path Adventure Wiki!]

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  • Wolfdragon Rex

    I'm a Bright Spark

    You've got the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. Nothing is more satisfying than spotting patterns forming in life and seeing the beauty in the natural world. You think everything in life is connected, and keeping in touch with nature is just as important as keeping up with the latest technologies.

    Your inquisitive mind means you have an irresistible urge to experiment with everything around you. You're a real get-up-and-go kind of person who likes to keep at least one finger on the pulse of everything that's hot and happening from the latest movies and sport to the coolest technologies and gadgets. A true entertainment junkie, there's no chance of you ever getting bored and you're always the first to get y…

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  • Izzyndawnfan12

    I decided to change my username to Izzyndawnfan12. If you call me INSF or anything related to Sierra, I'll break your heart and chew it up and spit it out and step on it and throw it down a sewer call it names and then laugh! I will miss the INSF part of me, so that means I can't call myself IN$F. Feel free to call me any of this names listed below

    • Izzyndawnfan12
    • Izzy
    • Dawn
    • INDF
    • INDF12
    • Your superior
    • KeDha
    • Moonchild
    • Witch
    • Wiccan
    • Spiritual
    • Hot
    • Hottie
    • That User Who Is Way Better Than You
    • The future winner of TDIWIKI Ultimate on the IRC
    • Zoey
    • Or by my name, Daunte. No one can no about this.
    • Mars
    • Mr. Not Odd
    • LeQuisha
    • Ava
    • Belle
    • Chip
    • Tyson
    • Kokiri
    • Meditator
    • Green Aura
    • Totally not the inferior
    • Master of the Unwritten
    • INDF The Sexy Administrator
    • Administator D

    Thanks :D Zoey the Lone…

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  • XrosHearts

    What now without BFDI?

    January 2, 2012 by XrosHearts

    Yes I know now that BFDI is over for now yes they might do a second season on a different channel but me and my brother yes Sonic decided to make a thing like BFDI cause I suck at drawing and I love reality shows so anyways we need help with it for right now need is ideas for characters so far we have...

    Format: Item - Name - Gender - Stereotype

    Host: Microphone - Microphone - Male - Myseterious host

    1. Water Drop - Dropy - Male - Cool guy
    2. Bomb - Bomb - Male - Friendly
    3. Fire - Flamey - Female - Mischief Maker
    4. Ball - Bally - Female - Self-obsessed
    5. Penny - Penny - Female - Shy girl
    6. Quarter - Quartery - Male - Scardy cat
    7. Log of Wood - Logy - Male - Schiemmer
    8. Spoon - Spoon - Female - Helper
    9. Star - Stary - Female - Wannabe Star
    10. Tin Can - Can - Grumpy Attitude
    11. Pe…

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  • XrosHearts

    NOTE: Admins should read this.

    Here is the idea:

    So the thing is there will be events (like the real olympics) ranging from writing to role-playing to drawing (basicly events on the things you on the wiki) maybe even team versions, the top 3 get gold, silver, or bronze userboxes (when I learn how to make some) corresponding to the place in the event, each type of events could have different hosts/judges (probably admins and trsted users) so everyone has a turn to partcipate at the end the main hosts (me and someone else) could award everyone with the userboxes. other stuff may include opening and closing ceremonies (although what could we do for that?) .

    What is your opinion? Are you with it or against it?

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  • JoFanForever

    Hey guys, this is literally my first blog on this wiki ever :P I am My-Scope, a very unique user (I'm sure y'all are unique too BTW :3

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  • Teddy10

    Small Anouncement!

    December 28, 2011 by Teddy10

    Hello, Teddy here! I have a small anouncement, as you can tell by my blog title. I have added a pink candy background to my user talk, and I have noticed that when you press 'Leave a Message', it leaves the message outside the candy background! So I would love it if you would press the little down arrow next to 'Leave a Message' and press 'Edit', and it would mean so much if you leave your message in the pink background. Thank you so much!


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  • Teddy10

    Teddy's Hunger Games

    December 27, 2011 by Teddy10

    Welcome to Teddy's new blog! This will be all about the new Hunger Games story I am thinking up of, and although I cannot promise you I will complete this, as I am such a total procastinator, I will try my best!

    My name is Teddy Jones, and I am sixteen years old. I was born in District One to a rich family, and I've always been fed well and raised for the Hunger Games. My older brother, Ted, died a long time ago after he got reaped into the Hunger Games, and now it's time for another reaping. My name is in that bowl only six times, no biggy, right? Wrong. I get reaped, and my life, which seemed to be perfect, turned upside down.

    You have just read the intro to Teddy Jones: The Hunger Games. It's about me being reaped into the Hunger Games, a…

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    Guess who's older!

    December 27, 2011 by Sgt.FrogEpic190

    It's pretty obivious. :P



    If you didn't know.............................................................,..........................................................................
















    ...........................It's my birthday!

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  • Izzyndawnfan12

    Monthly Blog

    December 27, 2011 by Izzyndawnfan12

    Tis my monthly blog. Don't cry, m'kay?

    SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! Well, that's where I am.

    Well, as I used to be an athiest, I am now starting to become a wicca. Please do not mock any of my beliefs or say we worship the devil because that's a lie.

    Life is fine. Except for repetitive infections and eczema rashes. I couldn't even swim in a pool because it stung so bad, so I just chilled with my mother, and she freaked out when I spotted a rat near us.

    One word, two syllables. EPIC. For Christmas I got ps3 and the move bundle, mw3 collectors edition case thing, just dance 3, left 4 dead 2 zombrex edition with a zombrex injector pen, some sports game, four pack of V energy drink and a boogie board or whatever.

    This blog was short because I'm rushing …

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  • Teddy10

    Teddy's Q & A Game

    December 27, 2011 by Teddy10

    Hello all, Teddy here! I would like to announce that I am attempting a Q & A game with all of you. I will take ten questions from ten users! For example...

    (ex: Pink or Blue?)

    You simple ask me a question in the form of question and question. Like, if you want to know my favorite mall, ask it in the form of "This mall or this mall?". It's very easy if you read!

    Now, I have some rules for you, and please read them! I wouldn't want to not answer your question because you broke one of my rules!

    1. You may not go over the edge with these questions! No inappropriate ones please, as I'm trying to stay kid-friendly here!
    2. I am only answering the first ten questions I get. If I receive anymore, and you are the person who asked it, please leave a message on…

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  • Wolfdragon Rex

    Chatango Moderators

    December 23, 2011 by Wolfdragon Rex

    If you wanna be a mod for chatango, say so in the comments. Post a time and a date that you can be tested on (It will take 20-30 mins), and if statisfactory you might become a chatango chat mod. Also... ALL ADMINS WRITE THEIR CHATANGO USERNAMES HERE!

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  • XrosHearts

    Me Singing

    December 20, 2011 by XrosHearts

    Hi Here I'll put videos of me singing songs. Please note I have horrible recording equipment so my voice might sound terrible.

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  • XrosHearts

    RPG Choice

    December 19, 2011 by XrosHearts

    So I want to make an RPG with the help of you so just vote.

    What type of RPG do you want me to make? Digimon RPG Fantasy RPG Realistic RPG Arabian Nights RPG Sonic RPG Normal RPG Read more >
  • Izzyndawnfan12

    Well, here is just some information on something I am going to be writing. It is based on the Virtual Villagers series. Seven villagers escape their island as it was destroyed by a disastrous volcano. Now they have arrived on the shore of Isola, where they will have to survive.

    Olivia, 23, Trainee Farmer

    Parker, 27, Trainee Builder

    Monica, 25, Trainee Builder

    Ash, 30, Trainee Scientist

    Lilli, 19, Trainee Parent (NURSING)

    Jonah, 8, TBA


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  • AverageHero

    Rising Stars...

    December 19, 2011 by AverageHero

    Ello, Hola, & Bonjour! It's AH!

    An all new singing competition has arrived...


    And YOU guys get to audition, compete with ORIGINAL songs, and the best will recieve a MYSTERY PRIZE & be forever known as the wiki's first RISING STAR!


    1) AUDITIONS - Audition through comments by stating the following:

    • What name you wish to be known as a User...
    • Whether you're a Boy/Girl...
    • Description of the song in a few words: Genre, Tempo, Instruments, etc...
    • The Name of your original song...
    • A (MIN) 5 lyrics or (MAX) 10 lyrics...

    2) BOOTCAMP - The Auditions Accepted will be cut down until we get 12: 4 solo girls led by ZANNA, 4 solo boys led by REX, and 4 groups led by ME.

    3) LIVE SHOWS - Performances will be scheduled for one night each week, …

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  • Izzyndawnfan12

    Admins Comments.

    December 12, 2011 by Izzyndawnfan12

    Hey guys. Do you want colored comments like mine? Comment below and tell me what color you want. Warning, this only works for admins.

    Cause baby your a firework! Come on show 'em what your worth! 03:42, December 12, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    My suggestions

    December 12, 2011 by Sgt.FrogEpic190
    1. A userbox on the user/fanfiction/story/camp is they win Featured in that category: It helps to make the wiki snazzy.
    2. Genres for userboxes/Categories: To see if it is Fiction, Non-Fiction,Realistic Fiction,ect. so the user cknows what their reading.
    3. A welcome committe! lawl So users feel welcome when they come, not some user that's unknown.
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  • XrosHearts

    Digimon Encyclopedia

    December 11, 2011 by XrosHearts

    I made a digimon encyclo pedia well you can't really say made its a wiki here is a link

    Its not complete yet it ally has nothing BuI'll putstuff as time goes by.

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  • Zannabanna

    Christmas Theme

    December 11, 2011 by Zannabanna

    Hey Guys It's Zanna. I have started a new thing for the wiki. I'm designing the Wiki to look like every holiday. I hope y'all like the Christmas theme. I think it looks really good. Leave your thoughts in the comments :D

    Zannabanna's Blogs

    Last: Yay! :D

    Next: New Years Theme
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