By Highestbounty123

Chapter 1 - 836 MMEdit

In a modern medieval-like world where the man worked for money and the women cleaned the houses lived, Where the King lived in his castle on top of a mountain where everyone can see the castle and where he can see them, A young man about 20 years old with short black curly hair, Two different eye colors his right being purple and his left being yellow, A brown fedora hat with a wide brim, Wearing simple clothing of a farmer was sitting down and resting

???: Aaaaaah *yawn* What a nightmare........Ive been having that nightmare for more than a month how long am i gonna keep getting eaten by that damn tiger

The young man said stretching then getting up and walking to a house.

When he entered the house and old man with grey hair and long beard waited for him looking angry

Yakan's Grandpa: Yakan what on earth were you doing outside? You know we have alot of work to do

Said the old man to Yakan, Yakan looked at him

Yakan: Yeah i know its just i couldnt get enough sleep last night because of that damn nightmare but i can still work right now lets get this over with

Yakan said stretching himself and walking outside followed by the old man.

The two worked in the farm feeding the ships and milking them as well along with the cows, Getting eggs from the chickens and so on, After they both finished the job they sat down and relaxed

Yakan: Another day another sweat aye grandpa?

Yakan said to his grandpa smiling, His grandpa looked at him back and smiled

Yakan's Grandpa: Well you might have nightmares disrupting ya but you can still work cant ya

Yakan's grandpa said to him smiling and laughed a little

Yakan's Grandpa: So tell me Yakan whats that nightmare that you keep having?

Yakan: Well if you wanna know then okay so it starts when im around 9 probably from what happened 11 years ago im in a middle of a forest with beautifull long trees, I walk around the place but suddenly the whole place turns dark even the leafs on the trees become black then a black colored tiger with white stripes walks over to me he looks at me with his golden yellow eyes and then jumps at me then i always wake up

After Yakan finished telling his grandpa about his nightmare his grandpa looked both surprised and shocked

Yakan's Grandpa: Yakan if you had that dream for over a month then it can only mean one thing you....

Before Yakan's grandpa could finish his sentence army knights came riding to them on there horses, One of the knights came to Yakan's grandpa, He took off his helmet revealing his long black hair, Black goatee on his chin and black eyes the women of the area saw him as atractive and immediately had heart shaped eyes for him, The knight openned a scroll

Knight: To our dear and beloved Shiju Tsuki we are sad to inform you that your payment time has ended and you can either pay us 100,000,000 Kilos within a month or have your farm your property land everything you own taken from you sign the King

The knight closed the scroll and looked at Shiju who is Yakan's grandpa

Knight: So what is it gonna be Shiju?

Shiju: Ah you so called Royal Knights how do you expect me to pay that much Kilos in only one month? Asking an old man and his nephew to work the blood out of there souls how shamefull and low even for you Kanzu

Kanzu got off his horse and walked around both Shiju and Yakan

Kanzu: You insulted me you made fun of me and mocked the name of the Royal Knights such a punishment a level 1.5 punishment

Said Kanzu suddenly making all the other villagers around the area hide in there houses, Mothers taking there children away from the scene.' Kanzu unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Shiju

Kanzu: Level 1.5 punishment having to get your ear cut off

Kanzu said bringing many villagers to panic quickly taking there children into the houses, Shiju stayed put and didnt move while Kanzu prepared to swing his sword to cut off Shiju's ear

Kanzu: Say goodbye to your ear you old fart

Kanzu swinged his sword at Shiju but was suddenly stopped when Yakan punched him in the face sending him flying towards his other comrades, Everyone looked at Yakan shocked even his grandpa was shocked of his grandson's action.

Yakan apeared enraged not showing any signs of regret for hitting Kanzu, Kanzu got up bleeding from his nose and mouth from Yakan's punch

Kanzu: You bastard punching a Royal Knight Commander this is a level 5 punishment which is losing your arm and since you punched me with your right arm your gonna lose that on-....

Yakan: Shut up

Yakan said immediately making Kanzu and the other Royal Knights scared, Yakan began to walk towards them

Yakan: So you wanted to cut my old man's ear huh? Whats so royal 'bout that?

The Royal Knights stayed crawling backward from Yakan', When Yakan reached them he smiled apearing more scary to the Royal Knights

Yakan: But since this is the first time you actually intended to hurt him ill let ya off this time with that punch only

Said Yakan to the Royal Knights they all instantly got back on there horses

Kanzu: You'll pay for that you damn bastard ill let ya off with a warning this time

The Royal Knights rode away from the town back to the castle, Shiju then punched Yakan on the back of his head, Yakan turned to his grandpa holding the back of his head from pain

Yakan: Hey what the hell gramps?

Shiju: Shut up you foolish youngster hitting him is going too far even if he is weak and a lowly bastard you shouldnt have done that

Shiju said to Yakan and crossed his arms

Yakan: Ah fine im sorry gramps i just didnt want you to go deff ya know bad enough you can only see with your left eye but losing your ear i cant let that happen i promised grandma ill take care of you right?

Shiju sighed and nodded his head both him and Yakan went back into the house, From within the forest a Knight in a complete silver knight armor with a helmet hiding his face looked on the two, His knight armor had a white cape, Sharp claws on his gauntlets his body apeared muscular as the shape of his armor made it apear, Both of his eyes were red and he had a sword sheathed in the left side of his waist belt

Silver Knight: So hes the son of Dakar hmmmm and he apears to be unaware of the Knightmare within his dreams i guess ill have to set things right with him them

Said the Knight disapearing from sight at an instant.


Chapter 2 - PunishmentEdit

Yakan woke up in a prison cell, He heard a crowed chearing he looked around confused and saw his grandpa sitting next to him.

Yakan: Grandpa what happened? Where are we?

Shiju looked at Yakan quietly and didnt talk.

Shiju: We were captured in our sleep and sent here imprisoned in this cell now were gonna be forced to be in this.......Tournament against our will

Shiju said in a ghastly and tired tone, Yakan looked at him shocked, He then saw if his hat was still with him and it was next to him, He took it and put it on his head.

Shiju: You still keep your dad's hat with you dont ya even though you never even met your daddy

Yakan: Im used to this hat beside it suits me

Shiju: Yeah well does it really suit your purple eye?

Before Yakan could start talking two knights entered the cell and sent Shiju outside to the circle shaped arena similar to the roman arena with the king also watching it, Shiju was being cheered by many people then from another cell came out a tall muscular ogre holding a spiked club, Yakan tried to reach for his grandpa but was stopped by the knights who pushed him back and locked the cell door, Yakan got up and tried to break through the cell's bars but couldnt he held onto the bars while his grandfather was in the middle of that fight.

Shiju: Oh boy i am screwed looks like my time in this like is over

Ogre: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You go ahead and give an old man to fight thats gotta be easier than what i thought

The ogre lifted his club high and swinged it at Shiju sending him hitting the wall and bleeding from his head, Yakan bashed himself to the cell's bars trying to escape to go help his grandfather but couldnt break the bars, Shiju got up and wiped his forhead from blood and looked at the ogre charging at him again.

Shiju: Im too old for fighting

The ogre hit Shiju once more breaking his left arm, Shiju tried to get up but couldnt, Yakan bashed his head to the bars trying to break them yet still couldnt but he put a small dent on a few of the bars, The ogre got closer to Shiju and grabbed him by the head, He looked at Shiju.

Ogre: Tell me do you want you life to end slowly or quickly?

Shiju: Im an old man i would like to get some rest as fast as possible if you dont mind

The ogre smiled and let go of Shiju he then put his club over Shiju's head and swinged down on him hitting his head and killing Shiju quickly just as he asked, Yakan was shocked seeing his grandfather's head being crushed like that he fell on his kneels and had tears in his eyes, The crowd cheered for the ogre at that moment Yakan grabbed the bars once more and pusheed them forward with all his strength trying to break the bars.

Yakan: You bastard im gonna freaking kill you

Yakan continued on pushing the bars he looked at the ogre and continued on pushing.

Yakan: YOU SON OF AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From a far away distance from the arena the silver knight that looked at Yakan and Shiju before from within the forest was heading towards the arena, Suddenly a large explosion of dark energy that caused an incredibly large shockwave reaching towards the silver knight, The silver knight then quickly ran to the arena and once he reached it the entire place was destroyed down to rubble, The silver knight looked around and saw Yakan fainted on the ground.

Silver Knight: Hmmmmm he couldnt control it i see will have to take care of that problem


Chapter 3 - LancelotEdit

Yakan woke up in a bed in the middle of a forest with a camp fire around him and food, He looked around and saw the silver knight sitting infront of him keeping the camp fire from burning out, He looked at the silver knight confused then the silver knight waved to him a hello.

Yakan: Who are you?

Silver Knight: Shouldnt you introduce yourself first Yakan?

Yakan: Ah right sor- WAIT WHATS THE POINT IF YOU KNOW MY NAME ALREADY?! And how do you even know it?

The silver knight and Yakan looked at each other for a few minutes not saying nor doing anything for about most of the day, Yakan had some twitches from waiting for the silver knight to answer.

Silver Knight: Hmmm i guess your right my fau-


Silver Knight:............My name is Lancelot nice to meet you

Yakan: Aaaaaaaah? Haaah nice to meet ya to Lancelot ill call you Lance

Lancelot: Please dont call me that

Yakan: Where am i? What happened? GRANDPA?!

Lancelot: Hold up Yakan im sorry but your grandpa is dead the ogre killed him and you killed the ogre

Yakan: I what?

Yakan looked at Lancelot shocked of him saying that Yakan was the one to kill the ogre even though he doesnt remember what exacly happened.

Lancelot: You released your Knightmare out of rage and accidentaly destroyed the whole arena nearly killed the king too you fainted and i took you here where no one cann find you after the price thats been put on your head

Yakan: Price....On my head?

Lancelot gave Yakan a wanted poster with Yakan's picture on it of him with his hat's brim hiding his left eye, Under the picture he saw a reward for capturing or killing him that is 23,000,000, Yakan was shocked of his life changing like that.

Lancelot: You better stay with me since i also have a bounty on my head

Yakan: Huh?

Lancelot showed Yakan another wanted poster of him with a picture of his armor empty with a reward money of 200,000,000


Lancelot: Why the Dragon King? I could also kill the Ogre King if i wanted to cause you know there are more than just the king of us humans

Yakan: Are you saying you actually killed one of those kings?

Lancelot: Nonesense im not as strong to kill a king cause as you know a king is supposed to be the strongest in the entire country; example the Dragon King, Strongest Dragon in the entire Dragon Country same with our king

Yakan: Oh so your weak

Lancelot: Im not weak i can still defeat a Holy Knight

Yakan: Holy Knight? Your kidding right? Cause you remember that the Holy Ones of a country are third to the king and second to the Forsaken Ones even though theres only one Forsaken for us atleast

Lancelot: Hmm yes indeed wait why are we having this conversation instead of the other?

Yakan:..........Good point now tell me HOW THE HELL DID I DESTROY AN ENITRE ARENA?!

Lancelot: Right the most important thing to answer is you used your Knightmare by accident

Yakan: Yeah got that part but what the hell is that?

Lancelot stood up and stepped on the camp fire turning it off

Lancelot: A Knightmare is different from an ordinary nightmare firstly because it begins with a 'K' instead of an 'N' also that a nightmare that continues for more than a month is considered a Knightmare which you can unleash at any time as long as you can face your fear use its power, Its element, Its theme at your whim

Yakan: So in short its a living nightmare

Lancelot: So or so

Yakan: You stood on that camp fire to look cool didnt you?

Lancelot: More of trying to look badass but yeah

Yakan: Burns?

Lancelot: Burns

Lancelot removed his foot from the camp fire he stood on showing its armor being red, He sat down trying to cool down his foot

Lancelot: We have a long way to go so get some rest and we are off ouch

Yakan: Off to where?

Lancelot didnt answer he just fell asleep on his place, Yakan sighed and decided to go to sleep as well to see what Lancelot meant tommorow.


Chapter 4 - The Journey BeginsEdit

Yakan woke up to see Lancelot standing infront of him with his back turned to Yakan, Lancelot turned to Yakan to see him awake

Lancelot: Ah your awake great right on time to here put these on your face

Lancelot threw bandages to Yakan, Yakan grabbed the bandages looking confused.

Yakan: Why do i have to cover my face with this?

Lancelot: Not just your face also your purple its so that no one would recognize you would get some pain of our backs

Yakan put on the bandages on his face and left eye hiding it, He stood up and was handed a black cape by Lancelot

Lancelot: Now put on this cape will get the rest of your disguise later....I gotta say for someone your age your quite muscular shocking

Yakan: What disguise? And im 20 so whats the suprise in that?

Yakan put on the cape around his body like a cloak, The two walked through the forest for about four hours finally reaching a small town, Lancelot and Yakan walked through the town while the towns people looked at them, The town itself had some tall white building as it apeared that white was the only color of the town even the street were painted white the only thing not white were the clothes that the people wore and the plants and trees around the town, Yakan and Lancelot entered a shop for clothes.

Lancelot: Right now im gonna need some clothes for this guy

Lancelot pointed at Yakan who was looking around, Yakan imeddiaterly turned to Lancelot after hearing him.

Yakan: What do ya mean Lance?

Lancelot: Dont call me Lance and were getting you a better outfit along with your cape bandages and nice hat

Yakan: You gotta be kidding me

Lancelot: Nope now get some stuff to cover yourself up

Yakan did as Lancelot said he took other clothings to cover himself, He took a red shirt with short sleeves, Fingerless black gloves, Black pants with a rope belt tied to his waist and finally two brown boots, After that Yakan put on his new clothes Lancelot put his hand on Yakan's shoulder looking at him seriously.

Lancelot: This wont be easy but right now.....LETS RUN!!!!

Lancelot was seen running away from the shop and Yakan looked at him surprised.


Yakan then also ran with Lancelot, The two were then chased by Royal Knights that were within the town they were chased for the entire day until they finally lost the Knights by hiding in the forest, The two gasped for air after the long running.

Lancelot: Well that was fun


Lancelot: Calm down now just get used to this new life because you wont have it easy anymore plus i dont have any Gold with me nor Kilos you can say im broke

Yakan: Im hating this life already

Lancelot: Right lets continue

Yakan: What was the point of this anyway? Now these guys saw how i look like now so wasnt the disguise pointless?

Lancelot: Not really you see Royal Knights, Hunters and all the guys who capture criminals are more interested in the reward for the persons head so in short since your face wasnt seen in any wanted poster for any kind of reward they wont even bother chasing you so dont worry

Yakan: Wow really? So no Royal Knight even cares about capturing criminals even though they dont have any reward?

Lancelot: Not all of them you may not see my face now because of the helmet mask but im looking at you seriously now you can probably see that in my eyes now as i was saying there are a few Royal Knights who only wanna capture a criminal for three reasons which are one to bring justice to the world by capturing said criminal two to have bigger chances at getting a promotion to somethin such as General or Holy One or even Forsaken one or three to enjoy seeing criminals suffer in prison so yeah

Yakan: Never knew how do you know that?

Lancelot: I was once in the Royal Knight's army i was a type one Royal Knight so i captured any criminal even if they had no reward i was pretty awesome to

Yakan: Why did ya quit?

Lancelot: Didnt who said i did i was framed, Framed even after i had this injury on my face which is why i hide my face but for now let us go forward as i did after that day i became a True Knight now moving on to the journey

Yakan: You still didnt tell me where are me going?

Lancelot: Were going to King's castle our King's castle

Yakan: What why?

Lancelot: Cant fully tell ya but your dad Dakar asked me that when your Knightmare wakes up we go there to make things in this country right now onwards and no more questions

Yakan sighed and started walking with Lancelot heading towards the King's castle which is a one week long trip on a horse, Three day trip with an Engine, And two weeks on foot.


Chapter 5 - An Odd OneEdit

Yakan and Lancelot were walking for three days without any food nor water, They were very hungry and thirsty as well as extremely tired, They sat down under a tree to rest.

