In a world where words rule all, the people fought. The ones who wanted to erase the stories, The Erazorz and the ones who wanted to rebuild, to write the stories, The Unwritten. Over time the rivalries grew and heroes from another world were brought to end the endless suffering. They did but the heroes could not stop the rivalries froming again and once again heroes will be called.



These are the characters in the story.

  • Rex, Unalligned, Mage, Staff & Sword, Rex
  • Aichi, Unwritten, Paladin, Sword, Johnny
  • Liam, Unwritten, Mage, Staff, LIG
  • Russel, Erazorz, Theif, Sword, Russel
  • Ren, Erazorz, Paladin, Sword, Johnny


The two sides of the war the characters can chose to side with.

  • Erazorz, They are ruthless they care about erasing the stories to gain control of the world and make it in their image.
  • Unwritten, The brave warriors fight for justice and repair and protect the stories and save the people from danger.
  • Unalligned, Those warriors who work with any side for their own interest.


These are the types of warriors the characters can be.

  • Paladin, Warriors who use close ranged attacks
  • Mage, Warriors who use magic to attack.
  • Hunter, Warriors who use ranged attacks.
  • Theif, Warriors who sneak around and take their opponent's items


These are the basic weapons the characters can pick

  • Sword (Paladin, Theif)
  • Staff (Mage)
  • Bow & Arrow (Hunter, Theif, Paladin)
  • Gun (Hunter, Theif)
  • Dagger (Theif, Paladin)



Aichi 20/20 16/16 5 10 10 0 1
Rex 18/18 20/20 5 10 8 0 1
Liam 18/18 20/20 5 10 8 0 1
Russel 18/18 16/16 10 8 10 0 1
Ren 20/20 16/16 5 10 10 0 1

 Skill PointsEdit

Name Hunter Mage Paladin Thief
Aichi 0 0 1 0
Rex 0 1 0 0
Liam 0 1 0 0
Russel 0 0 0 1
Ren 0 0 1 0



  • Wooden Staff


  • Wooden Sword
  • Wooden Shield


  • Wooden Staff


  • Wooden Sword


  • Wooden Sword
  • Wooden Shield

Special AbilitiesEdit


  • Heal (+10 HP; - 4 SP)


  • Charging Lance (+5 ATK; - 5 SP)


  • Heal (+10 HP; - 4 SP)


  • Steal (Take an enimies item; - 5 SP)


  • Charging Lance (+5 ATK; - 5 SP)


Destiny ForestEdit

A dark forest where the adventures begin, to the north is an Unwritten town to the south is an Erazorz town.

Center ForestEdit

Center of the Forest

Aichi and Rex wake up in this area

Rex: Aggh, my head *rubs forehead* What happened?

Aichi: Where am I?

Liam, Russel, Taco, and Ren wakes up in this area

Rex: Thats... a very good question. One I don't have an answer to.

Ren: *Looks to the north and south* There is a sunny path to the north and a dark one to the south.

Aichi: Adios. *heads towards the north path*

Ren: Guess there's nothing left to do here. *heads to the south path*

Rex: *throws staff in the air and watches it land* It's pointing to the south. I guess i'll go that way *walks down the south path*

Russel: Let's go, Taco

Taco: *Speaking in his British accent* Yeah, this place reeks of boredom *Russel and Taco walk down south path*

Northern PathEdit

Northern side of forest

Aichi: I wonder what's at the end of this road.

Southern PathEdit

Southern side of forest

Ren: As long as we are heading the same way Rex we should be allies at least for now.