A new year at the acadamy and Lyoko was shut down or so they thought.


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Lyoko WarriorsEdit

  • Name: Rex L. Akosti

Appearance: Black Hoodie, Black Shorts, Black Runners, Black Hair, Blue eyes

Lyoko Appearance: Wolf Tail, Wolf Ears, Wolf Fangs, Gray Shirt, Gray Pants

Powers: Super Speed and Anticipation

Gender: Male

Weapon: Bi-Sword

  • Name: Megan Silvia Hellenfer


Lyoko Appearance: Rainbow full body suit

Powers: E-Control

Gender: Female

Weapon: Bow and Arrow (fire)


  • Name: Davis Durell

Appearance: Black haired, wears black hoodie, wears navy blue shirt, wears jeans

Lyoko Appearance: Wears flaming red-orange sleeves, aqua-blue pants, forest-green shirt, and greycircle in the middle

Powers: E-Control and E-Creation

Gender: Male

Weapon: E-Bow and E-Arrows

  • Name: Sonic T. Hedgehog

Appearance: blue hat, brown hair, blue shirt, blue jacket, and jeans

Lyoko Appearance: like sonic the hedgehog

Powers: High Jump and Wall Walk

Gender: Male

Weapon: Laser Blade



  • Ice Sector -
  • Forest Sector -
  • Mountain Sector -
  • Desert Sector -
  • Carthage -

Xana's MonstersEdit


HP 25


  • Laser - 10AP


HP 30


  • Laser - 20AP
  • Poison - 5AP over time


HP 50


  • Laser - 15AP
  • Freeze Spray - 10AP, freezes anything it hits.
  • Fire Rings - 25AP


Anticipation: Allows The User To See A Short Time Into The Future.

Cloning: Allows The User To Clone Themselves Twice At Once, Giving Them The Appearance Of Three Bodies.

E-Control: Power To Control The 4 Basic Elements.

E-Creation: Power To Create The 4 Basic Elements.

Super Speed: Allows The User To Run At High Speeds.

Telekenisis: Allows The User To Move Objects With Their Mind. The User Can Also Create A Psychic Shield.



E-Bow and E-Arrows: Arrows That Can Have Ice(10AP; Freezes), Fire(30AP; Can Be Able To Spread), Wind(20AP; Throws Target Back), And Stone(25AP).

Katana: Two Swords With Rectangular Ended Blades That Glow Blue. Has 25AP And Deflects Attacks.

Fire Bow and Arrows: Arrows That Have Fire (30AP; Can Be Able To Spread)

001 - Rise of XANAEdit

The start of a new year at campus starts with everyone scrambling to get to their dorms and head toward a dorm regestration booth infront of the dorms. (Its the second year for everyone)

Rex: *looks at the crowd* good thing I got here early... and know all the shortcuts :P