Digimon Xros Wars
Digimon, monsters who are born in the digital world. Although they're made up of data, they can also cry, laugh, and fight like we do. They're our important friends! These are the advetures of the digital world!


Digital Adventure/Zones



  • Johnny Hearts, XrosHearts
  • Liam Kitson - NegimaLover
  • Chloe Robertson(secretly has a crush on Liam) - NegimaLover



Digital Adventure/Digimon

Episode 0 ~ How it BeganEdit

Johnny: Wow I better buy that stuff.

Liam: Why do you need that stuff?

Johnny: You don't even know what the stuff is!

Liam: Hey Johnny, look my phone is acting weird.

Johnny: Look all the electronic are having weird glitches.

Liam: *floating up* Hey, why am i going up?

Johnny: *Pulls Liam back to the ground* This is weird.

A monster starts chasing after Johnny and Liam until both fall through a portal

Episode 1 ~ Enter The Digital WorldEdit

Two In-Training level digimon come to Liam & Johnny's aid

???: I'm Kapurimon!

???: I'm Sunmon!

Two devices white colorless devices appear infront of Liam and Johnny

Johnny: *Grabs one of the devices and it becomes Orange* What is this?

Liam: *grabs the other device and it becomes Gray* Eh?

Kapurimon: They're called Xros Loaders which allows us digimon to gain power.

Sunmon: You two are the heroes of legend!

Johnny: Us?

Kapurimon: Yes!

They hear rumblinng sounds

Liam: What's going on?

Sunmon: Run! They're coming! The Bagra Army!

Bagra Army attacks, aims one at Liam, but....

Kapurimon: Liam, watch out!

Liam's Xros Loader begins to activate a glow

Kapurimon Digivolves to Gotsumon

Gotsumon: Rock Fist!

Rocks from Gotsumon's head get hurled at the attacker

Sunmon: Follow me to the village!

All of them follow Sunmon

Johnny: So where are we? What are Xros Loaders? And who's the Bagra Army?

Sunmon: Your in the Valley Sanctuary, in the Valley Zone. Xros Loaders are legendary devices that only the destined wield, it has the power to digivolve, which makes digimon more stronger and digixros, which fuse temporarly digimon to become stronger. The Bagra Army are the army lead by the evil Bagramon who is tring to take over the digital world, and the Human world, he hates all humans and all digimon who don't help him in his cause.

Johnny: That's a lot of info.

Gotsumon: That's why we need you two.

Liam: Us?

Johnny's Xros Loader Glows

Sunmon Digivolves to Coronamon

Coronamon: Yes! There is this legend of the Xros Loaders a device so powerful to let digimon gain extreme power. The devices are given to humans. We need you! We need to Stop Bagramon and his army! We need to save our digital world! We need you two our generals!

Liam: Um...Sunmon, You digivolved!!

Coronamon: I'm Coronamon now. So will you two help us?

Liam & Johnnny turn to look at each other, then turns to the digimon, and they nod, meaning "yes"

Liam: You can count on us!

Gotsumon: That's the spirit!

Coronamon: Wait, you'll need to name your army and get a flag.

Liam: What should we name it, Johnny?

Johnny: Blazing Justice?

Liam: Nice name! I like it!

Coronamon: Come into the village.

Liam, Johnny, Gotsumon & Coronamon arrive at the village

Liam: Wow, What is this place, Coronamon?

Coronamon: Valley Sanctuary. A safe haven from the bagra army, well not for long.

Johnny: What's wrong?

Gotsumon: The bagra army are looking for the code crown of this zone.

Johnny: Code Crown?

Coronamon: The digital world was once a whole, the digital world was under attack. The legendary digimon split up the code crown into many pieces. The person who controlled the code crown controlled the digital world. And when the code crown was divided so was the digital world. The person who control a zone's code crown controls that zone.

Suddenly, they start to feel a tremor

Liam: Tremors!

???: How nice.

Coronamon: Its the bagra army!

Gotsumon: Its Slayerdramon!

Johnny: How do I use this?

Johnny's Xros Loader glows

Liam: Gotsumon, let's do this!

Liam's Xros Loader glows

Coronamon Mega Digivolves to Apollomon!

Gotsumon Mega Digivolves to Spinomon!

Apollomon: Arrow Of Apollo *fires constant arrows at Slayerdramon*

Spinomon: Sonic Slash Rain!  *Shoots off the blades on its back & fires it at Slayerdramon*

Slayerdramon: No! The Code Crown! *Converts to data and the code crown is left*

Liam: We did it, Spinomon is that everyone?

Spinomon and Apollomon turn back to Gotsumon and Coronamon

Coronamon: Insert the code crown ino the Xros Loader then this zone will be yours and the bagra army won't be able to take it unlessyou get defeated.

Johnny: *Inserts code crown into his Xros loader*

Gotsumon: Now we go to other zones and find the code crown.

Liam: What's the next zone?

???: Need help?

Johnny: A human!?!?!?

???: Just hold out the Xros loader infront of you and say Zone Transfer.

Liam: *politely* Can you please show yourself & tell us your name?

???: *walks away*

Liam: Lets go, *holds out his Xros loader infront of him* ZONE TRANSFER!!

The digimon enter the Xros Loaders and Johnny and Liam enter the green portal infront of them

Episode 2 ~ The Freezing Snow ZoneEdit

Everything in this zone is covered in snow

Snow ZoneEdit

Liam: It's c-c-cold!

Coronamon: Its the Snow Zone.

