1 ~ The New BattleEdit

"To think that card games are this influental on everyday life." Johnny said walking down the street. He stopped infront of a shop. "I hope this is the place." He said. Johnny stepped through the front doors, and infront of him was a blue haired kid standing at a table. "You're Aichi Sendou!" Johnny shouted.

"Hi, and yes I'm Aichi, but who are you?" Aichi asked.

"I'm Johnny, I just moved to this town and I heard of this place and thought I could learn to play Cardfight!! Vanguard" Johnny said.

"Really? How about we play and I teach you the rules as we go along?" Aichi asked.

"Really? Thanks! I've already made a deck incase someone would teach me." Johnny said. That's just how I was before, Aichi thought. "Before we start we both must get unit with a number 0 at the top left corner, a grade 0 unit and put it face down on the vanguard circle.

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