Chrom would not let Sally(Avatar) whom he married dissappear with Grima so Chrom did the final hit on Grima. So But the sons and daughters from the future have returned again. Meaning Grima has returned.


Here you shall find the characters.


The classes the Characters can start off as.

  • Lord, Weilds Swords and can promote to Great Lord
  • Tactician, Weilds Swords and Tomes and can promote to Grandmaster
  • Cavalier, Weild Swords and Lances and can promote to Paladin or Great Knight
  • Knight, Weilds Lances and can promote to General or Great Knight
  • Myrmidon, Weilds Swords and can promote to Swordmaster or Assassin
  • Theif, Weilds Swords and can promote to Trickster or Assassin
  • Barbarian, Weilds Axes and can promote to Berserker or Warrior
  • Fighter, Weild Axes and can promote to Warrior or Hero
  • Mercenary, Weilds Sword and can promote to Hero or Bow Knight
  • Archer, Weilds Bows and can promote to Sniper or Bow Knight
  • Dark Mage, Weilds Tomes and Dark Tomes and can promote to Sorcecer or Dark Knight
  • Cleric/Priest, Weilds Staffs and can promote to War Cleric/War Monk or Sage
  • Troubador
  • Pegasus Knight
  • Wyvern Rider
  • Villager
  • Manakete
  • Dancer
  • Taguel