They see a bunch of digimon running away from the town

???: Get back here! Gaomon, stop them!

Gaomon: Gao Rush! *swiftly runs after the digimon and tries to knock them out*

Johnny: Who are you?

Rex: Name's Rex. Glad to see there are other humans here.

Johnny: Why are you attacking the digimon?

Rex: Long story. Basically, they stole something from me and Gaomon.

Coronamon: What?

Johnny: And who are you working for?

Rex: And why would I be working for someone? *sighs* We need to get it back

Coronamon: What did they take from you?

Gaomon: *drags one of the digimon back to the group* I caught the theif, and got our Xros Loader back

Rex: Thank you Gaomon

SnowAgumon sweatdropped

Rex: You got a problem with us? *glares at SnowAgumon* Too bad for you then, we already figured out where this zone's code crown is, and we were going to tell you, but now, your on your own.

SnowAgumon sighs in disappointment

Johnny: So you must have an army of your own.

Rex: You could say that. Come on Gaomon, we gotta get that Code Crown

???: Where are you, SnowAgumon?

Johnny: Coronamon, we can't let him get the code crown!

Coronamon: *follows Johnny to the town*

???: Don't be alarmed, he's my partner Digimon

Liam: Huh? Who are you?

???: Hi I'm Chloe. I'm SnowAgumon's partner Digimon. What are your names?

Liam: I'm Liam & this here *points to johnny* is Johnny!

Snow TownEdit

A town in the snow zone, past it is the Snow Forest

Chloe: This here is Snow Town!

Johnny: *To a snowman-like digimon* Hello would you have any idea where the code crown is?

Frigimon: Yes the zone's guardian IceLeomon has it he lives in the Ice Fort past the Snow Forest.

Coronamon: Thank you, Frigimon.

Frigimon: Your welcome, you seem nice.

Johnny: Well protect you unlike that Rex *runs into the Snow Forest*

Snow ForestEdit

A forest covered in snow and ice, past it is the Ice Fort

Chloe: Hey!

Chloe catches up to them, following Liam & Johnny

Chloe: Wait for me!

SnowAgumon: You're going to need backup!

Liam: Sure, you can help too!

Johnny: You guys can go back I'll get this.

Coronamon: Yeah! *follows Johnny to the Ice Fort*

Liam: Hey, what does you digimon digivolve into, Chloe?

Chloe: He can digivolve into Frigimon & then Monzaemon! The truth is, *blushing red in her cheeks* I watched your previous battle....Um...I....

Liam: Is something the matter, Chloe?

SnowAgumon: Gotsumon, what's wrong with her?

Ice FortEdit

A fort made of ice and snow on the other side of the Snow Forest, here in the center is where IceLeomon lives

Johnny: IceLeomon! IceLeomon!

Coronamon: Where can he be?

Johnny: Where can he be?

Rex: This stupid gate. It's the only thing standing between us and the Code Crown *sighs* Oh, hey guys

???: Frozen Fury! *the digimon charges at Johnny and Rex with a fist covered with ice cold air*

Johnny, Rex, Coronamon & Gaomon was just about to get hit by the impact, when...!

???: Hearts Attack! *a bunch of hearts collide with frozen fury*

???: Tri-Horn Attack! *a triceratop-like digimon attacks the enemy with his horn*

Liam & Chloe rush in

Liam: Rex, Johnny, are you okay?

Chloe: We got worried, so Gotsumon & SnowAgumon digivolved into their Ultimate levels.

Liam: Triceramon, help out Johnny!

Triceramon: You got it!

Chloe: Monzaemon, you too!

Monzaemon: Sure thing!

Johnny: You guys do realize that Rex is the enemy? BTW IceLeomon! I don't want to fight! I need the code crown so that the bagra army can't come here anymore.

Rex: You really want to be enemies then? *glares at Johnny*

Gaomon: Rex, don't let your temper get the better of you

Monzaemon: We don't intend to fight, so please IceLeomon, we don't mean any harm?

Johnny: You don't have a right to attack innocent digimon! Even if one of them stole it you attcked the entire town!

Triceramon: You gotta believe us!

Rex: If you were listening to me earlier, I said it's a long story.

Gaomon: He did have his reasons.

Johnny: *Sits down* I've got time.

Rex: *sighs* Fine *sits down as well*

Gaomon: Hey guys. I thought we were trying to get the Code Crown

Rex: ! That's right! *jumps back up* IceLeomon we need that Code Crown!

IceLeomon: Frozen Fury! *He aims at both Rex and Johnny*


Rex's Xros Loader begins to glow

Rex: Come on Gaomon, let's do this!

Gaomon Champion Digivolves to Gaogamon!

Gaogamon: *stands up on two legs and grabs hold of Iceleomon's fist*

Rex: Careful Gaogamon!

Monzaemon: *helps out, has chloe on his shoulder* Need a hand, Rex?

Triceramon: *has Liam on his back* We can help too!

Rex and Gaogamon: We don't need help *they both smirk at the same time*

Gaogamon: Gaoga Hound! *Gaogamon bites IceLeomon and shows no sign of letting go*

Triceramon & Monzaemon get pummeled down by IceLeomon's surprise attack, they both dedigivolve back into Kapurimon & Koromon, respectively!

Chloe: KOROMON!!! *rushes over to her fallen partner, picks him up* Koromon, are you okay?

Koromon: *wakes up* Urrrgh....I'm fine! That IceLeomon was too strong for us!

Liam: *picks up kapurimon* Kapurimon, speak to me!

