A New game was announced, Death Kingdom. It was supposed to be the first ever virtual reality game a VRMMORPG. It opened, relesed to the entire world, but many secrets await them in the Death Kingdom.


  • Johnny , Assassin, Male, Gun
  • Ray , Hunter, Male, Bow & Arrow
  • Zafira, Mage, female, Spellbook
  • Rex, Mage, Male, Staff
  • Sonic, Paladin, Male, Sword



Floor 0: Gates of AlphaEdit

All players logging in to the game are standing infront of large gates, that are closed.

Johnny: This is it. The gates to the game!

Ray: Yeah. This will be epic!

Zafira: When will the gates open?

The gates start to open up. And all players are rushing through.

Floor 1: Town Of BeginningsEdit

All players are teleported to the town and recieve basic weapons.

All players +200 Gold, Zafira +1 Fire Spellbook, Johnny +1 Training Gun and +20 Ammo, Ray +1 Training Bow and +20 Arrows.

Rex +200 Gold, +1 Wooden Staff.

Rex learned skill: Holy Blast

Rex Learned skill: Heal


Center of town


The marketplace where you can buy items

Johnny: What's for sale?

Items For Sale

  • 10 Ammo For 100 Gold
  • 15 Arrows For 100 Gold
  • Healing Potion (+20 HP) 100 Gold
  • Training Bow For 200 Gold
  • Training Gun For 200 Gold
  • Wooden Staff For 200 Gold

Ray: Hmm......what to spend some gold on......

Vendor: Nice Bow you got there, maybe you'd want arrows? Or a healing potion?

Ray: I'll take some arrows.

Ray -100 Gold, +15 Arrows, Ray learned skill: Double Shot

Town PubEdit

The area where you can chat, drink, or accept posted challenges


Johnny: Hey Ray? You wanna Party up and do a Mission?

Ray: Sure Johnny. Which mission?

Johnny: The Headmaster one.

Ray: Okay sure.

Apperntice: Are you here to help?

Johnny: Yeah.

Apperntice: The evil Tigermen took the headmaster of the acadamy into the forest around the first dungeon.

Johnny: Don't worry. *Turns to Ray* We should go to the forest now.

Ray: Yeah, let's go.

Rex: Hey Blacksmith. The board says you have a mission.

Blacksmith: Um yeah, I lost the key to my shop. It was in the forest along a mysterious path.

Rex: Don't worry, I'll find it for you *heads out of the pub and towards the forest*

Rex: *throws key at the blacksmith* I found your key

Blacksmith: My keys! Thanks, um take this as a reward.

Rex +200 Gold, +1 Weapon Coupon

The Blacksmith shop is now open.

Blacksmith: I'll open the shop now.

Apperntice: That must have been terrible, but thanks for saving the headmaster.

Headmaster: I should have listened when told to bring a bodyguard during my research.

Apprentice: We can re-open the acadamy now.

Headmaster: Oh yes.

Johnny, Rex, Ray +200 Gold

Johnny: Hello? Anyone? I came from the house with monsters!

Villager: Really?

Johnny: Yes, I saved the spirit.

Villager: Thank you. Here keep this.

Johnny +400 Gold, +50 XP, +5 Iron, +4 Firestone

Johnny: What's the metal for?

Villager: You'll see.

Blacksmith ShopEdit

A Place to buy, sell, create, or upgrade weapons.

Wooden Sword  200 Gold

Training Bow 200 Gold

Training Crossbow 200 Gold

Fire Spellbook 200 Gold

Wooden Dagger 200 Gold

Rex: Hmm... I'll buy a fire spellbook and a wooden sword... and also what does the weapon coupon do?

Blacksmith: You get a free weapon.

Rex -400 Gold, +1 Fire Spellbook, +1 Wooden Sword

Rex: In that case i'll get a wooden dagger as well *hands over the coupon*

Rex -1 Weapon Coupon, +1 Wooden Dagger

Rex can choose to Improve his Attack, Defense, HP, or SP

Rex: *leafing through the spellbook as he walks towards the forest* I wonder where the other players are (Attack please =3)

Johnny: I want a wooden Sword, and a Wooden Dagger.

Johnny -400 Gold, +1 Wooden Sword, +1 Wooden Dagger

Johnny: Hello!

Blacksmith: I see you got youself some metal.

Johnny: Yeah.

Blacksmith: You can use those to upgrade your weapons.

Johnny: That would be great.

