The rebellion never happened Katniss and Peeta said it wasn't fair that the children from the capitol were never sent to the hunger games while others were so what did the capitol do they sent 2 tributes from each district and the capitol to the hunger games and as if bad enough the rules were modified this new President Zeta was going to make the new Hunger Games even more terrifing.


2 tributes per district one male and one female (3 per user)

Name - Age - Gender


District 1Edit

District 2Edit

District 3Edit

District 4Edit

District 5Edit

District 6Edit

District 7Edit

District 8Edit

District 9Edit

District 10Edit

District 11Edit

District 12Edit

Nathan - 15 - Male


Pick 2 weapons from Bow and Arrow , Sword , Dagger , or Spear and attack 4 dummies in your training room.



Go to your interview room and get interview both this and the training will help your sponser number grow.

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