Kapurimon: I'm very sorry Liam, that icy lion was too much for me!

Rex: Now he can't escape from you Gaogamon!

Gaogamon: *muffled* Double Claw! *while holding onto IceLeomon, Gaogamon strikes him with both claws*

It hits IceLeomon & is defeated, turns into data

Kapurimon: IceLeomon is gone!

Koromon: *nods* Yeah.....

Liam: *holding kapurimon by his arms* You okay, Johnny?

Chloe: *holding koromon by her arms* Are you hurt?

The Snow Zone's Code Crown goes over to Rex

Rex: *grabs the Code Crown* We did it Gaomon!

Gaogamon dedigivolves back into Gaomon

Gaomon: That was hard... Maybe we should let them into the next Zone Rex

Rex: I guess they helped *shrugs* Zone Transfer! *points Xros Loader towards the gate of the fort* Seeya guys later

Rex and Gaomon run through the light blue portal

Johnny: Liam, you and Chloe should head your own way I've got someone to follow! *Chases Rex into the portal*

Johnny follows Rex and the portal closes behind him

Episode 3.1 ~ The Future Cyber ZoneEdit

Rex and Johnny arrive into the metalic Cyber Zone. Everywhere you look you see metal building and metal looking digimon.

Zone EnteranceEdit

The Enterance to the zone. Leads to the Junkyard.

Rex: A robotic zone huh.

Gaomon: Looks interesting enough

Johnny: Well, hello again.

Coronamon: We're back and not letting you go easy!

Rex: *sighs* We're not bad guys, you don't need to be so negative to us

Johnny: Fine I believe you.

Rex: Doesn't look like the Code Crown is lurking anywhere around here. *walks towards the Junkjard*

Johnny: *Spots the Tower* Coronamon! Maybe its in that tower in the distance.

Coronamon: Let's go! *follows Johnny To the Junkyard*


The place where all the junk of the zone resides.

Rex: *whistles* There's alot of junk here

Gaomon: It's almost like a maze

Johnny: *Arrives with Coronamon* Wow.

???: Help.

Rex: Did I just hear a voice, or am I imagining things now... ?

???: Help! I'm Dieing.

Rex: That wasn't my imagination! *runs towards the direction of the voice*

Gaomon: Wait up Rex!

Johnny: *runs after Rex*

Hagurumon: I'm Hagurumon, and I'm dieing!

Johnny: *Sees Hagurumon and walks up to him* Are you okay?

Hagurumon: No.

Johnny: How

Hagurumon: Put me in the XrosLoader

A light shines and Hagurumon goes into the XrosLoader

Hagurumon: Thank you for saving me. I'm this Zone's keeper. You diserve its Code Crown.

Johnny gets the Code Crown

Episode 3.2 ~ The Grand Blue Ocean ZoneEdit

Liam & Chloe find themselves on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Liam: Look at the Otamamon!

Many Otamamon are swimming past them

???: That's usual around here.

Chloe: What? *koromon hops on her shoulder*

Liam: Who are you?

Gotsumon: *is sitting between Chloe & Liam*

Ren: Ren.

Liam: I'm Liam, and this is Chloe!

Chloe: Hi!

Ren: Lunamon, Don't hold back.

Gotsumon: Lunamon? Who's she?

Koromon Digivolve to.........SnowAgumon!

SnowAgumon: Doesn't ring a bell

Ren: Lunamon ... Mega Digivolve!

Lunamon Mega digivolves to Dianamon

Liam: Wow! She can float, Ren?

Ren: Dianamon, Arrow Of Artemis, shoot at the water!

Dianamon: Arrow Of Artemis! *Shoots an arrow of ice at the water forming a glacier*

Liam: What now, Ren?

Liam & Chloe follow Ren

Ren: I don't think they get it.

Dianamon: Should I?

Ren: No! Reload Submarimon

A Light shines and a Submarimon appears next to Ren

Submarimon: Where to Ren?

Ren: The ocean floor. *Climbs into submarimon and leaves*

Liam & Chloe see an Otamamon and a ChibiKamemon arrive on their boat

Otamamon: What are you doing here?

Chloe: We got lost....Where are we?

ChibiKamemon: The Ocean Zone!

Chloe: This zone looks rather peaceful!

Otamamon: Its not. The Bagra Army have been taking over enslaving the digimon to find the code crown and the one you just met, Ren is the general of the Blazing Hell Army who is also ruthless and forces digimon to do his bidding.

Chloe: What shall we do, Otamammon?

Chibikamemon: We have to hide from the Bagra Army but also find the code crown

Otamamon: Yeah. Liam, Chole Digifuse us with your digimon so they can breathe underwater and we can reach the caverns at the ocean floor.

Liam: Can you digivolve, Otamamon?

Chloe: Well I beleve that both Otamamon and Chibikamemon are water-type digimon.

ChibiKamemon: Trust us!

Liam: okay!

Both XrosLoaders begin to glow

Gotsumon: Liam and Chloe to Digixros just say the name of the digimon you wanna digixros and hold out your XrosLoaders and say digixros.

Liam: Are we gonna dive down to the ocean floor, gotsumon?

ChibiKamemon: Gotsumon and SnowAgumon can't breathe underwater.

Chloe: *sigh* He's right!

SnowAgumon: That's why you need to digifuse us.

Liam: Digifuse Gotsumon & Otamamon!

Chloe: Digifuse SnowAgumon & ChibiKamemon!