Yakan: Why dont we have any.....Food....?

Lancelot: Because.....Of two things my friend.....One lack of money and.......And two.......Were both fugitives and im a more known one than you

Yakan: Your wanted picture is your armor

Lancelot: Yeah well........They didnt wanna waste their time so......They just found an armor identical to mine and took a......Pic.......Of it

Yakan: H-.....Hungry........So damn hungry

They were both completely tired and hungry, They got up and walked on a road leading to a town that would hopefully allow them to eat and not recognize them as criminals who are wanted, While they were on the road they were trying to stay awake but they evantually fainted on the ground from hunger, Then a man walked to their fainted bodies, After a while they both woke up in a forest next to a camp fire.

Yakan: Where are we?

Lancelot: No idea but i think someone left us some food

Lancelot pointed at some grilled ribs that were on a plate infront of them, They then heard someone coming from the woods, A man with short brown hair, Silver colored eyes, A green coat with yellow linnings, A white shirt with short sleeves under it, White gloves, Black pants and and brown boots walked from the woods with a dead deer, He looked at them and picked his nose.

???: Hello your awake at last

Yakan: Who are you and whats that dead deer?

Lancelot: Are these ribs ours cause were really hungrt

???: Yes the ribs are your the dead deer is for dinner and my name is Hyde nice to meet you

Yakan: My name is Yakan Tsuki what happened to us?

Lancelot: Im Lancelot nice to meet ya got any sauce for the ribs?

Lancelot was earing one of the ribs somehow without taking of his helmet, Hyde put the dead deer on the ground and took a cane, He sat down still picking his nose.

Hyde:...........So as i was saying i found you two fainted on the ground and so i decided to be a good guy and take you with me to wherever i was going i got you food killed a deer and so on

Yakan: You were saying? Nevermind where are we?

Hyde: Where you are now

Yakan: And where is that?

Hyde: Where your sitting

Yakan: I mean what is this place that i am in this forest? And how far are we from the King's Castle

Hyde: Well your 2 weeks away from the King's Castle im 10 years away from the Dragon's Castle yet 5 years away from the Dragon's Country and also im on my way to kill the Dragon King

Yakan: Your insane? Kill the Dragon King? Wait why are you going to kill him if you can

Hyde: Because i hate the Dragon King he was mean to me now i wanna go get him kill him take his title maybe kill a Holy Dragon while im at it get me some Kilos and buy me some food get married have kids and so on

Yakan:..........You are insane

Lancelot: Insane guys arent all that bad though hes in a new level for wanting to kill the Dragon King whos a Dragon at first your gonna atleast need a Mythical Type Knightmare

Yakan: Ah type?

Hyde: Oh i didnt tell did i? Well let me tell you there are 4 types of Knightmares Animal Type, Elemental Type, Mythical Type and Unclassified Type the Mythical Type is a rare one and the only rare one come to think of it a Knightmare is also rare for a person to have one atleast 10% of people within the entire world have a Knightmare

Hyde: I am a Mythical Type Knightmare

Lancelot: WHAT?! Seriously thats so cool i never met nor saw a Mythical Type Knightmare

Yakan: Wait what exacly is your plan? Go kill the Dragon King and take his place?

Hyde: Yup

Yakan: Oh........YOUR UTTERLY INSANE MAN!!!!!

Hyde: Insanity is always something to have

Lancelot: Its true insanity is within all of us

Yakan: Im going sleep

Lancelot: Aint ya gonna eat?

Yakan: Already ate

Lancelot looked to see all the ribs eaten, Yakan went to sleep, Lancelot turned to see Hyde also asleep and while still sitting, Lancelot also went ahead and slept.


Chapter 6 - Knightmare AwakensEdit

Yakan woke up and didnt see anyone at all near the camp fire, He stood up looking around seeing no one around him he then heard a voice of screaming coming from the woods, Once he turned around he saw Lancelot and Hyde running away it wasnt clear what but once he turned again he saw a giant red dragon running at them, Yakan began to run along side the two, They continued running away from the dragon for a long time already half way across the forest, Yakan looked at Lancelot while running.

Yakan: Lance what happened? Where did that Dragon come from?

Lancelot: Dont call me Lance and the thing just popped out of nowhere while me and Hyde were hunting for food cause we ate the deer without ya sorry


Lancelot: Sorry

Hyde: While your screaming i think we should try and do something about the dragon

Hyde had a calm expression on his face and held his cane in his hand and ran without showing much worry about the situation which made Yakan and Lancelot stunned by Hyde's incredibly calm nature.


Hyde: Cant

Yakan: What do ya mean ya cant you wanna kill the king of the dragons but you cant kill a normal dragon

Hyde: Dont feel like it

Yakan: If i could i would kill you, Lance you say your strong enough to beat a Holy Knight than beat the dragon

Lancelot: I also cant

Yakan: Were doomed for sure

They kept running from the dragon that was chasing them, Suddenly out of nowhere the dragon got hit by an attack making him faint on the ground, The three looked surprised well only Yakan and Lancelot as Hyde didnt show much care.

Yakan: What happened?

???: I am truly sorry about that but Honoo just wont stay still

Everyone looked at where the sound came from, From the woods came out an old lady with grey skin pointing her hand at the dragon.

Lancelot: You.....Your a witch

???: Oh why yes i am but not just any witch oh no no no

Yakan: A witch? Whats a witch doing outside her country?

???: Well i got lost is all went to a small trip allow me to introduce myself my name is Aglora a Holy Witch from the Witch Queen's Castle and the owner of this dragon

Yakan: Oh boy we pumped into a Holy One and worst its a witch

Aglora: Dont worry the only reason i would have to kill you or do anything to you is if you did something to me

Yakan: Yeah okay thats.....Comforting i think

Aglora walked away with the dragon at her whim, Once she disapeared into the woods the three stood in their place frozen.

Lancelot: So........What the heck just happened?

Yakan: I think that Witch is controlling that dragon

Hyde: Probably using Dark Magic to be able to control him after all Dark Magic is meant for enslaving creatures and killing more than protecting

Yakan: Thats......Pretty evil even if its done for a dragon

Hyde: What did you expect? Thats a Dark Magic user those who use Dark Magic are always evil even if its just an ordinary Wizard hes still evil if a Wizard uses that kind of forbidden magic poor giant sized lizard


Lancelot: We cant leave the poor giant sized lizard enslaved by an ugly witch like that

Yakan: WHAT HAPPENED WITH SAYING DRAGON YOU TWO?! And yes we should go and help that dragon even though he might eat us whole and the witch might kill us first lets go its gonna hurt

Lancelot: Like hell exacly

Hyde: Killing a witch would be fun ill get some water

Hyde walked towards a river while Yakan and Lancelot went after the witch, They followed the dragon's foot steps until they reached the witch's house that was surounded by a swamp with alligators in it.

Yakan: Witch's have a weird taste

Lancelot: No kidding lets go

They both walked infront of the door and once knocking on the door one time it openned for them showing the house being much larger than what it originaly looked like outside, Aglora looked at them smiling, They saw the dragon being inside a large cage.

Aglora: Hello you came to visit me? How sweet of you come on down

Suddenly an invisible force pushed the two slaming to the ground as if the gravity around them increased as Aglora used a spell on them.

Aglora: Saving the dragon wont be easy as i wont allow it but you may join in dinner the ingredient for a youth potion does need young men in it along with dragon scales

Yakan's Thoughts: This is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad

Lancelot: Hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry

Aglora: Enough saying the same thing again in your mind its annoying

Yakan: Great she can read our minds now what?

Lancelot: Im not young im over 30 hes 20 though

Yakan: Ya selling me out man

Aglora: Two Knightmares would make this potion even more powerfull last longer

Yakan: What the heck is up with you old witchs wanting your youth back its ridiculous get over it already my grandpa got over being 89 like a man

Lancelot: He was 89? Wow what did he eat?

Aglora: SILENCE! I shall now make you and use dragon scales to make a potion that will make me young forever

Yakan: Why dragon scales?

Aglora: Not going to answer now silence......And dont think of anything okay i can read your mind

Lancelot: Alright ill break us free doenst matter if she hears or not im gonna break this place open

Aglora walked to the dragon while Lancelot started getting up standing on his feet once more, Aglora turned at him preparing to attack him.

Lancelot: Wake up Titanium Knight

Suddenly a large knight armor in a size of three grown men with a white cape, Grey colored armor, Sharp gauntlet, A blade-like horn on the helmets forehead and a stright torso apeared infront of Lancelot, Lancelot walked to the knight armor entering it through phasing through it, Lancelot then wore the armor preparing to fight.

Lancelot: This is a Knightmare based on your own fear that chases your dreams, My fear is being crushed by ten tons of titanium this is an Elemental Type Knightmare the armor is as hard is titanium breaking it isnt simple

Lancelot openned his hand making a large sword apear in his hand, He swiped the sword upwards towards Aglora who was trying to cast a spell on Lancelot but failed, Lancelot swinged his large sword at Aglora slicing her in half and her house as well, The slash from Lancelot's sword was so powerfull it continued onwards slashing the tree and some aligators that were in the way, After the attack Lancelot made his Knightmare disapear, He walked to the dragon breaking its cage with his sword and letting the dragon out, Yakan got up looking at the dragon.

Dragon: Thank you for helping me and sorry for chasing you before hope you can forgive me

Yakan: Yup we can forgive ya

Dragon: My name is.....dont laugh.....Flad

Lancelot: Hehehehehe

Flad: Did you just laugh at me?

Lancelot: Nope hehehe

Flad: Anywho thank you again and goodbye also dont tell anyone else about this cause its kinda embarassing

Lancelot: What the name or the saving? Phehehehehe

Flad flew away ignoring Lancelot's laughters that were heard from far away, Hyde then came with a bucket of water and poured it on Aglora's sliced body making it melt away, He looked at Lancelot and Yakan

Hyde: What i miss?


Chapter 7 - ItEdit

On top of a high mountain within a cave a man wearing a ragged brown duster with a hood on his head walked infront of it, He stopped right infront of the cave's large passage and put down a large sack, The man openned the sack revealing a dead bull that was in it.

???: Why did you return Izan?

Izan: Aint it obvious ol' buddy of mine?

???: Dont play games with me Izan why did you return after all those years why?

Izan: Aint it obvious hes close to waking up

???: Him? You mean that damn cat

Izan: Thats right so i need someone to help me out with this while i go do my job so ya mind?

???: What am i going to get from it? Im already cursed in staying in this cave for eternity

Izan: Well aside the dead bull im also gonna break your curse after i finish my titsy wintsy job

???: Hmmmm very well ill believe you but if you are late once more i will never help you again

Izan: Sure

Izan walked away leaving the dead bull behind him, Then suddenly a large hand quickly took the dead bull into the cave, The speed of the hand was so quick it couldnt be seen and it hardly made a gust of wind, Sounds of a mouth crunching on the bull were heard coming from the cave, Then the bull's skeleton was thrown outside the cave and two large red eyes were seen coming from the darkness within the cave, Meanwhile Yakan, Lancelot and Hyde were still walking towards the King's Castle.

'Yakan: 'So wait because my fear is a black tiger then its gonna be a black tiger?

Lancelot: Black Tiger Knight to be corrected

Yakan: And thats an Animal Type?

Lancelot: Yes and i forgot to mention Mythical Types arent actually just mythical creatures you dream of its also never before seen creatures that are within your dream so its called mythical cause there not real like myths well most myths

Yakan: And can two people have the same Knightmare?

Lancelot: Its rare but yes two could have the same Knightmare if they have the same fear

Yakan: Okay question whats so special about each type anyways?

Lancelot: Well you already heard the Mythical Type special the Animal Type special is that you can actually become the hole animal in your nightmare and copy the traits of the certain animal and such, Elemental Type special is the Knightmare's armor is the element itself and soemtimes if its fully mastered can manipulate the element i can do that with Titanium but i dont do it much oh yeah each Knightmare also has a badass sword to fit the badass size

Yakan: Oh......What about Unclassified?

Lancelot: Unclassifed is unclassified thats whats special

Hyde: Were getting close to a big city big enough to live in and even big enough to not get news of us fugitives

Yakan: Huh? Us?

Hyde: Yeah im also a fugitive why else would i still hang out with you guys?

Lancelot: Ah i just thought you thought i was so badass you wanted to hang out


Hyde: I might wanna go to kill the Dragon King but first i need to kill me a Phoenix


Lancelot: Phoenix's are nearly impossible to kill cause they die they reborn die reborn die reborn FROM ASHES!!! I wish i had a baby Phoenix pet

Yakan: Well it wont be possible especially since Phoenix's dont like being treated kindly by humans or any other creatures because well there pretty much the strongest race in this world for the fact they are in The Center.


Yakan is talking about the layout of the world he exists in its apparantly a round world like ours only with three large islands, The first island is shaped like a ring around another large island that is called The Center which is where the most powerfull races live in there like Dragons for example, The Phoenix's own most of it because of there power, The ring is where creatures that are weaker like Ogres or Humans live in, And the third island is still undiscovered by many people mostly Humans because they still dont have the navigational skills, Technology and supplies needed to make it to the third island that many call "The Third World" because it is believed that creatures even stronger than Phoenixs live there yet its not confirmed by anyone because all who went there are mostly creatures from The Center and they dont always come back and if they do they refuse to speak of what they saw there so it remains a secret, Now that you know how the world of Knightmare looks like we return to the story

*End Of Explanation*

Lancelot: What was that?

Yakan: What?

Lancelot: Were we paused for some kind of explanation just now?

Yakan: What are you talking about?

Lancelot: Nevermind its porbably just my imagination

After a while they reached the city Hyde talked about before, Once they entered the city they noticed there were no wanted posters, No Royal Knights nor bases it is just as Hyde explained it no one would recognize them as fugitives because of how they never get any noticed of any, They walked through the city's streets safely without anyone looking at them, They then stopped in a resteraunt to eat.

Yakan: Wow this place is really nice when no one is gonna try and capture us plus i get to eat at last

Hyde: This place doesnt even know the meaning of fugitive because they never get any reports of any crimes

Yakan: Why?

Lancelot: Yeah why?

Hyde: I dont know but its about a story that happened along time ago at the time of the first Forsaken one of the Human Country you know the one that was called Vlad Demlaro The First And Most Powerfull Forsaken One To Ever Walk This Earth as he was called by the people back then saying his strength exceeded that of a Dragon anywho it happened when this village's first leader asked not to have any reports of crimes nor have posters of wanted criminals saying it would put a bad influence on everyone and so this village has no idea of the bad guys out there kinda sad dont ya think

Lancelot: Yeah this city is crappy

Yakan: Shhhhhhh you dumbass there gonna hear you and i dont think there gonna like that kinda of language

A waitress put the food they asked for on there table, Yakan's chicken meat, Lancelot's burger and Hyde's soup, They all ate there food and after they finished they sat down on a bench relaxing.

Yakan: This city is great too bad we have to leave it

Hyde: We wont now nor tommorow

Yakan: Huh?

Hyde: Theres a creature in here i want to kill it lives on that mountain up there they say its been cursed to roam at night only in this village after every 100 years and guess what its been 100 years and from what im seeing this aint the first time the people encountered it

Hyde looked around and so did Yakan seeing all the villagers enter there houses and lock there doors while the sun was setting down.

Hyde: "When The Sun Is Down And The Moon Has Risen 'It' Will Come Out And Kill Without Regret Until The Sun Rises Once More" these were the words of the Wizard who put the curse upon It

Yakan: It? Thats the monsters name?

Hyde: Yup and it might get a good number of kills tonight like everytime each 100 years

Yakan: What?