Blacksmith: What weapon would you like to upgrade?

Johnny: The wooden sword into an Iron Sword

Blacksmith: That'll be 1 Iron and 50 coins.

Johnny -1 Iron, -50 Gold

Johnny's Wooden Sword is upgraded to a Lv. 1 Iron Sword.

Johnny: Thanks.

Rex: Can you upgrade my staff with this firestone? I would also perfer to upgrade my sword as well


A place to learn about other classes, and to learn skills.

Johnny: What can we do here?

Headmaster: You can train to master other classes and to master skills.

Rex: How much for a class on paladins?

Headmaster: Its 100 Gold per class on any class. But after the first class you can pay 200 Gold to be able to train alone for that class.

Johnny: Can I take a class on the theif class?

Headmaster: Sure.

Johnny -100 Gold, +50 Theif XP

Johnny Level UP, Theif Lv. 1

Rex: I have 400 gold so i'll take a class on paladins, hunters, assassins and thieves. *gives the headmaster the money*

Rex -400 Gold, +50 Paladin XP, +50 Hunter XP, +50 Assassin XP, +50 Theif XP

Rex Level Up, Paladin Lv. 1, Hunter Lv. 1, Assassin Lv. 1, Theif Lv. 1

Rex: That was interesting. Hey Johnny, come with me to the house in the woods. I have a feeling there's something cool there.

Johnny: Sure, but let me also take another class for Berzerker and go buy some weapons. K?

Johnny -100 Gold, +50 Berzerker XP

Johnny Level Up, Berzerker Lv. 1

Johnny: Headmaster, I'd like to learn a skill.

Headmaster: Which one?

Johnny: Loot for Theif, and Double Impact for Assassin.

Headmaster: That will be 100 Gold.

Johnny - 100 Gold

Johnny learned Loot

Johnny learned Double Impact

Town HotelEdit

The area where you can rent a room and sleep for a night

Floor 1: Enterance ForestEdit

Here you see a big forest, in it there is a path to the dungeon, a artificial path, and path to a fort, and a house.

Johnny: I guess we go to that fort in the distance.

Rex: Hmmm the blacksmith said he lost it on a mysterious path... Maybe that one...

Rex: *spinning the dagger around* I think they headed towards that fort in the distance

Rex: Better wait for Johnny *rests sword on shoulder*

Johnny: I'm here Rex. Let's go to the house.

Rex: Hope you're ready. Don't count on any healing this time, i'm playing Paladin style *walks towards the house*

Johnny: Rex! Here is some of the stuff i got as reward.

Johnny gives Rex 2 Iron, 2 Firestone, 200 Gold

Rex: Thanks... don't go to the house... *heads off towards the blacksmith*

Dungoen PathEdit

Path to the dungeon leading to the next floor.

Artificial PathEdit

A mysterious path

Rex: *walking down the path* Hmmm, where could it be

2 Tigermen are guarding a key and battle Rex

Tigermen 1 20/20 HP

Tigermen 2 20/20 HP

Rex 50/50 HP

Rex: I see you want to fight. Holy Blast! *points staff at the tigermen*

Tigermen 1 5/20 HP

All the tigermen attack rex but only 1 hits.

Rex 40/50

Rex: Hyah! *leaps and smashes Tigermen 1's head with staff*

Tigermen 1 Died

Tigermen 2 attacks Rex

Rex 30/50 HP

Rex: Holy Blast! *points staff at the remaining tigermen*

Rex did a critical hit

Tigermen 2 died

Rex Wins!

Rex +100 Gold, +50 XP, +1 Smithshop Key

Rex Level Up: Mage Lv 2

All the Tigermen in the area disappear

Rex: Yeah! *spins staff and throws it into the air before catching it* Level up!... I better go return this key *walks back down the artificial path*


Path to a fort overrun by tigermen

Johnny: Um.

Ray: Hm.

4 Tigermen ambush Johnny and Ray

Tigermen 1,2,3,4 20/20 HP

Johnny and Ray 50/50 HP

Johnny: *Shoots Tigermen 1*

Tigermen 1 10/20 HP

Ray: *shoots arrow at Tigerman 2*

Johnny -1 Ammo 

Ray -1 Arrow

Tigermen 2 10/20 HP

Tigermen 1 and 2 Attack Johnny. And Tigermen 3 attacks Ray but 4 misses.