Gotsumon and Otamamon Digifuse to Gotsumon Aqua Mode

SnowAgumon and ChibiKamemon Digifuse to SnowAgumon Dive Mode

Both digimon can now breathe underwater

Liam, Chloe & the two water partner digimon see the bottom floor

Liam: There's the Bottom floor, let's hustle!

Ocean FloorEdit

The Very Bottom of ocean

Ren: Submarimon do you see the caverns?

Submariomon: No.

Ren: Keep looking.

Submarimon: There it is!

Ren: Enter it!

Submarimon: *Enters cave*

Far behind, Liam & Chloe and the water partner digiomn follow to confront them

Liam: Let's follow 'em

Chloe: *nods* Right!

Ocean CavernsEdit

Caverns at the bottom of the ocean

Ren: Air. *Steps out of submarimon* Go back in Submarimon. Reload Lunamon!

A bright light appears and Submarimon goes into Ren's digivice and out comes Lunamon

Liam: *glares at ren, trying to intimidate him* Hello again!

Gotsumon: *glares at lunamon* Otamamon told us what you're doing!

Chloe: You cannot do this!

SnowAgumon: She's right!

Ren: And what exactly have you been told?

Chloe: We stalked you here *raises her xros loader which glows* SnowAgumon, time to digivolve!

Liam: You too, Gotsumon! *raises his xros loader which glows*

SnowAgumon Digivolve to.....FRIGIMON!!

Frigimon Digivolve to......MONZAEMON!!

Gotsumon Digivolve to...........MONOCHROMON!!

Monochromon Digivolve to..........TRICERAMON!!

Ren: Let's have a little fun! Dianamon!

Lunamon digivolves to Dianamon

Triceramon: Tri-Horn Attack!!

Monzaemon: Hearts Attack!!

Both Digimon launch their attacks

Dianamon: Pathetic. Goodnight Moon!

Both Digimon fall asleep causing both Triceramon & Monzaemon both Dedigivolve back to their In-Training Levels

Ren: Let's get the Code Crown.

Neptunemon: Don't you get lazy! Find the Code Crown! *Whips a group of Gomamon*

Gomamon: We're going as fast as we can.

Liam & Chloe cringe, they pick up their partners, and runs after Ren

Ren: Dianamon, please get rid of them.

Diannamon fires a laser at the two, but a mouse digimon called Chuumon takes the full force of the blow, thus shocking Liam & Chloe.

Liam&Chloe: CHUUMON NO!!

Ren flees, Liam picks up Chuumon knowing his time was fading

Liam: Chuumon are you okay?

Ren: This won't be the end! Zone Transfer!

Ren leaves the zone.

Chuumon: I won't be here for much longer.

Liam: *teary* But you can't die, Chuumon. Everyone is depending on you!

Chloe: *teary* Liam's right!

Chuumon: Heh Digimon Don't Die, were made of data. I'll be deleted but my data will still exsist. Liam, Chloe, and your friend Johnny too, you three must stop the Bagra Army and save both the digital world and the Human World. And then all the dead digimon's data will return.

Liam: *teary* Snivel.....It's a promise, Chuumon!

Chloe: *teary* Sob....We're sorry we got you...snivel....involved in this?

Chuumon dies and is deleted, disappears.

Neptunemon: I hate this stupid love fest. I'll make sure to finish you of for the Bagra Army!

Chloe's Xros loader glows very brightly

Liam: *shocked in awe* Chloe, your Xros Loader!

SnowAgumon prepares for battle

Chloe wipes off the tears, angrilly looks at Neptunemon

Chloe: YOU WILL PAY!! Ready SnowAgumon?

Chloe's Xros Loader glows even brighter

SnowAgumon: SnowAgumon Mega Digivolve to..........

Neptune: Ohh I'm so scared. Humans are weak!

SnowAgumon starts digivolving, passing Frigimon & Monazemon stages, it gains claws, its body is bown and white

WaruMonzaemon: ...WARUMONZAEMON!!

Liam: It digivolved to Mega!

Kapurimon(Analyzing): WaruMonzaemon may be a Mega Level, but its attacks Bear Claw attack will leave you with a scar, Its Heartbreak Attack will surely give villains sadness!

Chloe: Wow..!

WaruMonzaemon: Chloe, it was your passion that made me digivolve into Mega!

Chloe: Go get 'em, WaruMonzaemon!

WaruMonzaemon nods, turns to Neptunemon

Neptunemon: Wave Of Depth! 

A giant tidal wave appears.

WaruMonzaemon: Bear Claw!!

Bear Claw slices and dices the tidal wave, WaruMonzaemon is still standing, leaps up to the air

WaruMonzaemon: This should bring sorrow to you, Heartbreak Attack!!

WaruMonzaemon lets loose black small hearts, smacking Neptunemon

Neptunmon: Vortex Penetrate

Fires off his sentient spear at Liam and Chloe

WaruMonzaemon: Oh no you don't, Bear Claw!

He slices the spear like an onion, then impales a Bear Claw in Neptunemon's chest, Neptunemon collapses to the ground and is deleted.

Chloe gets the Code Crown and she hugs WaruMonzaemon

Chloe: WaruMonzaemon, we did it! We won!

WaruMonazemon: Shall we press on, guys?

Liam,Chloe&Kapurimon: Yup!

WaruMonzaemon reverts back to Koromon

Koromon: Then let's go!

Liam,Chloe,Koromon&Kapurimon: YEAH!! ZONE TRANSFER!!

The XrosLoaders begin to glow.