Lancelot: It cant be helped half the villagers will be either killed or eaten alive by It unless someone can stop it

Yakan: Can you two do something i mean you killed a Holy Witch easily and your crazy enough to try and kill the Dragon King

Hyde: It is the last of its kind a very powerfull race killing it would take atleast an army of a thousand men

At that moment the sun set down completely and a large roar was heard from the mountains while the villagers panicaly locked there doors while some entered the basement for protection, Then a large creature jumped from the cave and landed down onto the village, The creature was It, It revealed himself to be in a size of a Knightmare, The size of three grown men, Brown skin, Blood red eyes with narrow pupils and a menacing look, Incredibly sharp teeth and claws, It is only wearing torn pants on him, It has pointy ears and finally a very muscular body, It looked around and saw Yakan, Hyde and Lancelot and pointed at them.

It: I found you little insect

Yakan: Who me?


It charged towards Yakan preparing to attack him.


Chapter 8 - IT Is HereEdit

On an edge of a mountain, Izan was sitting at night on a chair with a ciggarrete in his mouth smiling revealing someof his face but only his red eyes and a small goatee on his chin, He took a cup of coffee and relaxed himself watching the fight.

Izan: I love a good fight at night dont you to?

???: I dont really care about your hobbies so ill say no

Izan: C'maan your always so uptight man relax a bit and get out of that dark forest even though its night and everything around it is dark hahahaha

Within the forest an man was standing but his apearance was hidden within the forest's darkness, Meanwhile back at the city Yakan dodged It's attacks that were It simply throwing anything he sees in his path, Yakan stood infront of him with Lancelot and Hyde even though Hyde was sitting on another bench next to them ignoring the serious situation, Lancelot made his Knightmare apear and unsheathed his large sword swinging at It, It stopped the sword with his hand and punched Lancelot crashing into a building, Lancelot got up but It already reached him and punched him again this time breaking the ground from the power of his punch knocking Lancelot out cold, It turned to Yakan, Yakan took a fighting stance despite not having much of a chance in winning.

It: Why do you think you can beat me? You missley human

Yakan: I never said i thought i had a chance in beating you for the fact i never asked to fight you in the first place which reminds me.....WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!

It: Im going to stop him from waking up again

Yakan: Him? Whos him? And what does that guy have anything to do with me?

It: "Little kitty kitty sleeping so soundly in its bed without any worry then came the boogeyman and SCARED THE KITTY AWAY!!!"

It charged at Yakan hitting him with the back of his hand sending Yakan crashing onto a building wall, Yakan came out slightly injured but still standing, It then apeared infront of him and smashed him with his enormous fist breaking the ground, It grabbed Yakan's whole body with its single hand and threw him at the ground in the middle of the street, Hyde still sat on the bench ignoring the situation, Izan looked at the fight enjoying himself.

Izan: Looks like hes gonna die after all what a shame wanted to see the kitty cat one last time before letting it die

???: Dont get carried away its still not over

Yakan got up looking at It, It stomped on Yakan smashing him on the ground and still kept stepping his foot on Yakan.

It: I'll crush your bones to dust

Yakan: Ah please i gotten worse than this, This is just a simple walk to me

It stepped harder on Yakan breaking the ground more.

It: Your just a lowly human just like the others who are here as well

Yakan: Lowly? And who are you to judge? Your no better

Lancelot regained consciousness again and looked at Yakan stepped on by It.

It: Shut up or ill make your death slower than what i planned

Yakan: Seeing my grandpa get killed was a good enough kick to make me feel dead inside

Yakan tried to lift It's foot from him but only lifted it a little, It took his foot off of Yakan and hit him sending him at a tree, Yakan stood up but was hit again by It sent at a houses door, Yakan got up bleeding and looked at the family within the house.

Yakan: Sorry about that but i think i got this place dirty

Yakan walked to It, It got angry and charged at Yakan, Once It reached Yakan he hit him again at another house's door, It jumped at Yakan aiming his fist at Yakan, Yakan pointed both his arms at It's fist, Once It's fist hit Yakan it broke the ground Yakan was standing on but Yakan was still able of stopping the fist and throwing It to a small distance away from Yakan, It got outraged and looked at Yakan.

Yakan: I wont let you break down a house filled with a family not like how mine broke down

It: So you care for them even though you never met them before

Yakan: Yeah so?

It then broke a house's wall and took out a father of a family, He held him in his hand tightly slowly squeezing him, Yakan instantly ran at him but was knocked back by It, It threw the man on the ground and put his foot on the father's head ready to crush it, Yakan stood up and looked at the father, That sight of the man about to get his head crushed reminded him of his grandfather's death, Yakan stood in shock while It raised his foot and sent it stright at the father's head, But then It stopped once he looked at the frozen from shock Yakan, Yakan's pupils became narrow and the ground around him began to break slowly while he looked at It, Suddenly a large burst of dark colored energy bursted around the city creating a small shockwave, From a dust cloud Yakan came out with his Knightmare, A black knight armor with blade claws at his gauntlet's finger tips, A skin of a black tiger with white stripes worn as a cape with the black tiger's head being worn on the armor's helmet which had its face openned but no face was shown only Yakan's eyes were shown along with a white line that was his mouth while the rest of the face's background was dark.

It: So you came out at last Kokko


Chapter 9 - A True MonsterEdit

It stood infront of Yakan who has just used his Knightmare without meaning to, It looked at Yakan who he calls Kokko, It took his foot off the father and walked infront of Yakan or Kokko.

It: So you decided to show up atlast Kokko or are ya just here to help the human

Kokko: I only came here to kill whoever there is to kill and i will kill you

It: Kill me? Thats a real laugh no one was able to kill me for a thousand years people tried and ended up dead on the ground letting their bodies rot as flies come and go to clean up the left over so why of all those people who even had Knihtmares and were Knightmares themselves but died in the end so tell why do you think you have an-.....

Suddenly Kokko punches It in the face and grabbed him in the head bashing It to the ground, Kokko raised his claws preparing to impale It, It quickly kicked Kokko away from him, It got up and charged at Kokko preparing to use his claws on him, Kokko stood up and swiped his hand backwards and once It got close to Kokko, Kokko swiped his claws onwards on It scratching the left side of his face leaving five large scars on It's face and also on his eye losing it, It walked back and wiped the blood off of his face and looked at Kokko.

It: Your still as vicious as you were in the past but you still cant defeat me

Kokko: Defeat? Whos trying to defeat here? I am not trying to defeat you nor am i even trying because i will kill you

It: Why do you wish to kill me so badly?

Kokko: Because i love to kill

Kokko charged at It sending a barrage of claws at It, It jumped over Kokko and impaled Kokko's back.

It: Now all i need to do is break your spine

Kokko: Did you forget? I dont have a spine i am merely a living fear in a form of an empty armor

Kokko turned impaling It's chest with all his claws that they entered it completely and nearly his hand also entered It's chest, It coughed blood and tried to release himself from Kokko's claws but couldnt, It looked at Kokko.

It: You bastard......Y-your just as you were.......Back in the olden days.......Nothing better than a damn killer even worse than me

Kokko: Do not compare me to you!

Kokko threw It on the ground and put his foot on It's stomach.

Kokko: I will now impale you until you drop

Kokko began to impale It with his claws repeatedly ripping him apart piece by piece even cutting off his limbs and impaling him more and more with his claws, Kokko then impaled It's eye with one claw reaching his brain killing him yet Kokko didnt stop he continued impaling It without a stop letting It's blood spread across the ground and also on himself, Kokko then got up and grabbed It's dead body lifting him and preparing to decapitate him, Kokko swiped his hand towards It's neck slicing his head off, It's head fell on the ground all the villagers watched in terror seeing It being killed so brutally, Kokko let go of It's body and roared a tiger's roar that was heard from far away even Izan heard Kokko's roar and smiled.

Izan: So after more than 100 years he came back and since Dakar and Byakko are dead things are gonna be easier than last time dont you agree Crow

The man that was hiding within the woods still wasnt visible to sights yet an evil smile was visible on his face and so were his purple eyes along with a top hat, He laughed walking behind Izan and putting his hand on his shoulder revealing his full apearance, The man who his name is Crow was wearing a black standard tuxedo with a red tie, His top hat has a card on it with the word Fly written on it, He also wore white gloves.

Crow: We better tell Kagutsuchi

Izan: A right hot head Kagu would like to know about this wont he?

Crow: I do wish you stop calling him that even though it is funny and kinda true but still dont call him that otherwise he wont be all happy about that

Izan: Yeah yeah yeah whatever im still gonna call him Kagu though

Crow: Well i dont see any harm in that lets go

Izan: But i wanna watch the rest till the end

Crow: NOW!!!

Izan: Alright jeez sometimes i wonder why i work for Kagu

The two left the scene walking into the forest, Back at the village Kokko stood in his place not moving one inch with no his eyes nor mouth visible as if there was no one in the armor, Lancelot stood up still with his Knightmare, He walked infront of Kokko and hit him sending him flying at a building destroying it entirely, Yet Kokko still didnt move.

Lancelot: Yakan you fool releasing your Knightmare and letting it take full control over you wake up you fool wake up

Yakan didnt move at all he stayed in his place laying without moving at all, Lancelot picked him up and looked at him face to face.

Lancelot: Wake up already wake up wake freaking up WAKE UP DAMMIT!!!!

Yakan: I took a life

Lancelot: Thats wasnt you it was your Knightmare he did it not you, You have nothing to blame yourself for

Yakan: It was done by my own hands their even covered in his blood

Lancelot: We all take a life every once in a while and just so you know, It was already dead he became a semi immortal in order to live forever he didnt need to be complete immortal to be eternal because he believed he was strong enough to never be defeated of course he was wrong as proven today

Kokko disapeared from Yakan's body, Lancelot also removed his Knightmare.

Lancelot: So just drop it Yakan besides you did a good thing you saved this village they wouldnt have been lucky a second time in the next 100 years

Yakan: I guess damn im hungry lets go eat something somewhere else

Hyde: That was actually a cool fight too bad i couldnt tape it ah well next time

Yakan and Lancelot looked at Hyde then started to stomp him out of rage because he didnt do anything to help, Later they left the village after the villagers thanked them and gave them bags of money as a thank you, They now were heading to another place.


Chapter 10 - Hidden In The DarkEdit

In an unknown castle within a forest, A child in the age of 7 was seen laying on the floor of a prison sell crying and whipping from fear, The child was crawled in the corner trying to protect himself from the things he fears, A man in a white coat and glasses looked at him through the cell door with another man wearing a black coat with red linings.

The Man: Is this him Warden Shakuro?

Shakuro: Yes thats him will get him ready for trasnport but be carefull his not the one who wants to kill you Shihan

Shihan: Im well aware of his inner beast so dont worry ill be carefull

Shakuro: Good cause i dont want to clean up the blood again because that child is responsible for the death of nearly every person who tried to transfer him from this prison

Shihan: Yes i know the story of the Original right then ill be waiting outside the gate

After a while Shakuro was walking to Shihan who was waiting infront of a large gate with a carriage horse although the carriage was a small cell for the child, Shakuro got off the carriage and let Shihan take over it to transfer the child to wherever he is going to take him.

Child: W-Where are you taking me?

Shihan: His waiting for you little one.........They are just dying to meet you

Meanwhile on a mountain Yakan, Lancelot and Hyde were standing on top of the mountain looking at the King's Castle.

Yakan: Wow its......Its so huge

Lancelot: No kidding im never got to see it before since i never planned on going there on my own that is

Hyde: The Dragon King's Castle is definetly way~ bigger than that one

Lancelot: Oh yeah? And how do you know?

Hyde: You saw how big Flad is

Lancelot: Oh right

Yakan: Well then mind telling me why we're here then Lance?

Lancelot: Dont call me Lance and were here because we need to take care of King Oscuro

Yakan: Take care of the king? You mean fight him but isnt the King supposed to be the strongest one in the entire country?

Lancelot: Yes indeed he is but King Oscuro kinda lost his mind because of the power he got form being king and all

Hyde: He became really greedy and heartless asking for more payments when he has more than the towns people also hes the one who sent you and your grandpa to that arena

Yakan: How do you-?

Hyde: I know because i was there when i saw it.....I would've helped but the King was there and he would have definetly killed me if he saw me

Yakan: Then how are we supposed to beat the King if his that strong? I mean i dont even have control over my Knightmare

Lancelot: Dont worry we have a long way to go until we reach it one more week from here we'll think of something for sure


Lancelot: Pretty much yeah

Yakan sighed and the three began to walk to the King's Castle, From a tree branch a crow was seen looking at them, The crow flew away and to the direction of the King's Castle, When it reached a building within the town it entered the window and landed on the floor of the room, Suddenly the crow began to grow bigger and bigger starting to take on a humanoid form, Then it became a human wearing a black cloak with a hood on his head, The crow was soon revealed to actually be Crow who revealed his ability to become an actual crow, He turned on the rooms lights revealing Izan sitting on a chair watching Screen (Thats what TV is called in here) once again with a cigar in his mouth, Izan turned to see Crow.

Izan: Hey birdy ya back whats up?

Crow: I always find you seeting on your lazy ass doing nothing but smoking

Izan: What? S'not like it gonna kill me

Crow: Well anywho ive done some recon and there heading towards the castle

Izan: Yeah yeah yeah you used your Mutare (Means "Change" in Latin) powers to turn to your birdy form and fly away

Crow: Why are you so uptight about me being a Mutare?

Izan: Cause i wanna turn to an animal to and have its name like you and Crane

Crow: Well Crane doesnt matter in this conversation because we need to stop them from reaching the King's Castle or else Kagutsuchi's plan will fail

Izan: Whats to worry? I mean they'll die when they meet the Holy Knights even if they wont be meeting the Forsaken Knight they still wont be able to stop the King right?

Crow: You truly are a fool you forgot two things, One The Titanium Knight Lancelot is one of them and two dont forget the King is-....

Izan: Yeah alright i get it i get it......But what about the Holy Knights?

Crow: True the Holy Knights are powerfull may even go over our power but......They can still be defeated by Kagutsuchi and if someone can be defeated by another then the fear of them being defeated will always haunt them so we should prepare for the worst ive already hired Khmer to take care of them

Izan: What?! Thats armless guy? True he can do all these crazy stuff and can do a real good kick but hes still-..

Crow: Strong enough to go on par with a Holy Knight so silence hes already heading there right now

As Crow finished his sentence a man wearing a dark blue coat around both his arms who apeared to be missing, With blue eyes, Dark green hair, A black shirt, Pants and brown boots was standing on a tree top looking at Yakan, Lancelot and Hyde walking on there way to the King's Castle.

Khmer: Right......Time to go


Chapter 11 - ArmlessEdit

Khmer who was hired by Crow to stop Yakan, Lancelot and Hyde stood on top of a tree top glaring at the three and following them, He got behind a bush and hid himself from there sights.

Khmer's Thoughts: Hmmm lets see three to take care of those two i dont know but i am familiar with Lancelot.......Perhaps i should take more time in the planning or.....

Hyde then stopped and turned around seeing no one behind him.

Hyde: Strange could have sworn i just heard something move

Yakan: Whats the matter Hyde?

Hyde: Thought i heard something eh probably nothing loets go guys

Lancelot: Im really hungry anybody up for turtle soup?

Hyde and Yakan: Nope

Lancelot: Yay more soup for me

Khmer crawled deeper into the bush hiding from Hyde who heard him.

Khmer's Thoughts: Dammit now i remember thats Hyde i heard his really fast but not faster than me or is he?...........Right then ill call my men to see how they fight

Khmer then went behind a large boulder where there were many men sitting waiting for him.

Khmer: Right guys i dont know how they fight because i never saw them fight but they have pretty high rewards over there heads so go, Fight them and then ill know there fighting way okay?

Man 1:...........Why dont you just attack them then find out like always?

Man 2: Yeah for all we know they can kill us

Man 1: Its true your the boss and master tactican and other stuff but still shouldnt we do something less threatful i mean we aint all high class bounty hunters like you

Khmer didnt reply he only walked to a large boulder and kicked it sending it far away into the sky that it was even seen from the King's Castle.

Yakan: Who threw that?

Lancelot: Probably just a pissed off ogra dont mind it

Hyde: An ogre cant throw a boulder that size that far

Khmer's men looked at him terrifyed.

