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Remember that uptight C.I.T Courtney? Well, she now has her own reality show! Yep, you heard me right! She kidnapped 12 girls that has ever hurt her, called her mean names, or avoided her and is making them compete in the most deadliest, grossest, creepiest challenges ever since Total Drama! For 4 weeks, the girls will have to stay in a dirty, old leaky Sorority House that has been vacant for almost seventy years. What will happen in this show with Courtney it, stuck up, dweebs, and annoying girls in it? Find out and stay tuned!


  1. Beth - The Wannabee
  2. Blaineley - The Stuck Up Ex Co-Host
  3. Bridgette - The Surfer Chick
  4. Eva - The Female Bully
  5. Gwen - The Goth Girl
  6. Heather - The Queen Bee
  7. Izzy - The Psycho Host Beast
  8. Katie - The Nice Girl
  9. Leshawna - The Sister With tude'
  10. Lindsay - The Dimwit
  11. Sadie - The Nice Girl's Best Friend
  12. Sierra - The Uber Fan


Chapter 1: Oh No She Didn't!Edit

The camera went to a vicious Courtney driving a huge truck with sounds coming in the back of the truck. It was nighttime. She looked to the camera on the side of her.

"Hello people of earth. Remember me?! Courtney the C.I.T?! Well, I'm back on TV baby! And I've got, the twelve girls that mocked me in my past! Heather, Sadie, Katie, Beth, GWEN, Blaineley, Lindsay, Sierra, Leshawna, Izzy, Eva, and Bridgette! For four weeks, I'll be taking them to the worst sorority house ever to compete in!" Said Courtney.

Elimination TableEdit

Place Contestant
TBA Lindsay
TBA Gwen
TBA Sadie
TBA Beth
TBA Leshawna
TBA Sierra
TBA Izzy
TBA Heather
TBA Blaineley
TBA Katie
TBA Bridgette

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