All 4 hop in to the portal

Episode 4 ~ Tournament Of The Arena ZoneEdit

Johnny, Liam, and Chloe end up inside a big arena.

Liam: What is this place?

Several Motimon & Tentomon are there

Johnny: Liam! Chloe! I'm glad to see you two.

Liam: Why?

Chloe: What's ailing you?

Johnny: We're in the Arena Zone, and we have to win the tournament!

Liam: We did lose a friend, named Chuumon, which caused SnowAgumon to digivolve into its mega level

Johnny: Great oh and say hello to Hagurumon! Anyways this is the Arena Zone. To get the Code Crown here you need to win the Code Crown Fighting Tournament. The winner gets the code Crown as a Prize.

Ren Appears.

Ren: Hello!

Liam: hey Ren

Gotsumon: who's your digimon partner?

SnowAgumon: Yeah, who is it?

Ren: Lunamon of course.

Gotsumon,SnowAgumon,Chloe,Liam: WHAAT?

Johnny and Coronamon: We don't get it?

Gotsumon: Nice to meet to you Hagurumon!

Johnny: Anyways Liam you should enter the tournament and you too Chloe.

Maddison: If you think you pathetic wannabe's have a shot at winning you are sadly mistaken

Ren: Look who's talking.

Johnny: Who are you anyways?

Gotsumon: Yeah, what's you name?

Marsmon: Welcome! I am the ruler of this zone, Marsmon! I will host the Code Crown Fighting Tournament. Stating today you will all battle in a tournament for the code crown of this zone, and besides that the winner will get a special secret prize.

Everyone in the stands gasps.

Chloe: Incredible!

Ren: Eh. Maybe it wasn't a waste of time coming here.

Johnny: I wonder what the prize is.

SnowAgumon: Something nice and interesting?

Marsmon: I will announce the pairings! In Match A Johnny Vs. Madleomon! In Match B Liam Vs. Ren! In Match C Chloe Vs. Maddison! In Match D Rex Vs. Flymon!

Johnny: Yikes looks like Chloe and Liam will have hard matches.

Marsmon: The first match will begin shortly!

Motimon starts glowing brightly

Liam: Is Motimon think what I think its doing?

Coronamon: When a digimon uses too much energy in battle they revert to In-Training stage. So maybe Motimon is going to digivolve into its Rookie stage.

Motimon: Motimon Digivolve to.........

Tentomon: ........Tentomon!

Liam: We can do this, right Tentomon?

Tentomon: Right!!

Marsmon: Let the first match begin!!!

Madleomon: Get ready, Beast-King Fallen Fist!

Johnny: Apollomon!

Coronamon Mega Digivolves to Apollomon

Apollomon takes the hit

Apollomon: Arrow Of Apollo!

Madleomon is hit and is out for the count

Ref: Madleomon is unable to battle! So the winners are Coronamon & Johnny

in Match B

Liam: Get ready, Tentomon!

Liam's Xros loader glows

Tentomon: Tentomon Mega Digivolve to..........

Tentomon starts digivolving, surpassing Kabuterimon its Champion form, then MegaKabuterimon its Ultimate form, and starts to grow larger, its horn is stronger.

HerculesKabuterimon: ....HERCULESKABUTERIMON!

Ren: Lunamon!

Lunamon: Lunamon Mega Digivolve to..........DIANAMON!!

Lunamon transforms to Dianamon

Dianamon: I'm glad to be fighting such a strong opponent.

HerculesKabuterimon: Same here! This will be a very close battle!

Dianamon: Crescent Harken!

HerculesKabuterimon dodges it

HerculesKabuterimon(Analyzer):  Dianamon is a God Man Digimon, Mega level, its Crescent Harken can make its enemies think themselves as their own opponents. And its Arrow Of Artemis attack that it uses from the quill-like protrusions on its back it fires arrows of ice that can wipe away its enemies

Dianamon(Analyzer): .HerculesKabuterimon is an Insectoid Digimon, Mega level, Vaccine type. its Mega Electro Shocker can anniahlate enemies and don't let the Giga scissor claw cut you in half.

HerculesKabuterimon: How about a taste of my High Mega Blaster

He unleashes High Mega Blaster at Dianamon

Ren: Hey Dianamon, this isn't a challenge for you is it?

Dianamon: Sorry. Arrow Of Artemis!

Dianamon shoots an arrow to the ground underneath HerculesKabuterimon, turning it into ice


Liam's Xros Loader glows very brightly

HerculesKabuterimon: HerculesKabuterimon Burst Digivolve to....................!

He starts digivolving, gains more wings, his body become purple.

TyrantKabuterimon: ........TYRANTKABUTERIMON!

The ice shatters, revealing TyrantKabuterimon in the battlefield

Liam: *in awe* Impossible!

Chloe: *in awe* He digivolved!

TyrantKabuterimon(Analyzer): I am TyrantKabuterimon, the Burst form of Tentomon, Due to my high density Chrome Digizoid which compose its shell, making it impossible for ordinary Digimon to even scratch it, my Shine Of Bee that I emit red-hot explosions in my body to defend my Chrome Digizoid, while my Bee Cyclone that I summon bees to sting my enemies.

Dianamon: You forget, I'm a goddess after all.

Ren: Dianamon! Submarimon! DigiXros!

Dianamon and Ren's Xros Loader glow

Dianamon: Dianamon Aqua Mode!

TyrantKabuterimon: Shall we continue? Bee Cyclone!

Bee Cyclone does little damage to Dianamon

Ren: Dianamon!