Khmer: Get a move on

Khmer's men went ahead and charged at Yakan, Lancelot and Hyde, The three turned at them not showing much care.

Hyde: Hey look bounty hunters

Yakan: Thats gotta be the sixth time this week once every day in the week ah well lets get it over with

Lancelot: Im still hungry maybe they have food we can steal

A man charged at Hyde from behind, Hyde turned to the man and raised his black cane upwards and let the man pass through him, Suddenly the man got a large cut on his chest and fell down on the ground, Hyde grabbed his cane with both his hands and unsheathed it revealing its blade.

Hyde: Coming from behind thats dirty playing

Another man charged at Yakan with a large metal club preparing to hit Yakan, Yakan turned to the man and punched his club breaking it and sending the man flying at a boulder breaking it as well in the process.

Yakan: How long has it been since i got to punch someone in the face?

Lancelot: Dunno maybe 3 months not including you punching Kanzu


Lancelot: What? No~......Actually yes

Yakan: Your just telling me this now?

Lancelot: Awkward

Lancelot unsheathed his sword and walked over to the other men who were charging at them.

Lancelot: Right now who wants to get his guts open first?

Yakan: Hes that type of guy?

Hyde: Thats no threatning this is threatning

Hyde grabbed a man and knocked him to the ground then Hyde placed his cane's blade next to the man's crotch.

Hyde: You will never be a father if i go any further

Yakan: Now thats just the devil's torture

An incredibly large man then came from behind Yakan and sent his first at Yakan, Yakan turned at the man and stopped his fist with one hand.

Other Guys: H-he.......HE STOPPED IT WITH ONE HAND?!

Yakan: But at you said attacking from behind is cheating

Yakan lifted the large man slamming him to the ground, Khmer looked at the three fighting the rest of the bounty hunters.

Khmer: I better get a good payment for this job

After a while the entire bounty hunters were on the ground beaten by the three while the three didnt look very tired.

Yakan: Right were done for today's bounty hunter attack but we should get ready for tommorow

Lancelot: Hey you bounty hunters got any food? Turtle soup? Meat? Anything?

Bounty Hunter: N-no.....Sorry *faints*

Lancelot: Well guess its back to old style hunting

Suddenly Khmer jumped from a tree and sent a kick towards Lancelot, Lancelot quickly blocked it with his sword but was pushed onto one knee by the power of Khmer's kick, Khmer jumped using Lancelot's sword and got a bit far from him.

Yakan: What? Another one?

Hyde: Not just anyone its the leader aint that right, Khmer?

Yakan: You know the guy?

Khmer: You can say we do

Lancelot: Got any food?


Khmer quickly ran at Lancelot kicking him in the stomach sending him crashing at a boulder, Khmer then charged at Yakan but was blocked by Hyde using his cane's sheathe, Hyde swinged his cane's blade at Khmer, Khmer quickly raised himself standing on Hyde's cane sheathe dodging the attack, He then lifted his leg upwards kicking Hyde in the face sending him crashing at Yakan and sending the two of them crashing at a boulder, The two got out of a dust cloud and so did Lancelot from another boulder.

Khmer: C'mon Hyde dont hide him for too long come out and play

Yakan: What the hecks he talking about Hyde?

Yakan looked at Hyde who was silent, Hyde stood up slowly then looked at Khmer and smiled for the first time.

Hyde: Hyde's not here at the moment but Jekyll is

Suddenly Hyde's hair color became white and his eyes became blood red his teeth also become sharp making him look more insane than before.

Khmer: Your out at last Jekyll

Jekyll: Ten years ive waited for the moment i can cut open your head


Chapter 12 - Jekyll Or Hyde? vs KhmerEdit

Jekyll and Khmer were preparing to fight, Yakan and Lancelot stood aside to not interfere, Jekyll charged at Khmer swinging his sword at Khmer, Khmer dodged the attack and sent a kick towards Jekyll, Jekyll blocked the kick with his cane's sheathe, Khmer used the sheathe to jump away from Jekyll.

Jekyll: C'MAAN! Show me a good kick right to the face like the olden times

Khmer: You do realise you got yourself stronger so its different

Jekyll: Oh right hehehe i just love stabbing people

Yakan: Were we seriously traveling with that guy?

Lancelot: Dunno

Khmer ran towards Jekyll preparing to kick him, Jekyll threw his cane's blade upwards and prepared a punch, Once Khmer sent the kick at Jekyll, Jekyll sent a punch once the two attacks clashed they caused a powerfull shockwave breaking the ground they stood on, Jekyll then quickly grabbed his sword when it came back down and swinged it at Khmer, Khmer stopped the sword with his bare teeth biting the tip of the sword stopping it, Jekyll tried to pull it back but failed because of Khmer's strong grip with his teeth.

Jekyll: What are you a dog with his chew toy?

Khmer: Nofe fime ah angwy wifer fith fhis fhunch (Nope im an angry tiger with his lunch)

Jekyll: Oh is that so? Then kitty cat wanna play ball

Khmer: Fogs pway bwall you fumhass (Dogs play ball you dumbass)

Jekyll: Oh.....I knew that

Khmer quickly turned his head making the direction of Jekyll's sword move right next to his head giving Khmer an openning, Khmer kicked Jekyll in the lower jaw sending him flying upwards, Khmer then jumped over Jekyll kicking him again and sending him crashing to the ground.

Yakan: Shouldnt we help him

Lancelot: Nah hes a mythical type after all

Jekyll then came out of a dust cloud but it was actually Hyde again, Hyde looked at Yakan and Lancelot.

Hyde: Yeah about that......I lied

Yakan and Lancelot: Huh?.......WHAT?!

Hyde: Tell ya the truth i dont even have a Knightmare......Im Knightmareless

Yakan: Thats not even a real word

Lancelot: So wait......Im not gonna get to see a mythical type in real action?

Yakan: Thats what your worried about?

Jekyll: NO ONE HELPS IN OUR FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!! Its just badass me and lame ass Hyde

Hyde: I hate it when we change parts randomly

Khmer suddenly went behind Hyde sending a kick to his head, Hyde stopped Khmer's kick with his hand and threw him away then charged at him swinging his sword at him, Khmer stood up and took a sword he found laying on the ground with his mouth biting the swords handle to use it, The two charged at each other with weapons, They begun to clash repeatedly with each others swords creating sparks at each hit, Once they clashed their sword and begun to push each other back, Khmer quickly jumped over Hyde kicking him the back and then quickly swinging his sword at him but he was blocked by Hyde, Hyde then became Jekyll again, Jekyll got closer to Khmer and bashed his head to the ground with his bare hands, Jekyll then let go of him and raised his sword upwards then swinged it downwards towards Khmer's head, Khmer quickly stopped Jekyll's attack with both his legs by grabbing the sword with both his feet as if they were hands, Khmer then quickly kicked Jekyll away and got up on his feet again with his sword still in his mouth.

Jekyll: Fu-hahahahaha-n better than last time better then first time BETTER THAN ANY TIME!!!!!

Yakan: Its official his psychotic

Lancelot: The guy is simply enjoying a fight thats no psychotic......Well not official atleast


Khmer suddenly apeared infront of Jekyll swinging his sword at him but was blocked by Jekyll yet the impact of Khmer's attack sent Jekyll flying towards a boulder, Jekyll changed to Hyde and quickly jumped onto the boulder and looked at Khmer.

Hyde: Ten years is such a long time



Khmer and Hyde looked at Lancelot and Yakan.

Hyde: Alright then ill tell you ahem.......Were adopted brothers to the same mother who got executed ten years ago by King Oscuro who decided so because we couldnt pay our bills

Yakan: You make it extremely short

Hyde: l'll go into details later

Khmer was then close to Hyde that the tip of his sword has just touched Hyde's stomach, Hyde quickly redirected the sword with his sword yet got a scratch on his belly, Hyde then hit Khmer in the head with his cane's sheathe making him spit out his sword, Khmer quickly gave Hyde a headbutt on the forhead yet he wasnt pushed back the two begun to push each other back through their forheads, Khmer jumped over Hyde hitting the top of Hyde's head with both his feet and then got one foot raised high upwards then sent down kicking Hyde in the face sending him backwards into rubble, Hyde got out of the rubble and wiped himself from dust then looked at Khmer becoming Jekyll, Jekyll ran quickly towards Khmer once he reached him they both starting fighting each other, Jekyll with his sword and Khmer with his kicks, The two kept on fighting until Khmer ducked down kicking Jekyll's legs making him fall down, Khmer stood up quickly and raised his leg upwards then sent it downwards at Jekyll's stomach breaking him on the ground, Jekyll spit blood out of his mouth and apeared to be defeated, Khmer looked at Yakan and Lancelot.

Khmer: Can you really defeat a Holy Knight? Or was that just a bluff?

Lancelot: I defeated a Holy Witch with one hit not much is needed to explain

Khmer: Witches are weaker than us humans even a Holy Witch can be defeated by just a playin' ol' Animal Type Knightmare but we humans bring out a real hell of a fight especially when those who the strongest carry the power of the rarest Knightmare

Lancelot: Ya dont mean.......

Khmer: My job was to stop you but now.......I think i wanna see whats gonna happen when you go against a force you cant stop nor defeat so have fun

Khmer began to walk away but then Jekyll grabbed his foot making him stop, Jekyll looked at Khmer bleeding from his forhead.

Jekyll: Me and Hyde just wanna tell you.......That it was fun

Khmer: Your lucky i still consider you my brother otherwise i would have killed you on the place

Jekyll: W-why......?

Khmer: Hm?

Jekyll: Why did you become that?

Khmer: Even without arms i can fight on par with a Holy Knight my goal wasnt being one of the Royal Knights nor Holy Knights either i was trying to become a Forsaken Knight but i wasnt powerfull enough to beat him all i wanted to show was that you dont need arms to be powerfull

Jekyll let go of Khmer leg fainting on the ground, Khmer then ran quicky far from the area, After a while Yakan and Lancelot were sitting around a camp fire while Jekyll was sleeping with bandages on his wounds, Jekyll woke up and looked around.

Jekyll: I lost didnt i....? Hehehe he can still kick my ass

Yakan: Well atleast your alive and well cause we need you if were gonna go against the King

Lancelot: Thats right though having your bro with us would have gotten us a better shot

Yakan: Your talking as if we have no chances of surviving

Lancelot: Perhaps we do not

Jekyll: Well next time im gonna beat him up and win he wont be a hot shot after i be the one to kick his ass


Chapter 13 - Magician Or Wizard?Edit

It was a silent and peaceful morning the birds were chirping, The fishes were swimming and Yakan, Lancelot and Jekyll were running away from a giant pissed of Tiger wait what?


Lancelot: Guess pulling its tail was a bad idea



Lancelot: Maybe Kokko might be able to talk to the tiger


Lancelot: Hey you dont use a Knightmare you wake it up just say Wake Up Black Tiger Knight and done

Yakan: Ah fine wake up black tiger knight

At that moment Yakan turned into his Knightmare armor again, He turned to the tiger.


Lancelot: Guess Kokko is letting you take care of this one




Yakan: What can i do?

Lancelot: Kill it?

Yakan: Why not you?

Lancelot: Im full


The giant tiger was then very close to reaching them, Yakan turned to the tiger with an angry expression in his eyes.


Yakan then punched the tiger in the face with his fist breaking his bones from its nose to the tip of its tail killing it, Everyone looked surprised of Yakan easy win against the tiger.

Yakan: Wo.......W

Lancelot: Great job neph-....I mean Yakan now lets eat

Yakan: How do i turn back? I say goodnight?

Lancelot: Nah just let it dispurse to pieces

Yakan: Wha......?

Lancelot: If you sit calmly for a few minutes it'll go away automatically thats how amateurs do it


Lancelot: It only works with Elemental and Unclassified Type Knightmares can be controlled easily because their not living like Mythical and Animal

Yakan: Again wha....?

Lancelot: Mythical and Anima Type Knightmares are living Knighmares with the minds of their own they can be either good or evil but it depends on the Dreamer who is the one in charge of the Knightmare

Jekyll: Hey guys someone stole our tiger

Yakan and Lancelot: WHAT?!

The two looked at the spot where the tiger was and saw it was completely gone, They begun to look for it but so far they didnt find anything.

Lancelot: How is something that big supposed to be gone?

Yakan: Dunno but atleast im back to normal

Jekyll: This day has been very crappy......Since the beginning the day has had low luck weve been chased around by Nagas* (Half human half snake hybrids), Wyverns, Ogres and even Flad he didnt notice us at first

Jekyll changed back to Hyde

Hyde: Its gotta be Khmer he always finds his way of making others chase others

???: Khehehehehe dummies


Yakan: Quit changing randomly

Hyde: I just heard something from over there

Yakan: Where?

Lancelot: Here

Lancelot pulled out of a bush a man wearing a blue cloak, He has black curly hair and a long beard.


Yakan: Who are you?



???: My name is Marly

Yakan: You just answered me even though you said you didnt want to......Constantly

Marly: There ya know my name now let go of me i may not look like it but im over 60 i just used magic to look and feel younger

Lancelot: Magic? Oh so your a magician

Marly gasped and quickly got away from Lancelot.

Marly: You dare call me a magician? Im a wizard dammit

Jekyll: Theres a difference?

Marly: OF COURSE THERES A DIFFERENCE! Allow me to explain......A magician is an amateur using cheap tricks to gain money on the street while a wizard is a powerful being capable of using real magic for both good and evil

Hyde: Thats all?

Marly: No theres also the fact that all the magic in the world originates from the most powerful wielder of this magic Merlin

Yakan: Merlin? The legendary wizard who perfected magic in every way more than 124,473,553,222 years ago?

Lancelot: How do you remember that number?

Yakan: I was forced to learn these stuff by my grandpa

Marly: I am also a sorcerer

Hyde: Whats the difference between a sorcerer and a wizard?

Marly: Wizards use magic, But sorcerers you can are more powerful version of wizards they use both magic and other abilities such as hand to hand combat, Knightmares and some also use Dark Magic

Yakan: Is it really that much neccesary to make so much differences in those common words?

Marly: Hey dont look at me i didnt do all this

Lancelot: Hey have you by any chance eaten a giant dragon sized tiger?

Marly: Why yes i did i ate stole it from you three suckers ahahahaha

Lancelot, Yakan and Hyde looked very scary at Marly who started to feel very unconfortable, Later everyone was sitting down eating some meat while Marly was tied on a tree on the other side of the forest hanging upside down.

Marly: Dammit dad was right im a dumbass for not making food out of magic


Chapter 14 - 20 GeneralsEdit

In the middle of the large ocean, A ship was seen floating without its mass with alot of damage at the ship, The people on the ship were all really skinny with poor clothes showing that they have been stranded in the middle of the seas on their ship without any food or water, Then another ship that was in better shape then the other ship came across the damaged ship and a Royal Knight looked at the deck.

Royal Knight: General Sazen it apears to have a few survivors should we send them a rope or get close to them so that they can get on board.

A tall man wearing a red colored armor with a black cape, A black belt with a sword on the left side of the waist, Two horns on the sides of the helmet and very sharp claws on the gauntlet's fingers.

Sazen: Leave them if we take them with us we then we wont have any room left for us plus our food supply is very low, We need to head to our destination we have a mission after all, A mission that came directly from our king now lets go

Royal Knight: B-...But General Sazen sir we cant just leave them like that

Sazen: We will wanna know why?

Royal Knight: Why?

Sazen: Because there are 19 other Generals who are kick ass like me and dont give a damn about those weaklings now steer the ship and head back to the ring

The Royal Knight Ship sailed away from the damaged ship, Leaving all the crewmembers to starv to death, Meanwhile Yakan was sitting in the middle of the forest looking at a tree with his eyebrow twitching, Lancelot came behind him.

Lancelot: Hmm? What are you doing Yakan?

Yakan: Shhh i think theres a squirrel in the tree hole

Lancelot: Why do you think that?

Yakan: Cause someone has been throwing nuts at the back of my head all day long now im gonna get that squirrel and maybe make sure it doesnt bother me anymore

Lancelot: Why not eat it?

