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Welcome to... Featured Logo! Each month, a new original logo becomes featured and it becomes the logo of the wiki! If you'd like to nominate your logo, enter it below. See the Rules section below for requirements to enter!

Featured Logos


  1. You MUST have an account & have at least 30 Mainspace Edits to VOTE. There is NO edit minimum to NOMINATING.
  2. The logo must be 200 x 65 pixels. If it is not it can't be the logo.
  3. You must nominate your own logo.
  4. Oppose Votes must have a non-offensive reason. If it simply says "Sorry", "No", or "I want another logo to win", they will be considered offensive & deleted.
  5. Nominees with more than 6 Oppose votes will be removed from the ballot.
  6. Vote for as many logos as you like even your own, but only 1 per logo.
  7. You must add the logo you designed next to its Support and Oppose sections.
  8. If a user wants to submit a past featured image winner they must wait at least 2 months after the previous time it won Featured logo to run again for featured logo
  9. Do NOT make a sockpuppet account to vote for a logo more than once.

Nominated Logos