Dianamon: Sorry Ren. Mega Aqua Cannon!

Dianamon shoots at TyrantKabuterimon with a giant aqua blast from her Cannon after she combined with Submarimon, TyrantKabuterimon blocks the attack.

10 minutes later, both sides have taken a lot of damage, and are struggling to their feet

TyrantKabuterimon: Urrrgh....Must....urrrf...keep....Urk...going!

Dianamon and Submarimon split up and Dianamon reverts to Moonmon and TyrantKabuterimon reverts back to Pabumon & both collapse.

Marsmon: Both sides are unable to battle, The match ends with a tie!

Liam: *rushes over to pabumon, picks him up* Pabumon, are you okay?

Pabumon: *wakes up, smiles softly* I'm okay!

Liam: *smiles softly* You were fantastic out there, you deserve a good rest.

Moonmon: I'm sorry Master Ren.

Ren: Moonmon, you are weak.

Liam: I wouldn't say that.

Pabumon: That was an intense battle, Moonmon.

Pabumon smiles at Moonmon

Ren: Whatever. Moonmon, we're leaving. Zone Transfer!

Both Ren and Lunamon leave.

Marsmon: Chloe and Maddison! Your fight has come.

Chloe: SnowAgumon! You ready?

Her Xros Loader glows brightly

SnowAgumon: SnowAgumon Mega Digivolve to..........

SnowAgumon starts digivolving, passing Frigimon & Monazemon stages, it gains claws, its body is bown and white

WaruMonzaemon: ...WARUMONZAEMON!!

8 minutes later

WaruMonzaemon: Bear Claw!

He smacks Flybeemon and knocks it out.

Ref: Flybeemon is unable to battle! So the winners are Koromon & Chloe

Chloe: Excellent work, Koromon!

Koromon: Thanks Chloe

Rex: That means it's my turn. *steps into arena* And I have a new recruit so it's his time to shine. Come on Impmon!

Flymon: Ha! A puny human can't defeat me!

Impmon: I'm not a puny human! Machine Gun Kick! *leaps at Flymon and rapidly kicks at it's wings*

Flymon falls to the ground

Marsmon: Rex and Impmon win! We shall take a break and return with the final match! A 3 way battle between Johnny, Chloe, and Rex!!!

Rex: How about we make the final match a bit more interesting? 2 Digimon each, but if only one is knocked out, you're gone.

Marsmon: I, Marsmon, god of war, have decided to change the rules for the final battle! The 3 participants will be on an elevated platform. The last person to stay standing on the platform or the last person that can battle wins.

Rex: How many digimon?

Marsmon: Considering you all have only 2. 2!

Rex: Did I ever say I only had two? Oh well It's the recruit's time to shine. Impmon and Mushroomon, it's your turn *steps onto the platform and waits for the others*

(Rex You should add the digimon you have to the diimon subpage.)

Marsmon: No. Tonight we shall have a feast to celebrate our finalists. Tomorrow we shall see which of them is the stringest.

 Episode 5 ~ Fight For The Code CrownEdit

Liam: That was intense, wasn't it Pabumon?

Pabumon: Yeah, it sure was! Sorry I lost the battle!

Liam: Don't worry, Pabumon. At least you tried.

Chloe: Koromon, Let's do our best tomorrow

Koromon: Yeah!

Marsmon: The feast is served!

Liam is feeding Pabumon a biscuit, suddenly Pabumon glows a bright light

Pabumon: Pabumon Digivolve to.........!

Motimon: MOTIMON!

Liam: I'm glad you're Motimon again

Johnny: That is great!

Chloe: I guess the food caused him to digivolve!

Motimon: Chloe's right, it was the food that made me digivolve

that evening outside

Monochromon: This guy is powerful

Gekomon: yeah!

Okuwamon: Hello!

Okuwamon smacks them both with a Double Scissor Claw

Liam: NO, Monochromon!

Chloe: Please get up Gekomon?

Liam: We are relying on you guys, feel their hope, feel their strength!

Monochromon: *coughs* I feel them! *starts to glow*

Gekomon: Me...Urrrgh...too! *starts to glow*

both Liam & Chloe's Xros Loaders start to glow

Okuwamon: Your weak!

Johnny: No! Think again!

Cue the DNA Digivolution theme!

Monochromon: Monochromon!

Gekomon: Gekomon!

Monochromon&Gekomon: DNA Digivolve To.........!

the two together become into one digimon with a small digimon whith a round body and white wings

Piximon: PIXIMON!

Liam: That's Amazing!

Chloe: Unbelievable!

Johnny: Go Piximon!

Motimon(Analyzer): That's Piximon, an Ultimate Level Digimon, Vaccine type. It's Pit Bomb attack can wipe away its enemies. While its Magical Tail can defeat its enemies

The glow fades, revealing to be Piximon

SnowAgumon: DNA....Digivolving?

Rex: It's a special type of digivolution in which two digimon fuse together. It's not permant though, and they can go back to two digimon later

Johnny: Actually there are 2 types, Digi Xros and DNA Digivolution. DNA Digivolution needs 2 specific digimon and can last for as long as you want. A Digi Xros is temporarly and can be between any digimon.

Piximon: I'm making you back to a digiegg, Okuwamon! Pit Bomb!

It hits Okuwamon with a devastating blow and is deleted, Piximon reverts back to Kapurimon & Otamamon

Coronamon: Yes!

Liam: We won! Look there!

Chloe: There's a code crown there, Okuwamon must've stolen it!