Yakan: My gramps always told me if i eat a squirrel ill get a 10 year punishment at having nuts thrown at me 24 7 by squirrels

Lancelot: You do realize thats not true right?

Yakan: Dont know dont care now shush

Hyde came from behind the tree and cut it down with his cane's blade.


Lancelot: Does your ass hurt from sitting so long?

Yakan: I cant stand up help me out here Lance

Lancelot: Dont call me Lance

Hyde took out a small squirrel from the tree hole and threw it away while Lancelot helped Yakan get up on his feet again, Yakan looked at Hyde and punched him in the head.


Hyde: I was, I just didnt really care

Yakan: Ah cmon were gonna go against the freakin King in a day or two so were deemed to die if were not careful so for now lets enjoy ourselves and what the hell are you doing?

Yakan looked at Lancelot who was standing on his hand upside down.

Lancelot: Hmm? Oh well im just practicing my acrobatic skills cause Sazen is soon to come to kill us

Yakan: Who now?

Lancelot: Arthur Sazen is one of the 20 Generals of the Royal Army

Hyde: General? Than his pretty powerful isnt he?

Yakan: General? What rank is that?

Lancelot: Its above Commander and under Holy Knight

Yakan: Oh so that means were in trou- DAMN I FORGOT ABOUT THE SQUIRREL!

Yakan went to the squirrel that Hyde threw and carried him in his hands, Making sure his okay.

Hyde: So are we in trouble or what?

Lancelot: Dont worry as long as im with you guys i can beat him like hes nothing after all i was a General once


Lancelot: We better watch out cause Sazen is quite the tough cookie

Yakan: Tough.....Cookie? Wait how do you know hes coming?

Lancelot: I just know

After a while they reached a small town were they sat on a becnh and relaxed, And for some reason the squirrel was on Yakan's shoulder.

Yakan: Look at that the squirrel likes me

Hyde: Probably because he thinks your his mommy

Yakan: Eh?

Hyde: Its a newborn i can tell its only 3 days old yet still with fur and everything, Im guessing the mother died giving birth and now.....His atracted to you

Yakan: *Sweatdrop* Wha......?

On the other side of the town Sazen was walking around looking around for something or someone, With him walked his Colonel, Rigba who is wearing a red shirt with long sleeves, Green pants with a brown sash tied around the waist, He has brown hair and black eyes, He wears black shoes and is holding a Katana in his hands.

Rigba: Sir General Sazen should we continue searching in this district?

Sazen: Of course Rigba were gonna find them even if it meant 24 hours a week

Rigba: No i mean....We've been searching in this district for about.......All day

Sazen: GYAH! Your right im ashamed i should simply kill myself this instint and end my life for i have brought shame

Rigba: Now now dont be hasty sir

Sazen: SHADDUP! Your my Colonel so your supposed to support every thought i have so do it and support my suicide thought

Rigba: Bu-....


Rigba: Eeek

Meanwhile Yakan was in the stores looking for something to eat, While doing so Sazen was in the other store looking around, They both walked aside each other without noticing, Sazen then instantly around and saw Yakan walking into the other side of the town, Sazen then ran after him but ended up lost in a large crowd of people, Rigba meanwhile was looking on another part of town and saw Hyde, He slowly went behind him holding a sheathed katana, While aproaching Hyde, Rigba slowly followed him arouned but was then stopped by a man standing behind him.

Rigba: Naga sir what are you doing here?

Naga: Dont take the weakest out first we need to get rid of Lancelot first after all the king is the most important one in the game

Rigba: Sir?

Naga then walked away revealing himself wearing a dark cloak, A white shirt with a tie, A black fedora, Grey pants, Boots, He has blue eyes and a scar on his left cheek.

Naga: I have a plan now cmon follow me

Rigba followed Naga leaving Hyde behind, Hyde then turned around smiling demonicly changing to Jekyll.

Jekyll: Riggy is here, Its been so long


Chapter 15 - Plan A/6.02Edit

Naga and Rigba were each sitting on a chair being face to face on a table with a chess game board on the table.

Naga: So its simple all we need to do is get rid of the one who is the hardest to defeat, No biggy right?

Naga said in a calm voice to Rigba, Rigba looked at the board game confused.

Rigba: I dont get it Commander Naga sir

Naga: Of course you dont your just a kid

Rigba: Im 27 sir

Naga: And im 44 twice as old as you are so shut it and listen

Naga cleared all the white chess soldiers leaving only the king and two knights alone, He then left the black chess king and two knights.

Naga: Now the king in the white side is Lancelot and the other two are Yakan and Hyde, Their the next targets, The black ones are us Sazen is the king and we are the soldiers now the plan is as simple as counting, I trick Lancelot into leaving town with the train that will head to a broken bridge sending Lancelot to his death, He'll never know what hit him, As for the other two well you and Sazen can take on them easily correct?

Rigba: Sir........There is one problem with your plan

Naga: What?

Rigba: There arent any trains in this town but there is one at the last town

Naga: Darn then we have no choice

Rigba: Sir we can simply change it no problem

Naga: No i will send them away, Quick tell the soldiers to prepare Plan A/6.02

Rigba: But sir that plan is only for emergencies

Naga: What do you think this is?

Rigba went to the soldiers to tell them to begin Naga's plan, Meanwhile Sazen was still lost in the crowd of people looking for Yakan, Yakan was looking at food through a resteraunts glass window with his stomach growling.

Yakan: So hungry.....Damn that Marly stealing our big ass tiger

Yakan then suddenly turned around and a large red whip hit him and break the resteraunt in half making it apear like a clean cut, Yakan was on the other side of the cut resteraunt under some rocks covered in dust, He got up and looked at a dust cloud seeing Sazen walking towards him.

Sazen: I finally found you Yakan Tsuki, I am General Arthur Sazen and i am here to arrest you for the assassination attempt of the king

Yakan: Assassination attempt?.....Me?

Sazen: Yes you

Yakan: But im no assassin

Sazen: Yeah right and what about the blown up arena?

Yakan: Oh that....Thats not a work of an assassin i mean, Wouldnt an assassin to it more quietly and less explosively?

Sazen: Hmmm perhaps but still you tried to kill him so i put it in assassination category

Yakan: Ah well okay then in that case WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

Sazen then turned around and looked into the sky.

Yakan: He fell for it?

'Sazen: 'Where is it? I cant find it

Yakan: Keep looking

Yakan quickly ran away while Sazen was still fooled by Yakan's trick, After a while Yakan was far from Sazen, He sat down on a bench, Meanwhile outside the town, Lancelot was looking onto the King's Castle that was being seen from far away.

Lancelot: Da~mn that a big no.....HUGE ass castle, That damn greedy King Oscuro is probably enjoying himself that bastard

From behind him, Two soldiers and Rigba were hiding behind a building spying on Lancelot.

Rigba: Alright we have him on sight sir Naga what do you want us to do now

Rigba spoke to Naga through headphones that allowed him to communicate with Naga from far away.

Naga: Okay now commit the plan slowly, Dont screw it up it has to be a 100% perfect for it to succeed with Lancelot

From behind Lancelot, One of the soldiers slowly came behind him and prepared to stab him with his sword from the back, Suddenly Lancelot turned around punching the soldiers sending him crashing into a building breaking it down completely.

Lancelot: Wow.....I didnt notice that little dog crap i stepped on before yuck

Lancelot swiped his foot on the ground cleaning it, Rigba and the soldier were shocked by Lancelot's strength.

Naga: Right now onwards to phase two

Rigba: What about the soldier sir?

Naga: No hold ups continue the plan now

Rigba sighed and slowly walked to Lancelot, Lancelot stopped cleaning his foot and looked at Rigba.

Lancelot: Hello

Rigba: Excuse me sir but you just hit that thief he was going to steal from you and well he stole something very important to me and can you help me get it back please?

Lancelot: Yeah okay where is it?

Rigba: Its in another town, I overheard his friends saying something about leaving with a train

Lancelot: Is that so then ill get Yakan and Hyde and were on our way

Rigba's Thoughts: HYDE?!

Lancelot: Now lets go

Naga: Perfect, I think ill stay in hiding until we reach phase 7 of the plan

Naga walked away from the building's rooftop, Meanwhile Yakan was still walking around town while being chased by Sazen, Sazen looked around for Yakan but still didnt find him after he got tricked by Yakan, Then Naga came behind Sazen.

Naga: Sazen change in plans were commencing Plan A/6.02

Sazen: But i hate that plan

Naga: Deal with it, Were going to get rid of Lancelot first after all his a challenge for you isnt he?, A General cant always beat a General, Now quit ya slackin and get goin

Sazen: I cant i fell for a dumb trick and now i am ashamed, If i dont find and capture Yakan Tsuki then i will commit suicide

Naga:.....You fell for the what the hell is that trick again didnt you?

Sazen: Yeah

The two left the large crowd of people and started walking outside the town commencing their plan.


Chapter 16 - One Way TrainEdit

Lancelot walked to Yakan with Rigba, He grabbed Yakan's shoulder and made him turn around.

Yakan: Hey Lance whats up?

Lancelot: Dont call me Lance and this guy here Rigba needs a little help in getting back something that was stolen from him by some thieves

Yakan: Oh well were are they?

Lancelot: There in the town before this one

Yakan: Does that mean we have to go back?

Lancelot: Yes we do but its close so dont worry i mean whats the worst that can happen?

Yakan: Alright fine lets go

Lancelot: Wait what about Hyde?

Yakan: He already went there, He told me he wanted to check something over there he overlooked before

Lancelot: Ah right then lets go

They then walked to the other town with Rigba, Meanwhile Sazen and Naga walked to the train station, They walked into the train station's manager.

Manager: Hello can i help you sirs with anything?

Naga: Yes allow me introduce myself my name is Naga Sylpher i am a Commander in the Royal Army and this is Arthur Sazen one of the 20 Generals we have a request

Manager: A request? Why would you need a request from me? Are their any criminals in the train?

Naga: Not yet there still on their way being followed by Colonel Rigba and once they reach town they'll enter the train and when they do i want it to be a One Way Train

The Manager looked frightened by Naga's request, He slowly put his glasses back on after they fell of his eyes.

Manager: But sir Commander, A One Way Train is illegal last time i checked

Naga: It is not fully illegal for as the law says the use of One Way Train can only be allowed in cases of emergency and this is an emergency

Manager: Okay ill do it but....I have one request myself......Please dont let any civilias or innocent people ride on the One Way Train

Naga: Who said were taking a normal train?

Manager: Huh?

Meanwhile Hyde was already in town and looking at a mirror seeing Jekyll standing infront of him.

Jekyll: So what do we do about Riggy?

Hyde: Rigba isnt an idiot and we of all people know that

Jekyll: Isnt it funny? Just a few days ago it was simply me and you looking around for god knows what, But then we meet those two and everything changes, Hell we havent even reached twenty chapters

Hyde: What?

Jekyll: Nothin'

Back at Lancelot and Yakan who are still taking Rigba to the town, They reached the town's entrance and entered the town.

Lancelot: Here we are now where are the thieves?

Rigba: Well i overheard them trying to escape using a train, I remember them saying the train number being 666

Yakan: Train number 666? Are they devil worshipers?

Rigba: I dont know but thats what i heard and if we dont hurry they might already leave

Lancelot: Right then onwards to the 666 i bet has been cursed by the devil 100 years ago train

Yakan And Rigba's Thoughts: He cant be serious

After a while Hyde was in the train station sitting on a bench reading news, While Lancelot, Yakan and Rigba reached the train with the number 666 written on it.

Lancelot: So there in that train?

Rigba: Yes hurry before it leaves

Yakan: Dont worry we'll get back whatever you lost cause if we dont its gonna haunt us for the rest of our lives

Lancelot: Hmmm nope would affect me at all

Yakan: Have you no soul?

Lancelot: Please if i had no soul then my eyes would have been glowing firey red and i would have had big badass wings and a tail......I want that


From the bench Hyde looked at them entering the train and entered the last train car, When everyone entered the train they saw many people sitting on the chairs silently with mostly males.

Yakan: So......Where are the thieves Rigba? Rigba?

Yakan turned and saw Rigba was gone.


Suddenly the train started going forward, The doors closed by themselves and Yakan, Lancelot and Hyde had no way of getting out, In the drivers sit, Naga was stood and turned to see Yakan and Lancelot.

Naga: Now

Suddenly all the train passengers stood up and aimed guns at Yakan and Lancelot.




Lancelot: WHAT DO WE DO?!


Naga: I suggest you wont

Yakan and Lancelot turned to see Naga.

Yakan: Who are you?

Naga: My name is Naga Sylpher i am a Commander within the Royal Army and a sorcerer

Lancelot: Ooooh sorcerer show me some magic

Naga aimed his hand at Lancelot suddenly causing a wind blast to send Lancelot breaking through the door to the back car.

Yakan: Lance? You okay?

Lancelot: Dont....Call me.....Lance

Naga: This is an Elemental Magic that gives me power over wind and air, So in short words i control the very thing you live through breathing

Yakan's Thoughts: Ah crap


Chapter 17 - Phase 7Edit

Lancelot and Yakan were on the ground with there hands behind the back of their heads while the passengers aimed their guns at them, Naga stood infront of them.

Naga: Now then everything went according to plan

Yakan: Plan? What plan?

Naga: Aint it obvious already? Rigba never got robbed by any thieves he was just luring you to this train to die

Yakan: Were still alive

Naga: Yes you are for now

From behind Naga, Rigba walked and looked at Yakan and Lancelot.

Lancelot: So ya lied to us?

Rigba: Yes


Rigba walked back from Lancelot afraid.

Yakan: Ah c'mon Lance dont be like that, Thats too cruel but not cruel enough

Lancelot: Dont call me Lance, And i wont really kill him, Just scare him a little to know that he shouldnt lie to me

Yakan: Hey im angry too but you dont see me going all ape shit on 'em

Lancelot: Was that an insult?

Yakan: Could it be a compliment?

Naga: SHUT UP ALREADY! Now listen carefuly to me this is phase 7 of the plan

Yakan: Phase 7?

Naga: Yes this plan, Plan A/6.02 is one of my many plans and strategese of getting rid of the powerful enemies without the need to fight, The first phase was simple make an innocent "I was robbed and need help" excuse and lure you guys to this train, Phase 2 was to make the train station manager accept the request of this being a one way train

Lancelot: One way train? You the train that heads only in one direction and doesnt stop no matter what you do?

Naga: Exactly, The third phase was to find the perfect train for this and of course i chose train 666, The train that holds the greediest and most dangerous criminals that are sent to prison to be executed, So this train is unbreakable and unstopapble

Yakan: How did you get these thugs to do what you tell them?

Naga: Didnt ya hear me? Their the greediest so i paid them, Now phase 4 wasnt simple it, It was apparantly the get the best and worst criminals onto this train whom are these guys who are pointing guns at you now, Phase 5 get the third one of you in here

Yakan: Third one? You mean Hyde?

Naga: Exactly he is one this train, I know he is which leads to phase 5

Suddenly all the thugs got slashes on them and alot of blood was spilled from their wounds, They all fell on the ground unconscious, Hyde apeared behind Lancelot and Yakan sheathing his cane and looked at Rigba who apeared frightened by him.

Naga: Now phase 6 fooling you idiots into thinking were in phase 7

Hyde: A trap eh?

Naga: Now for the real phase 7

Naga jumped out of the train's window and out of the train itself, Lancelot quickly got up and did the same thing only broke through the train's wall instead, Leaving Hyde and Yakan behind.

Hyde: He left....

Yakan: Yup.......Bastard

Hyde walked to Rigba, Rigba tried to step back from Hyde and had a terrified expression on his face, Hyde swinged his sheathed cane at Rigba, Suddenly Rigba stopped Hyde's cane with his sheathed katana, Rigba looked at Hyde and smiled insanely, He then ran closer to Hyde and punched him in the face sending him through five cart's, Rigba stood infront of Yakan.