Johnny 40/50 HP

Ray 45/50 HP

Johnny: *Shoots Tigermen 1*

Tigermen 1 Died

Ray: *shoots Tigerman 2*

Tigermen 2 Died

Tigermen 3 and 4 Attack Johnny

Johnny 30/50 HP

Johnny: Attacks Tigermen 3

Critical Hit!

Tigermen 3 5/20 HP

Rex: Need some help?

Rex Joins the party

Rex 50/50 HP

Rex: Heh *runs up and stabs Tigermen 3 with dagger*

Ray: *shoots arrow at Tigerman 4*

Tigermen 3 Died

Tigermen 4 5/20 HP

Tigermen 4 attacks Ray

Ray 40/50 HP

Rex: Heal! *casts heal on johnny*

Rex -5 SP

Johnny 50/50 HP

Johnny: Die! *Shoots at Tigermen 4*

Tigermen 4 died

Johnny Lv 2 Assassin

Ray Lv 2 Hunter

Johnny Gun Lv 3

Ray Bow Lv 3

Rex Staff Lv 3 (forgot this)

Ray and Johnny can chose to upgrade HP, Sp, ATK, or DEP

Johnny and Ray +200 Gold, +100 XP

Rex +100 Gold, +50 XP

Rex Dagger Lv 1

Rex: Let's go find the headmaster! (don't you mean weapon level 3? We are using our speciality weapons after all...)

Headmaster: Walks out of a cell.

Johnny: We need to bring you to your apprentice.

Rex: Let's go. I don't trust this place

Ray: I agree with Rex.

Johnny: *Returns with Rex and Ray to The Pub* (ATK)


Path to a creepy house

Johnny: Great to know cause I'm gonna steal the spotlight.

Rex: ... Stick to theft, and don't make jokes

Both get ambushed by Tiger Ghost

Tiger Ghost 1 HP 25/25

Tiger Ghost 2 HP 25/25

Tiger Ghost 3 HP 25/25

Johnny: New monsters! *Attacks Tiger Ghost 1 with Sword*

Tiger Ghost 1 HP 10/25

Rex: Channel my mage abilities through my sword! *concentrates and points sword at the second tiger ghost* Fire Blast!

Tiger Ghost 2 HP 5/25

Tiger Ghost 1 & 2 attack Johnny and Tiger Ghost 3 attacks Rex

Johnny HP 40/50

Rex HP 45/55

Rex: *stabs Tiger Ghost 2 with sword*

Tiger Ghost 2 Dies

Johnny: * Attacks Tiger Ghost 1*

Tiger Ghost 1 dies.

Tiger Ghost 3 attacks Rex

Johnny HP 35/50

Johnny: *Attacks Tiger Ghost 3*

Tiger Ghost 3 HP 10/25

Rex: *stabs Tiger Ghost 3*

Tiger Ghost 3 Died

Johnny and Rex +150 XP, +150 Gold

(What Class was Rex using in this battle?)

Johnny Theif Lv. 2

Rex Paladin Lv. 2

Johnny: I guess there are no more ghosts here.

Rex: Let's look around though, just to make sure (Paladin)

A spirit appears.

Spirit: Thank you for freeing me. Go to the town pub there you'll meet someone to give you a reward for saving my soul. I am truly grateful.

Johnny: *Smiles* Your welcome! Hey Rex I'm gonna go ahead to the pub okay?

Rex: Sure, go ahead. I'm gonna make sure that there aren't any malevolent ghosts left here

Johnny: *leaves*

???: *Makes a noise*

Rex: What was that? *looks around*

???: *Ambushes Rex*

Rex HP 55/55

??? HP 100/100

???: Heh, try to atack me boy!

Rex: He looks strong! I better give it my all then *smirks* Well in that case i'll attack with my strongest abilities! *points staff at ???* Fire Blast!

Rex's attack was a critical hit!

??? HP 99/100

Rex: I-it looks like it barely damaged him!

???: You think you can reach the top floor with that power and beat me? I only used 1% of my power!

Rex: *sweating* I'll beat you! *rushes at ??? and aims a sword strike at him*

??? HP 98/100

???: Maybe I'll face you and your friend again when you get stronger. Thats if you get stronger.

Rex: I... can't... win... *drops blade in dispair*

???: I'll spare your life just this once. Now GO!

Rex: Fine, but next time we meet this'll end differently *grabs blade and runs from the house*

Floor 1: DungeonEdit


Dungeon Map
Hidden Treasure Room
Boss Room
Boss Key Room
Key Room
Unlocked Door
Locked Door

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