Marsmon arrives to the scene

Marsmon: Okuwamon stole a decoy! The real Code Crown is safe. Everyone get rest. Tomorrow shall be the finals to this tournament.

The next day, Motimon & Kapurimon had both digivolved into their Rookie forms, Tentomon & Gotsumon.

Marsmon: Johnny, Chloe, Rex pick your 2 digimon, and get on the stadium platform.

Impmon and Mushroomon step onto the platform with Rex.

Rex: Let's do it!

Johnny: Ready Coronamon, Hagurumon?

Chloe: Get ready, SnowAgumon, Otamamon! Time to digivolve!

SnowAgumon: I'm on it!

Otamamon: Let's do it!

Johnny's & Chloe's Xros Loader all glow brightly

Otamamon: Otamamon Digivolve to.........Gekomon!

Gekomon: Gekomon Digivolve to...........ShogunGekomon!

SnowAgumon: SnowAgumon Mega Digivolve To..........WaruMonzaemon!

Johnny: Go! Coronamon! 

Coronamon Mega Digivolves into Apollomon.

WaruMonzaemon: I'm all set

Rex: We're ready, aren't we Impmon?

Impmon: *devilish grin on face* Yes indeed

WaruMonzaemon: I'd recomennd you make both Mushroommon & Impmon digivolve into their Mega levels, Rex!

Johnny: Time for an upgrade! Apollomon! Hagurumon! Digi Xros!

Apollomon and Hagurumon Digi Xros into Apollomon Metal Gear Mode

Rex: Don't worry about us WaruMonzaemon. We have a plan after all

ShogunGekomon: It's a pity that I can't digivolve into Mega

Apollomon: Solar Gear!

Apollomon throws metal gears made of fire at WaruMonzaemon

Rex: Prepare for plan Alpha dash Omega

Impmon and Mushroommon nod and head for opposing sides of the platform

Johnny: Apollomon! It seems they have something planned!

Apollomon: Right! Solar Cannons!

Apollomon takes out 2 big guns and shoots a massive burst of solar flares at Impmon and Mushroommon.

Rex: Just as we expected.

Impmon and Mushroommon seemingly take the attack and fall off the platform, it also hits WaruMonzaemon knocking off the platform

ShogunGekomon: Looks like its up to me now! *thinks to himself* Chloe is depending on me, i must do it for WaruMonzaemon, no matter what the costs!

Chloe's Xros Loader glows brightly

Chloe: Huh?

ShogunGekomon starts to glow a bright light, and sparkles surrounds him

Liam: I think ShogunGekomon is digivolving!

ShogunGekomon: ShogunGekomon Mega Digivolve to........!

Pukumon: ......PUKUMON!

Rex: Now! 

Rex's Xros Loader glows brightly

Impmon: *from underneath the platform* Impmon Digivolve to... Devimon!

Liam(Analyzer):That's Devimon, ultimate ruler of the demon underworld, its Evil Winng attack summons bats and strikes its enemies, whille its Touch Of Evil surprises its enemies

Marsmon: Apollomon, a fellow Olympus Twelve digimon.

Johnny: Apollomon! Devimon is back.

Apollomon: Metal Flare!

Apollomon creates a massive sphere of fire filled with metal gears and attacks Devimon

Devimon: *his voice echoing from under the platform* Missed me *laughs*

Rex: Heh *smirking* Mushroommon now!

Rex's Xros Loader glows again and a dull mutter can be heard from beneath the platform again, this time seemingly from Mushroommon.


Chloe's Xros Loader glows very brightly

WaruMonzaemon: Wow! I feel more power! WaruMonzaemon Digivolve to......!

GigaWaruMonzaemon: .....GIGAWARUMONZAEMON!

(WaruMonzaemon can't digivolve into Puppetmon, only into GigaWaruMonzaemon with other Monzaemon)

(Look on the digimon wiki if you don't know -Johnny)

(it can, look here: -Liam)

GigaWaruMonzaemon suddenly de-digivolves back into Koromon  and worn out, unable to battle

Pukumon reverts back into Otamamon from exhaustion, unable to battle

Referee: Koromon & Otamamon are unable to battle, which means Chloe has been defeated and is eliminated

Marsmon: Stop! I don't need to see anymore! Johnny and Rex you two clearly have the fighting spirit. Thats why you two will be spliting the prize. Johnny you get the Code Crown. And Rex you get the secret prize, I'll join your army.

Johnny: Thanks. We should go. Zone Transfer!

The portal to the next zone opens

Episode 6 ~ The Ghouls Of The Nightmare ZoneEdit

(The team goes to the next zone but end up seperated, Johnny and Chloe end up in the Nighmare zone where many spooky digimon live)

The group have splited up to two groups Chloe & Johnny, and Liam in another.

In the Chloe & Johnny group, Koromon, Otamamon, Hagurumon & Sunmon where chatting to each other

Koromon: Where are we?

Johnny: It looks a bit spooky.

Around them many DemiDevimon can be seen flying. Suddenly two Bakemon appear infront of them.

Bakemon: Help us! The Bagra Army has taken over the Nightmare zone and now force us to work for them.

A DemiDevimon sees the Bakemon and goes towards them

DemiDevimon: Hey! Filthy Bakemon shouldn't you be going back to work!

DemiDevimon atacks the Bakemon brutaly, and then sees Chloe and Johnny

DemiDevimon: You're not supposed to be here! I have to report it to the master! Your coming with me!

Koromon: CHLOE!