Rigba: I am Colonel Rigba Sahara and i am too busy to deal with a sucker like you, C'MERE HYDE!

Rigba then ran off to Hyde, Yakan stood up confused of what happened.

Yakan: Is it me or did his personality just change?

Sazen: Yes it indeedly did

Yakan turned surprised seeing Sazen behind him, He quickly stepped away from him.

Sazen: We meet agai Yakan Tsuki, Now time for you to pay the price for making me fall for that lame trick

Yakan: You mean what the hell is that?

Sazen: What where?

Sazen turned around falling for the same trick again.

Sazen: GYAH! You bastard trying the same trick on me again

Yakan: But i......I didnt even want to fool you this time



Chapter 18 - All In Good TimesEdit

Lancelot and Naga stood infront of each other miles away from the town in the middle of a desert area with cactus's around them.

Lancelot: Alright so this is your plan? Get me away from the guys so they wont have protection? Or are you another one of those guys who want my price?

Naga: None of that idiot, What i want is to take care of the most dangerous part of the group

Lancelot: That being me

Naga: Wrong, Even though you've caused damage beyond that of an ordinary person would normaly do, And recieved one of the highest prices in the history of the prices place on criminals, Your not the one were really after

Lancelot: What? Wait is Hyde more powerful than we thought? Could it be that his price is higher than mine? Or is it Jekyll? Wait those two are in the same body

Naga: We know

Suddenly Lancelot had an incredibly shocked look despite his face being hidden under his helmet, His surprised expression could be seen by the shocked look in his eyes.

Lancelot: Y-you know....?

Naga: Yes we do, You thought you could have hidden something as huge as that from us? We are the Royal Army, The ones who secure the safety of all the people who live in the country for Humans only? We have the greatest minds in the world working together to find all the criminals in the world, Even the most dangerous and powerful criminals are found by those great minds.

Lancelot: What are you going to do.....?

Naga: What do you think? You tried to protect your precious last family member but now we know the risk of him being alive, And even you do, You know how dangerous he is and that even you the powerful and invincible Titanium Knight Lancelot cant defeat that terror that your borther left behind

Lancelot: I cant allow this, I wont allow you do to that i made a promise and this promise of mine wont be broken even if its against a Commander, A General, A Holy Knight and be it if its the Forsaken Knight himself or even the King, Be it the whole freakin Royal Army, Be it the Devil himself i wont die until this promise of mine is complete

Naga: And what may that promise of yours be?

Lancelot: To protect my nephew even if it killed me

Naga: Oh your such an honorable Knight taking a promise even if it meant an early grave

Lancelot: Im no doing it as a Knight, Im doing it as a caring uncle for his nephew, Im doing it for the family

Naga: Hehehehehehe you should know that every One Way Train goes to the bridge that took over 200 years to finish building?

Lancelot: What? You mean right now Yakan and Hyde are being sent to that exact bridge?

Naga: Enough jibber jabber and lets fight

Naga sent a wind burst and Lancelot cutting the very ground and causing alot of sand to emerge in a cloud around Lancelot, Lancelot looked around looking for Naga, Suddenly a large gust of wind was sent across Lancelot making the sand cloud get flown away and the cactuss around Lancelot to be cut in half, Naga stood infront of Lancelot seeing Lancelot holding his sword which is turned into liquid metal.

Naga: So you can access your Knightmare abilities while not waking your Knightmare, Interesting ive heard of some Dreamers being capable of performing that yet ive heard it was exceedingly rare which is why this is the first time ive seen it.

Lancelot: This sword is made out of titanium and my Knightmare is the Titanium Knight, I can control every titanium around me and make it liquid

Naga: Guess that makes things harder for me

Meanwhile back at Yakan and Sazen, Yakan is dodging incoming attacks from Sazen who is sending red liquid whips at him that are coming from his armor's red color, Yakan went behind two sits hiding from Sazen.

Yakan: What the hell are you using against me?

Sazen: Oh so your interested in this ha? Well if you really want to know then ill tell you, This is what i get when i cut open a person

Yakan: Eh? A person? Cut open?


Chapter 19 - Bloody KnightEdit

Yakan was hiding behind chairs from Sazen, He then turned and saw the squirrel infront of him, Yakan looked at the squirrel surprised.

Yakan: What the hell are you doing here? Your gonna get ya self killed

The squirrel climbed onto Yakan's shoulder showing his attraction to him.

Yakan: *Sigh* I just had to help ya didnt i?

Sazen: Found ya!

Suddenly Sazen sent to red whips at Yakan slicing the chairs with ease, Yakan quickly rolled away from the attack escaping a fatal strike, He looked at Sazen while holding the squirrel between his hands protecting it.

Yakan: Seriously what are those whips?

???: Its magic

Sazen and Yakan looked at one of the thugs that were cut by Hyde, He got up and took off his clothes revealing himself to be Marly in disguise wearing his original clothes.

Yakan: Marly? What are you doing here?

Marly: I told you about the differences between wizards, Magicians and sorcerers didnt i?

Sazen: Eh? Theres a difference between those three? I thought they were the same?

Marly: FOOLISH GENERAL! Of course there are differences between those three ya see the differences are....


Marly: Jeeze alright no need to shout....Magicians are fake, Wizards are real and sorcerers dont just use magic

Sazen: Oh i see


Marly: Anywho what this general is using is magic, But im not familiar with this kind of magic

Sazen: Of course your not this is a unique magic that i use

Marly: Every magic is unique in its own way

Sazen: Exactly but this magic is different, Magic is unique in its own way but magic created by someone is even more unique

Marly: You created that magic? How? Only wizards or sorcerers with the same level of magic as The Great Merlin can create magic

Sazen: That is true, I may not be as powerful as the powerfuly now deceased wizard Merlin but i wasted 10 years of my life learning about magic and wasted another 11 years creating this magic whom i call "Bloody Knight"

Marly: Bloody Knight? Why do you call it that?

Sazen: As i said before this is what i get when i cut open by enemies, This red liquid that i form to whips is pure human and animal blood

Marly and Yakan looked at shock at Sazen after his explanation of his magic.

Marly: YOUR MAD! Using magic that toys with the life of others is stricly forbidden in the world of magic

Sazen: That so called world of magic that you speak of is long gone this is the new world, The world where magic can be used freely by many dont think im the only one who created his own magic, You see because i created this magic only i can use it so others want to create their own exclusive magics, Those greedy asses, But they are missing one thing you see there is a one in a million chance for someone to actuallty create his own magic

Yakan: It took you half your life i can see why its one in a million

Sazen: It indeedly did waste half my life, For a total of 21 years i spent to create this magic at that time i was simply 16 when i begun, I finish when i was 37 and today i am 47, Ten years since then and look where i am now one of the 20 generals right under the Holy Knights

Marly: You still shouldnt break the laws of magic you have commited a sin which will send you to the deepest pits of hell, To Lucifer himself

Sazen: HAHAHAHA! Lucifer himself? I dont care about that demon, Be it hell, Be it heaven i dont care what happens when i die, Because when i do nothing will matter anymore, Because i no we are all nothing but insects at the palm of God's hand being played around as he wishes, He makes us but he doesnt decide what we will become, God brings the good, The Devil brings the evil

Marly: Life isnt what you say it is you insane man, I cannot overlook this you are here by judged by the laws of magic and sentenced to death

Marly put both his hands infront of each other facing them towards Sazen, Forming a white aura aroung his hand's palm.

Marly: I, Marly Stevens Arthur The 12th, Here by sentence you, Arthur Sazen who violated the 7th law of magic which as says "None may create magic nor use magic that needs the plays with the life of the living" and you have created your magic Bloody Knight which is used by the blood of others that is a violation and so i shall send you to your end, To hel-..

Suddenly Marly stopped once he started bleeding from his stomach revealing one of Sazen's whips to have stabbed him in the back and through the stomach, Marly put down his hands and fell on the ground coughing blood.

Yakan: MARLY! You bastard

Sazen: Your next boy

Sazen sent blood whips with their tips hardened into blades at Yakan, Yakan turned his back to Sazen protecting the squirrel, Yakan got stabbed three times on the back by Sazen's blood whips.

Sazen: Oh you protecting the little squirrel? How adorable NOW DIE!

Sazen sent one large blood whip at Yakan with its tip hardened, More blood was removed from Sazen's armor to form the whip making more of his armor's true silver color revealed, Yakan quickly jumped over the large whip that charged at him missing him while he jumped over it also removing the whips that stabbed him from his back, He landed next to the whip and let go of the squirrel.

Yakan: You son of a bitch

Sazen: What you call me?

Yakan: You heard me, At first i planned on running away but now, I am gonna fight you even if it killed me


Chapter 20 - All According To PlanEdit

Rigba chased Hyde to the cart he was knocked to after punching him, When he reached him Hyde had gotten up on his feet again and switched to Jekyll, They both unsheathed their blades and prepared to fight.

Jekyll: Oh boy Riggy its been about 10 years since i fought Khmer and 6 since i fought you, So nostalgic

Rigba: Yup indeed bro, This nostalgic feeling is so annoying guess ill just kill ya and go eat some tea

Jekyll:........You mean drink


Jekyll: Well it doesnt matter cause this time ill show you that mother always like me better

Rigba: Yeah right, How can she love you more when it was me who got her a present for her B day and you didnt?


Rigba: Yeah right

Jekyll got angry and charged at Rigba so fast he wasnt seen, When he clashed with Rigba, Rigba blocked his attack with one hand holding his katana, Rigba looked at Jekyll smiling.

Jekyll: Oh shi-....

Rigba then punched Jekyll in the face sending him through the door to another cart, Jekyll got up scratching his head.

Jekyll: Ouch damn it this train is too long guess ill have to shorten the deal here

Jekyll grabbed his blade and sliced the chain that kept the cart attached to the train, Rigba saw Jekyll get far away from him while Jekyll gave Rigba the "finger", Suddenly he got hit by Yakan who was sent by a large hand shaped blood hitting him and sending Rigba towards Jekyll, And Yakan out of the train, Both Rigba and Jekyll got up after being knocked at each other, They both stood back from each other holding their weapons.

Rigba: Looks like Artie got rid off ya little mummy pal

Jekyll: HA! Mummy thats a good one if it actually affected him i called him a mummy once but it had no affect at the guy hahaha so IN YOUR FACE SUCKER!


Jekyll: Ya speechless MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Take that ya asshole thats right i said it and i meant it so kiss my a-....

Suddenly Jekyll got punched in the face by Rigba in speed so great he wasnt even seen by Jekyll, Jekyll got send back to another cart, He got up again and looked at Rigba.

Jekyll: Hmmm deja vu.......I dont even know what that means but...WHY THE HELL DID YA PUNCH ME IN THE FACE BASTARD!

Rigba: I hate smart asses

Jekyll: Eh.....?



Rigba charged at Jekyll and swinged his sword at him, Jekyll blocked Rigba's attack but it was so powerful it made him fall on one knee and break the windows from the impact, Rigba smiled and kicked Jekyll in the jaw sending him upward hitting the cart's ceiling and breaking through it, Jekyll got up and looked at the rest of the train and was tunned of how long it is.


Rigba jumped over to Jekyll and looked at him.

Rigba: Why do you think they call it train 666?

Jekyll: Because its cursed by the Devil, Lucifer so that he may rise again like the year?

Rigba: No you fool its because this train contains exactly 666 carts

Jekyll: Eh.....?......EEEEEEEHHHHHHHH?!

Rigba: This is all a part of Naga's plan, A very long train to seperate each one of your group right i can say that just as Naga predicted, You seperate exactly 633 carts from the train itself leaving only 33 carts back with Artie

Jekyll: Your boss predicted it?

Rigba: Theres a reason why his one of the best strategists but an even bigger reason why his the one in charge of all the best strategists you see my "boss" Naga is gifted by something only those who meet Death himself and live achieve

Jekyll: You dont mean...?

Rigba: Thats right, Naga can predict the deaths of whoever he wants to and by seeing how they die he can go ahead, And plan the whole thing from scrap the strategy, The tactics everything he never said how you guys die but i dont really care about because right now just as it was written everything is going all according to plan


Chapter 21 - Death's BlessingEdit

In a completely pitch black place, Where not even a signle bit of light is seen, A man wearing a black cloak with a hood holding a scythe stood in his place, That man is Death himself, And where he is now is between Heaven, Hell and Earth, It is where judgement is decided upon those who die, Death openned an air window that allowed him to see everything that happens in Earth, And he was looking at Naga battling Lancelot.

Death: Naga Sylpher, What i gave you was meant for another purpose, The same purpose that is given to everyone who recieves my blessings, Looks like Lucifer will have to wait longer

Meanwhile Naga and Lancelot were fighting, Lancelot turned the liquid titanium into many whips and sent them towards Naga, Naga created a small twister in the palm of his hand and released it at the titanium whips redirecting them away from him, Lancelot ran towards Naga, Naga formed wind around his hand and punched Lancelot's sword that he swinged at Naga stopping it, They both started to pull each other back.

Lancelot: Your reaction time is better than i thought, And you know how to get out of a bad situation dont you? So quick to think no wonder your one of the best

Naga: Thanks for the compliments but i dont take them from people like you

Lancelot: Too bad

A small titanium whip begun to form behind Nag from the ground, Lancelot tried to not let Naga realise it.

Lancelot: Just out of curiousity, Is this some kind of magic?

Naga: Its Dark Magic, But not a Dark Magic anyone can achieve, Its an extremely rare, Powerful and forbidden Dark Magic, That its sheer power is forbidden even for those who can master Dark Magic fully

Lancelot: I see then whats its name?

Naga smiled and dodged the titanium whip before it stabbed him in the back, Naga went back from Lancelot and sent two large twisters at Lancelot, Lancelot swinged his sword at the twisters creating two large titanium whips cutting the twisters, Naga stood infront of Lancelot.

Naga: The Magic is called....

Lancelot: Death's Blessing, The Dark Magic achieved only by those spared or more likely "blessed" by Death himself and return to life, Predicting an attack from behind is nearly impossible even for a General its a challenge, I fought some like you before but it was never easy

Naga: Yes indeed you know alot but i have one question for you, What is the thing Death calls "The Purpose of the Blessing"?

Lancelot: How the hell should i know

Naga: Guess you dont have enough knowledge since you didnt know that but who am i you to judge you after all you never met death have you now?

Lancelot quickly ducked down and got behind Naga, He swinged his sword at Naga's back, Naga blocked Lancelot's sword with his bare hand, Naga formed wind around his hand again and fired it at Lancelot causing a large impact, Lancelot jumped back from Naga, Naga looked at Lancelot aiming his hand at him.

Naga: So is it a fight to the end? Or just till none can fight back

Lancelot: I cant allow others to know so ill just kill you where you stand

Naga: Very well then, But remember this not everything is as it seems


Chapter 21 - Purple = DevilEdit

After being thrown out of the train, Yakan was laying unconscious on the ground with his right arm at the rail road, Inside his mind Yakan was in a dark place, He looked around confused.

Yakan: Where am i? Am i dead? Ah great i died by that blood general guy, I always imagined my death being by a wild boar or something

???: Yeah i know what ya mean

Yakan turned and saw his Knightmare, Kokko laying relaxed on the ground, He bursted in shock seeing Kokko infront of him, Kokko looked at Yakan.

Kokko: Why are you so shocked?


Kokko: So?

Yakan: Dont gimme that so crap, I remember you trying to gauge me in my dreams but not in this wherever this is

Kokko: Dont get too attached to ya bad dreams ya big baby


Kokko: Look i never once tried to bite you in your dream i was protecting you

Yakan: Eh? Protecting me? From what?

Kokko: Ah the cliche question


Kokko: I tired to protect you from another tiger, A white tiger called Byakko

Yakan: Ya did? Wait was it really you or another aimal?

Kokko: You dont know how Knightmare work do you? Well lemme explain, When you see something that frightens you to a chill down ya spine it gets pictured in your head and sometimes evolves to something more frightening, So in short that was a real black tiger only he didnt have white stripes thats somethin you added out of fear, And because you dreamed about for so long it became me Kokko so now im alive as that black tiger you saw at that very day now do yo understand?