Chloe's Xros Loader glows

Koromon: Koromon Digivolve to...........

SnowAgumon: ...SnowAgumon!

DemiDevimon: Its the Orange Army!!! Everyone! The enemy is here!

Johnny: Bakemon! Come with us.

The Bakemon take Johnny and Chloe to a hidden place while the DemiDevimon pass

Chloe: Are you okay Bakemon?

SnowAgumon: You seem to be in pain, tell me what's wrong?

Bakemon: Here, we're forced to work for MaloMyotismon to create his machine to help the Bagra army take control of digimon.

Chloe: MaloMyotismon?

Analyzer appears onscreen

Bakemon(Analyzer): MaloMyotismon, The Evil Vampire King's True and Final Form. He works for the Bagra Army, forcing the digimon in the Nightmare Zone to build his Ultamite Device which can take control of digimon. His Screaming Darkness & Crimson Mist attacks will make you wish that you were never been born.

Chloe: *to johnny* Ouch! That's a nasty creature

Johnny: Yeah. The Vampire King of the Nightmare Zone.

Bakemon notices a glow enveloping sunmon

Chloe: What's ailing you, Bakemon?

Bakemon: That glow! Its as bright as the sun!

Chloe: Sunmon is digivolving, Bakemon!

Sunmon digivolves to Coronamon

Bakemon: The legend is true.

Chloe: Do we need to defeat MaloMyotismon?

Bakemon: He holds the code crown and this zone's ctizens trapped. But the legend of the Sun King and his warriors who shall save a god and together defeat the Vampire King of Night.

Chloe: I know a quick way to intimidate DemiDevimon, right SnowAgumon! Time to digivolve!

SnowAgumon: You got it!

SnowAgumon: SnowAgumon Digivolve to........Frigimon!

Frigimon: Frigimon Digivolve to..........Monzaemon!

Monzaemon: Hop on, guys!

Chloe & Bakemon climb on top of Monzaemon's shoulders

Johnny: Coronamon!

Coronamon digivolves to Firamon, Johnny rides on Firamon

Monzaemon: I'll distract the DemiDevimon! Hearts Attack!

The hearts hit all the demidevimon, deleting them, except one who digivolves

Chloe: He's digivolving!

Johnny: Not Devimon!

Monzaemon: Isn't Devimon a Champion Level?

Chloe: Oh yeah!

???: *from behind a gravestone* *low voice* Good thing I didn't send you in to spy

????: *forgetting to whisper* Yeah! I might have gotten seriously hurt!

???: *frantic whipser* Quiet! They'll hear you!

Devimon: Evil Wing!!

Monzaemon: Hearts Attack!

The two attacks collide causing an explosion

Chloe: Keep up the pressure, Monzaemon!

Monzaemon: Right!

Johnny: Firamon!

Johnny's Xros loader glows brightly

Firamon: Firamon Digivolve to..........Flaremon!

Flaremon: Flaremon Digivolve to..........Apollomon!

Chloe: Monzaemon, you better digivolve!

Monzaemon: Right! Monzaemon Digivolve to..........WaruMonzaemon!

Johnny: Apollomon! Bakemon can ypu help?

Bakemon: Sure.

Johnny: Apollomon! Bakemon! Digi Xros!

Apollomon and Bakemon Digi Xros

Apollomon: Apollomon Phantom Mode!

Devimon: Devimon Digivolve to..........NeoDevimon!

Episode 7 ~ A Vampire's RageEdit

(To get the code crown Johnny and Chloe have to sneak past the mansion's master)

Episode 8 ~ The Adventurer Of The Mountain ZoneEdit

(Liam gets sent to the Mountain Zone where he meets a digimon who's seeking adventure)

Episode 9 ~ The Skeleton's HeartEdit

(After hearing of the Legendary Dungeon in the mountain's caves Liam decides to set out with his new friend to find the treasure)

Episode 10 ~ Meet Team Xros HeartEdit

(The Blazing Justice Army ends up metting Xros Hearts and Team up to save their friends)

Episode 11 ~ The Jungle's GuardianEdit

(On There Journey, Johnny, Chloe, and Liam travel to the Jungle Zone where its guardian thinks they are the enemy)

Episode 12 ~ The Bagra InvasionEdit

(The Bagra Army is invading the Jungle Zone!)

Episode 13 ~ HiAndromon Is Born!Edit

(Johnny and co. help Johnny's Hagurumon digivolve into Mega since it can only go up into its Ultimate level)

Episode 14 ~ Poyomon's WishEdit

(One of the DigiEggs that a new Digidestand Hatches into a Poyomon, with a xros loader in its lanyard, Johnny & co. decide to find out who it is?)

Episode 15 ~ Mercurymon's LabyrinthEdit

(In their travels he team ends up in th Carnival Zone but end p captured by Mercurymon and thrown in his Mirror Labyrinth, but their not alone)

Episode 16 ~ Unlikely Team-UpEdit

(To get out of the labyrinth the heroes need to team up with a foe to defeat Mercurymon)

Episode 17 ~ Rex And JohnnyEdit

(After escaping the labyrinth Johnny and Rex get stuck in the Shinobi Zone, and meet the agra Army's First General)

Episode 18 ~ Ren And LiamEdit

(After escaping the labyrinth Ren and Liam get stuck in the Game Zone, and meet the Bagra Army's Second General)

Episode 19 ~ Chloe And MaddisonEdit

(After escaping the labyrinth Chloe and Maddison are stuck in the Holy Zone, and meet the Bagra Army's Third General)