Yakan:......Such a complicated world this is, And what about your personality?

Kokko: Knightmares sometimes get their personalities from the alter ego of their Dreamer being your alter ego a big lazy ass who doesnt really show alot of care, Though its not the first personality ive had

Yakan: First personality?

Kokko: Enough talk now you need to wake up and chase the train beat up the general

Yakan: So im not dead? But wait even if im not dead theres no way i can beat Sazen, His a freakin General and do i even have a reason to fight him? His on a one way train

Kokko: No his not, His on a train called, Train 666, The longest train the history of this world, They tricked you and Lancelot and Hyde

Yakan: So what your saying is that the train is heading somewhere else?

Kokko: Its heading towards one of the 4 main Royal Army Bases, Thats where the report of this operation will be delivered

Yakan: I cant believe this

Kokko: And if you want a reason to go and fight him then remember what he said before he threw ya out

A light bright apeared and showed Yakan the last moments before being thrown out, Yakan and Sazen were at the train, Yakan charged at Sazen preparing to punch him but go his foot tied by a blood whip making him fall, Sazen then got infront of him and used the claws on his gauntlets to scratch the right side of Yakan's face leaving two scars close to his eye cutting off the bandages too revealing his purple eye, Sazen stood in shock seeing Yakan's purple eye, Yakan got back from Sazen and stood up again with his hand on his right eye.

Sazen: Purple.....The Devil's color you are a cursed child

Yakan: What?

Sazen: Oh so ya dont know why the kids and parents never liked ya, Well its because of that purple eye

Yakan then remembered how no one in the town but his parents and grandpa liked him, How the kids used to treat him badly and the parents stayed away from him.

Yakan: How do you know?

Sazen: Its obvious every one who has a purple eye is cursed and no one likes him, A cursed child is what its called guess it means your parents were cursed

Yakan: My parents?

Sazen: Yeah didnt one of them have a purple eye or two?

Yakan remembered that his dad's eye color was purple.

Yakan: My dad had purple eyes

Sazen: So its means ya dad brought curse to ya family, They died when you were 9 didnt they? Guess its good enough proof about that

Yakan didnt say anything he just let go of his bleeding right eye and looked at Sazen with blood covering half his face, Sazen formed a large hand made of blood and send him flying outside the train, But before that he hit Rigba sending him towards the carts that were getting away from the train because that Hyde cut the chains that connected them, Yakan fell on the ground unconscious.

Kokko: Now is that a good enough reason for ya? Doesnt matter now cause ya gotta wake up or ya lose ya arm

Yakan then woke and saw a train heading towards his arm that was on the rail way, Yakan quickly rolled away from the rails letting the train pass and go to the other rail ways that let to a seperate direction, Yakan stood up with blood on half his face.

Yakan: Why......? Why did those things he said make me really angry.....?..........I feel like i want to.........Punch him in the face so hard his neck bone cracks to tiny pieces but why?....The things he said dont actually hurt that much than why?

Suddenly Yakan's right eye changed completely, It had a purple sclera and a pink iris with lack of pupils, He then prepared to run.

Yakan: I feel......Not just angry......But also for some reason i also feel Dark

Yakan then started to run towards the rail way that the train Sazen was on.


Chapter 22 - DarknessEdit

Within Yakan's mind, Kokko was still laying down on his legs looking at Yakan running through a white window-like protal, Kokko apeared slightly angry.

???: Whats the matter Coco? You look upset

A dark voice came from the deeper darkness within the pitch black area.

Kokko: Don't talk all friendly with me Darkness and dont call me Coco, I know this is your doing

Darkness: Hehehehehe i may have a part at this but just because he has my eye doesnt mean its neccesarily me right?

Kokko: SHUT UP YOU MINDLESS DARK CLOWN! When he woke up he shouldnt have felt not anger nor darkness

Darkness: Your such a smarty pants even though your not wearing any pants

Suddenly a large smile with sharp narrow teeth apeared from the shadows followed by two purple glowing eyes that look angry.

Darkness: I am much more powerful than you think i am, You may be the Knightmare but i am the Fear itself so dont go thinking im stupid to not know whats coming to me by doing this, Yakan wont die but someone else will hehehehehe

Meanwhile Yakan was running after the train Sazen was in, Back at Sazen, Sazen looked at the injured Marly who was trying to get up and grabbed him by the collar with a blood hand, They both looked at each other.

Sazen: Watcha gonna do to me now wiz?

Marly: Ya dont need to know because im gonna send you to hell for what you've done

Sazen: Your like my teacher, Every time i broke a rule at school he would say to me "Young man, You shouldnt have done that now go to the principals office" And i would get a punishment but whats the big deal? I mean didnt you hear about how rules are meant to be broken? Thats why people break them and will always break them no matter what we do

Marly: Shut up you dont know anything back at the time of Merlin, There wasnt even a single bit of evil or law breaking

Sazen: Well there is now and always will be

Sazen threw Marly to a chair, Marly fell on the ground and his vision became dull, The squirrel that followed Yakan came infront of his face looking at him.

Marly: Your a cute little fella but why are you here? I wonder

Sazen went to the drivers seat and looked at the windows.

Sazen: Still about 6 more hours till we reach the damn base, Why did they have to built it so far away?

Sazen then went to the last cart and looked outside, He then saw Yakan running towards him.

Sazen: What the he....?


Sazen saw Yakan's right eye and immediately fell from shock.

Sazen: The Devil is possessing him.......His eye, I cant let him live ill have to kill him quick

Yakan got closer to the train and Sazen went back to the other carts, Yakan grabbed a metal rod that was on the train, He jumped onto the train and looked at Sazen, Sazen apeared frightened by Yakan.

Sazen: You.....What are you exactly?

Yakan: Why......?

Sazen: Eh what?

Yakan: Why would you ask me something so stupid like that? Isnt it obvious that i am a human unlike you


Yakan: SHUT UP!

Suddenly a shockwave broke the glass windows and caused damage to the cart walls, Sazen looked surprised and shocked.

Sazen: I still want to know....What are you?


Chapter 23 - BrothersEdit

Hyde and Rigba clashed their swords which caused a shockwave to break the windows of the cart, They both tried to pull each other back but were both on equal terms, Rigba then ducked down and hit Hyde in his lower jaw witht he hilt of his sword, Hyde got knocked back but he quickly sheathed his sword, Did a roll back and quickly unsheathed his sword swinging it towards Rigba's head, Rigba blocked Hyde's sword but Hyde quickly hit Rigba's neck base with his wooden sheathe sending him flying into the other cart, Hyde charged at Rigba and once he entered the cart where Rigba is he cut off the chains that held the cart making it ride away.

Rigba: What's it gonna help you sending the carts away? Theres over 400 more for you to cut off

Hyde: Easy, You see i just wanna make sure you dont have anywhere left to run off to

Rigba: Ya little smart ass

Rigba quickly stood up unsheathing his sword and swinging it towards Hyde, Hyde blocked Rigba's sword and got closer to Rigba hitting him in the forehead with his sword's sheathe, Rigba ducked down doing a kick roll making Hyde fall on his back, Rigba quickly got up and prepared to step on Hyde's face, Hyde stopped Rigba's foot by grabbing it and kicked him away, Hyde got up and ran towards Rigba, Rigba also charged at Hyde, The two then clashed swords this time with a more powerful shockwave being sent across the entire cart it nearly broke the walls and ceiling, The two started to pull each other back.

Hyde: Remind me again why are we fighting?

Rigba: From what i remember it runs in the family, Two brothers who have the same persona illness with split personalities and persona's will fight each other in their own fighting style, Ironicaly this time its the same fighting style which is swordsmanship

Hyde: Lets see whos stronger me, Jekyll, You or the other you

Jekyll: I think the badass me is the strongest in this ol' town

Rigba ll: The show me what you got, And Rigba I will pop up anytime now

Jekyll: Still dont have seperate names but numbers in ya name thats so mathematical it makes your a nerd

Rigba ll: You were always such a fearful and uptight son of a female shitsu, You never shut up, You never stop showing off, You never stop insulting it drove me off the very cliff of insanity but now ill make you shut up and keep yourself shut until i say open up

Rigba ll started to push Jekyll back , Jekyll tried to pull Rigba ll but couldnt as Rigba ll started to overwhelm him, Rigba ll then send a punch to Jekyll's face sending him crashing into out of the cart, Jekyll quickly grabbed the sliced part of the chains that hold the cart's and started running on the rail ways quickly to not get thrown away, Rigba ll stood infront of Jekyll smiling.

Rigba ll: Rigba l says "goodbye brother and sorry i broke your toy back then"

Rigba ll cut off the chain Jekyll held making Jekyll onto the tracks and off the rails to the desert ground of the area, Jekyll fell unconscious on the ground, Rigba ll smiled and went inside the cart, Inside Jekyll's mind he stood infront of Hyde in a pitch black area.

Hyde: So whos the badass whos the strongest?

Jekyll: Shut up you bastard you could ya helped

Hyde: I fought more than you did

Jekyll: Well now what? We're off the tracks out of the train on the ground eating sand in our face and Rigba l and ll are getting away fast

Hyde: Guess we lost again

Jekyll: Again i wont have it we lost enough, Even infront of Lancelot and Yakan we lost to Khmer, After we have some buddies we lose infront of them and disgrace ourselves after we saved them and said were gonna kill the dragon and phoenix king

Hyde: I said those but whatever after all it was our way of introducing ourselves to people ever since we were 5 we introduced ourselves by saying some crazy shit didnt we? "Im gonna take the dragon king's throne, Im gonna be the next king, Im gonna be the first man on the moon" that kind of stuff

Jekyll: Hahahahaha good times eh bro?

Hyde smiled a little.

Hyde: Times fly by so fast its sad

Jekyll: So ya wanna stay unconscious until we wake up normaly or force ourselves out and kick Rigba l or ll's asses together

Hyde: We havent done that in years and last time we did it we nearly killed the guy we fought

Jekyll: Our opponent is Rigba, He wont die even if a train hit him

Hyde: True, Alright then guess its time for Jede to wake up

Jekyll: Just as Jede says "Let's bring up hell"

Jekyll's uncoscious body begun to move while trembling a little, His hair then started to change to a tan color and his hair become a little longer, His teeth started to sharpen and became shark-like, His eye were completely white, He showed an angry frown, He punched the ground while getting up breaking it, He stood up and looked like a mindless animal, He grabbed his sword and sheathe and looked at the train that was far away.

Jede: Time to kill

Jede sheathed his sword and put in his mouth, He then got down on four legs looking like a leoperd and started to run in amazing speed in both his legs beginning to catch up to the train, Rigba ll looked outside the cart and saw Jede chasing him, He then looked so frightened his skin became pale white.

Rigba ll: Je....kyll....? No Jede no way haha....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Guess that so called Lucifer's bringer is gonna bring some hell!


Chapter 24 - Mindless AnimalEdit

Jede got closer to the train while chasing it, He jumped to an incredible height over the train itself, He then grabbed his sword from his mouth and swinged it towards the train while its still sheathed, When he reached the train the hit was so powerful it sent the carts on Rigba ll's side upwards and crashed into the other side, The carts went off the train tracks and off to the desert but still continued driving forward after rolling several times and landing on its wheels, Rigba ll got up from a bunch of broken chairs heavenly injured from the incident while the carts continued driving forward catching up to Sazen's side, Rigba ll looked around when suddenly Jede came breaking the cart door looking at Rigba ll like an enraged animal.

Jede: RRRRRRIIIIIIIGGGGGGGBBBBBBAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rigba ll: Oh no

Jede quickly moved in immense speed disapeared and breaking the cart's floor, He then instantly apeared infront of Rigba ll hitting his stomach with his sheathed sword, The immense power from the hit broke the entire cart except for its floor without even moving Rigba ll from his spot, Rigba ll started to cough a little blood from his mouth and his arms trembling, He looked at Jede with a pale face, Jede grabbed his head and threw him through 10 whole carts, Jede then ran after him, When he reached him he grabbed his face and started to slowly crush it.

Rigba ll: I cant believe it, The real Hyde, The true Jekyll is standing infront of me this is something that can only be achieved by few having our illness and you actually achieved through these years you crazy bastards


Rigba ll: Talk some human language you mindless animal

Jede: I.....Will kill......You and throw your.....Remains into a......Deep pit hole

Rigba ll: In that case

Rigba ll grabbed his sheathed sword from both edges and slowly unsheathed it.

Rigba ll: Good night Dreamer

Rigba ll slowly unsheathed his sword and suddenly a large gust of wind went through Jede's torso, Then Rigba ll was seen standing behind Jede holding his sword sheathed back, Jede then looked down and saw alot of blood on the ground and knew it was his blood, A large cut was across his entire chest and stomach, Jede fell on his knees and turned to Rigba ll.

Jede: Ri......Rigba......Bastard.....I kill you

Jede stood up and held his sword in his hand still sheathed, He charged at Rigba ll, Rigba ll unsheathed his sword and clashed his sword with Jede's sheathed sword, The two started to push each other back.

Rigba ll: Why did you apear all of a sudden Jede, I thought you were casted away

Jede: I....Was only split....In the middle inside my mind....I became two but im back for now

Rigba ll: S'that so? You have went overboard again with your power sending the train off the tracks not to mention making its emergency engines work by giving it a good hitting, The rolling was strong enough it reconstructed the work of the wires and screw drivers in and out of the engine making it run in this speed, We went very far from the main train but now were after it, How ironic in my eyes

Jede: I dont give a rat's ass, About it ill gonna bring up hell on you

Rigba ll: Ah yes the famous catchphrase of the mindless animal

Jede jumped back from Rigba ll and lifted his leg upwards then stomped the ground making the cart shake as if theres an earthquake, The cart then started to break apart slowly, Rigba ll charged ta Jede, Jede went back running through the carts while Rigba ll chased him, The two ran through several of the hundreds of carts.


Chapter 25 - Lack of OxygenEdit

Lancelot turned his sword into a many metal spikes and sent them towards Naga, Naga changed the air current and increased its power making the metal spikes miss him, Lancelot charged at Naga swinging his sword while turning its blade into a chainsaw-like blade, Naga instantly jumped over Lancelot's sword and send a large wind impact at Lancelot from upwards pushing him to the ground face first and breaking the ground creating a large crater after being pushed down very hard, Lancelot stood up and looked at Naga.

Lancelot: Why can't i hit you?

Naga: Easy if i can control the wind around me i can also control its directions and change its vector direction but not actually changing its vector direction because the wind alone isn't powerful enough to do so

Lancelot: So basicaly i can't put a single finger on you because of the wind that guards you

Naga: So or so

Lancelot looked down and then around him seeing the large crater, He then looked at Naga and sent a large metal whip grabbing Naga and forcing him into the deep crater, Lancelot then shaped his sword into a hammer and hit the ground causing it to break deeper to an underground cavern, They both stood up and looked at each other.

Naga: What is this place?

Lancelot: Easy this is an underground cavern that was built a long time ago for gold diging or whatever its called but of course 3 years and no gold so they gave up

Naga: Is that so? How long is this cavern?

Lancelot: About that, Since its been abondend for over 10 years people just forgot how big this place is but they say its even bigger than the King's Castle

Naga: Well you don't plan on fighting through this entire cavern? Or this just a tour?

Lancelot: Nah im just more comfortable in this place

Lancelot charged at Naga preparing to punch him, Naga prepared to send a gust of wind at Lancelot but nothing happened so he was punched in the stomach being sent back by Lancelot, Naga stood up confused.

Naga: What? How?

Lancelot: Hehehehehe not so tough without your sneezing wind

Naga: Sneezing....Wind?

Lancelot pointed on the ceiling from where they came from, Naga looked at saw the openning sealed by a metal plate which was made by Lancelot.

Lancelot: This place is underground so you can sneeze or blow a whistle but there aren't any air or wind currents underground and since your magic is focused on the currents of the air and wind that we all breath and use to live i say alot of ands you're basicaly hopeless here so physical strength?

Naga: Hahaha idiot the air that we breath is everywhere its just that i only used wind so far but now i guess l'll have to revert to Elemental Type Magic: Air

Suddenly Lancelot started to have a hard time breathing until he fell on his knees, Naga walked towards him and smiled while looking at him.

Naga: We living beings be it dragons, Wyvern, Goblins or even insects all need air to breath and live but if we have a lack of air we start slowly lose consciousness then we faint of course the brain would automatically make you breath air without you doing it yourself but of course that is if the air is actually around you, You see at this very moment all the air around is slowly getting further and further away from you sooner or later you'll die but slowly

Naga started to walk away from Lancelot, Lancelot turned and grabbed Naga's leg stopping him from walking any further, Naga looked at Lancelot who was losing air slowly.

Naga: You have a lack of oxygen and yet you still want to keep on fighting, How interesting

Lancelot: *Forms words out metal* "Shut up, You liar"

Naga: Liar? What do you mean? Im not lying you really are going to die

Lancelot: "Not that, Your rank isn't Commander is it? A Commander is weaker than a General also weaker than a Colonel but you, You can easily beat that shitless Rigba in seconds can't ya?"

Naga: Nice observation Lance

Lancelot: "Dont call me Lance"

Naga: Nice thinking using your ability of controlling the titanium and turning it liquid to write words, After all if you spoke you run out of air faster but for how long can ya hold ya breath?

Lancelot: "As long as it takes, So tell me what rank are you?"

Naga: My rank? Hehehehe if you wanna find out my rank then just go ahead and beat me

Lancelot formed a large scorpion tail behind Naga from underground, Naga turned around and the metal scorpion tail immediately striked Naga, Naga dodged the tail but still got injured and was bleeding from his head, Lancelot stood up still holding his breath and held his sword in his hands.

Naga: Sneaky bastard

Lancelot charged at Naga and swinged his sword at him, Naga ducked down dodging Lancelot's swing and punched Lancelot in his lower jaw of his helmet making him open his mouth for a small while, Lancelot quickly closed his mouth again and grabbed Naga by the neck strangeling him.

Naga: I see...If you can't breath then i shouldn't either.....Good trick but for how long can you keep holding your breath

Lancelot started to slowly losing balance and fell on his knees but still held onto Naga's neck.

Naga: How far are you going for that stupid "Promise" of yours?

Lancelot pulled Naga towards him making them have a face to face conversation.

Lancelot: I'll kill you for saying that

Naga's Thoughts: He....He spoke?!

Lancelot punched Naga in the face sending him deeper into the cavern, Lancelot was sort on air and in a bad situation, Naga walked towards him with his left arm injured and him being amazed.

Naga: You spoke....Why? You could have stayed longer if you haven't openned your mouth so why?

Lancelot: Best i say it with my own words then write them

Naga: There it is again, You spoke and now your time is shorter

Lancelot stood up and quickly charged at Naga, Naga stood in his place and didn't move, Lancelot started to slowly run slower and slower until he fell on the ground uncoscious.

Naga: A few more minutes and you're dead meat for sure


Chapter 26 - Go To HellEdit

Lancelot was on the ground losing air and near death, Naga stood infront of him holding his left injured arm looking at Lancelot, Waiting for him to die.

Naga: I believe you're already dead, Then i'll just leave now, Too bad you'll never know my true rank that is unless you decide to haunt me for eternity

Naga started to walk away to try and get out, Suddenly he was grabbed by his leg by Lancelot, Naga looked at Lancelot shocked and surprised at how he's still alive, Lancelot looked at Naga.

Naga: H-.....How?

Lancelot: Go to hell

Lancelot quickly stood up and punched Naga in his lower jaw, He then instantly turned his gauntlet to liquid and formed it into a giant fist punching Naga through the underground ceiling and evantually outside the cavern, Naga was sent away from where he was thrown out of back outside, Naga got up and looked at the large metal fist while he was bleeding from his head, The fist turned to liquid and Lancelot came out of the liquid with a new armor without a cape holding a sword.

Lancelot: *Breathes air and lets it out* Sweet air

Naga: How? How the hell did you do that? No human can hold his air that long

Lancelot: Well you can say i broke the record then

Naga: SCREW THAT! You were fallen on the ground unconscious seconds ago and now here you are standing ready to fight as if nothing ever happened! So just freakin' tell me one thing, How?

Lancelot: Fear itself

Naga: Fear.....Itself...? What are you saying?

Lancelot: I said enough

Naga: Wanna keep the secret to ya self i see, Well then how about a new deal? If you win i tell ya whatever ya want to know, But if i win you tell me whatever i want to know ya hear me?

Lancelot: Alright then deal

Naga smiled and stood up on his feet again, Lancelot then charged towards him, Naga quickly creating a large spear of condensed air and sent it towards Lancelot, Lancelot swinged his sword at the air sphere but when he hit it, It didn't budge and he got hit by it being sent back, Naga then pointed upwards with his index finger making the air sphere fly upwards.

Lancelot: What was that?

Naga: Condensed air, By condensing the air into extreme degrees i can create extremely powerful shields in any shape i wish and in this case a sphere, So let's see ya break that

The air sphere came back down towards Lancelot in extreme speed hitting Lancelot and creating a large crater, The air sphere disapeared and Lancelot was on the ground but he got up again, Lancelot then stabbed the ground with his sword and started to move it forward while it's still stabbing the ground, When he pulled it hard enough it came out of the ground he turned the sword's blade to liquid metal and turned it into a giant metal whip which sliced a large part of the ground, The metal whip headed towards Naga, Naga quickly dodged the metal whip before being sliced in half by it, After the metal whip was completely out of the ground, Lancelot turned it back to normal and got out of the crater, Naga walked over to the slash of the metal whip and looked at it seeing that it was so deep he couldn't even see the bottom, He then looked at Lancelot slightly terrified.

Naga: Your power has far exceeded a General and it might just be strong enough to defeat a Holy Knight, Well at least one of the old ones

Lancelot: What do you mean? Old ones?

Naga: Oh i forgot you never read the news, Well i guess i will just say it, The last 5 Holy Knights that were the strongest under the Forsaken Knight and the King, Have all been defeated and killed by the new 5 Holy Knights

Lancelot had a shocked look in his eyes.

Lancelot: Impossible, How? They were the strongest known Holy Knights ever known in history, How could they have been defeated by others?

Naga: Hehehehe we grow stronger through the years and we have exceeded your power old man, 20 years have passed since you left and 10 years have passed since the new 5 have been chosen, You may continue forward if you wish but you will meet powerful foes with unimaginable power along the road and have your lives at risk at nearly any moment, Will you take on such a risk?

Lancelot: Be it powerful foes with unimaginable power or foes who carry power that reaches God's power, Be it our lives at risk at every moment or no moment, I promised my brother to make this country a better place for his son and others to live in and i tend to keep that promise if it means to get my heart or very soul given to the devil which is why your words mean nothing to me

Naga: Hehehehehe.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice speech but you have yet to know that my words mean more than anything else considering who i am

Lancelot: I don't even know your rank

Naga: Well tell me do you know what a Mutare is?

Lancelot: A Mutare? Why pop such a random question? But okay i read about that race once, They were a powerful race who once had their own country and one of the biggest before the 10,000,000 Year War nearly caused their extincion more than a millions years ago at the time of Merlin, Now everyone believes they are extinct, There i said it now why the question?

Naga: Mutares are shapeshifters they, No...WE can shapeshift ourselve into a certain animal be it a mythical or a normal we Mutares can change from a human form to a beast form, I am Naga Sylpher and my beast is the human cobra hybrid the Naga

Naga suddenly begun to change form, His skin grew scales, His legs turned into a long and large snake tail, His nails became sharp and his fingers were only left three on each hand, His head turned into a large cobra head and he only had his duster on.

Naga: This is my true form, The beast within me, Now im stronger and you are here by executed by me, The 4th most powerful Holy Knight, Naga Sylpher

Lancelot: You're a Holy Knight?


Chapter 27 - I Don't Give A DamnEdit

Yakan and Sazen stood infront of each other in the One Way Train heading towards the headquarters of the Royal Army. Sazen created several blood whips out of the blood on his armor leaving the upper part of his armor without blood revealing its true grey color.

Sazen: Before we begin slaughtering each other, tell me, were you ever aware of that cursed eye of yours?

Yakan: Nope, not one bit and don't think i'm gonna let ya walk out of here in one piece after saying i'm cursed cause of my parents you bastard

Sazen: Very well

Sazen sent the blood whips towards Yakan slicing some of the chairs in the process, Yakan stood in his spot not moving at all. At that moment, within Yakan's mind, Kokko was laying on the ground bleeding as he looked at Darkness grinning while watching Yakan.

Kokko: You bastard.....Why are you doing this? Why now?

Darkness: Don't start making unreasonable conclusions. I am not helping Yakan in any way, what you see and will soon see, is all through Yakan's own strength and will. I merely want to see what will happen now, right through his eye, i will see all that is happening now

Kokko: I meant, why are you showing up now after so long?

Darkness: Cause only now i am fully powered and ready to do whatever i want

Back at Yakan. Right when the whips were about to cut him, he grabbed one blood whip and used it to tie the other whips together. He grabbed all the tied whips pulling Sazen right infront of him. Once Sazen reached Yakan, Yakan punched Sazen in the face with all his might cracking his helmet. Sazen flew right back to where he was pushed from. He stood up and turned the blood whips back to their original form.

Sazen: You are tougher than i thought. Did'ja just play weak ass before? Or what?

Yakan: None of it. I just never got the time to actually fight seriously, since i don't believe in violence oh so much

Sazen: Ehehehehe......Your father is called Dakar, right?

Yakan: How do you know my dad?

Sazen: Heard it here, heard it there, heard it freakin' everywhere, his death was a big loss for the army, he was famous, so i believe you will also be famous someday

Yakan: I don't really care about being famous, but, if my dad was famous then guess what?

Sazen: What?

Yakan instantly ran towards Sazen quickly reaching him and grabbing him by the collar.

Yakan: I don't give a damn

Yakan gave Sazen a hit in the stomach with his knee. Sazen then created a blood whip behind Yakan and prepared to stab him. Yakan quickly turned and grabbed the blood whip before it stabbed him but got cuts from it because it's sharp.

Yakan: You sneaky bastard

Sazen: You are dealing with a freakin' General, if you can't beat a general than you are as good as dead

Sazen created two blood whips from his shoulders and sent them at Yakan, Yakan quickly stepped back dodging the blood whips but his bandages on his face got cut. Yakan took off the bandages revealing his face and some stubble on his chin.

Yakan: Hmm? What's this? HUH?! I have a beard? SO THIS IS WHY GRAMPS ALWAYS TOLD ME TO SHAVE EVERYDAY!

Sazen: Calm down its just stubble nothing serious, so, allow me to shave that hair along with your very skin

Sazen created one large blood whip that has many blood spikes on its body. Sazen hurled the spiked blood whip at Yakan.

Yakan: Dammit, If only this place wasn't so small for me to use my Knightmare

Sazen: This place is too damn small for you to use any Knightmare

Yakan: Wait, why should i even care abou that?

Yakan then used his Knightmare and rammed the side of the train making it fall off the tracks. Sazen's spiked blood whip missed Yakan and turned back to liquid. The train rolled around the desert grounds until it finally stopped. Yakan broke out of the train's wall and took Marly and the little squirrel with him. He put both of them on the ground while Sazen was getting out of the train. Sazen stood infront of Yakan's large Knightmare armor.

Sazen: Should i kill you right here right now? Or should i simply make it slow i wonder? You just wrekced the train and now i have to walk the whole way, do you have any idea how tiring that shit is?

Yakan: First of all, i am going to crash you, then i'm gonna keep on punching you until that armor of yours breaks like a glass cup

Sazen: Yeah right. Let me show you the difference between Magic and Knightmares, Knightmares have only a single form, while Magic can take on many, oh so many forms such as this, Bloody Tiger

Suddenly the blood on Sazen's armor increased and became as large as Yakan's Knightmare armor. Sazen forms the blood in the shape of a tiger with only the difference of no ears, no eyes and no stripes.

Sazen: This is Bloody Tiger, one of my most favored forms to take using my Bloody Knight

Yakan: How did you do that? The blood increased, but how?

Sazen: This forms need 120% blood to be made this size but i only had 60% but my body, oh my body had 70% blood so i combined my own blood with this blood on my armor and created this, now i have 130% blood and it should be enough to kill a little fly like you

Yakan: In case you haven't noticed, i walk on two while on four so who's little?

Sazen: Enough mathematical problems, die you annoying pest

Sazen charged at Yakan preparing to gauge him with his blood claws, Yakan prepared his own claws to pierce through Sazen. Once they clashed, Yakan was the first to lay a hit but with no effect because of Sazen's blood body allowing him to become liquid blood all around Yakan and reform behind him slicing his back with his blood claws. Yakan felt the pain of being sliced in the back and turned to Sazen punching his head but once again with no effect.

Yakan: Dammit, I can't hit you with your blood body

Sazen: That's the whole point

Sazen spread blood around Yakan in the form of spikes and hurled them at him. Yakan quickly jumped to avoid being hit but Sazen stopped him by grabbing his leg with a blood whip pulling him back down and hitting him with all the spikes. Yakan layed on the ground bleeding and without his Knightmare armor. Sazen turned back to the Blood Tiger form and walked towards Yakan.

Sazen: Your blood shall be mine to use in battle, just like all the others who died before you

Marly: I don't think that'll be all that possible

Sazen turned around to see a completely well Marly with his wounds gone.

Sazen: You?! How?!

Marly: I can use alot of Magic for support, offense, defense and even healing

Sazen: That explains it, but it ain't enough to stop me, this kid's blood is gonna be mine and-...

Sazen then saw Yakan standing up while bleeding from his body.

Yakan: I'm....20 years old dammit......I ain't no kid anymore.......

Sazen: You're alive?

Yakan: Alive and well, ya little shit


Chapter 27 - Just Tell Me, What Are You?Edit

Yakan started to stand up bleeding alot from the damages he recieved from Sazen. Sazen looked at him amazed and started to walk towards him preparing to impale him with his Bloody Tiger's claws.

Sazen: I don't know how are you alive after such severe damages but.....It doesn't matter i will just finish it now and here

Yakan: Don'tcha mean here and now?

Sazen: Oh really? Then i don't care

Yakan stood up on his feet and looked at Sazen approaching closer towards him.

Sazen: I'll just ask one thing, why are you traveling?

Yakan: I.....I have no idea

Sazen: WHAT?!

Sazen immediately jumped at Yakan stomping him to the ground.

Sazen: What do ya mean ya don't know? You're just traveling for no reason just to get ya self what? Fame? Honor? Money? Why the hell are you wasting my time? You little piece a shi-...

Suddenly a large hole has pierced through Sazen's Blood Tiger's head. Sazen quickly reformed the head and turned to see Yakan standing smiling with his eye back to normal and a dark aura around his hands.

Sazen: What the he-...

Yakan: Bet ya didn't see that one comin' didja? Well tell ya the truth, i didn't expect it myself, i have no idea what this black aura around my hands is but.....I don't really care cause i feel like it might gimme an edge in this fight

Sazen: Just tell me.....

Yakan: Hmm?

Sazen:.....Just tell me already, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!

Yakan: I'm a human being

Sazen: You don't really know, do you? You can't be a human with something like that, that completely purple eye you had before, you don't know what it is at all

Yakan: Why? What is it?

Sazen: That was the Devil's Eye which is given to few from Lucifer himself you are cursed

Yakan: Again with the cursed shit, just quit talking 'bout it cause i don't buy that shit, my parents, my dad, my mom, they both loved me more than anything else and my granpda too, so I'm gonna say it here and now

Sazen: What?

Yakan: Shut the fuck up you asshole

Sazen: You.....You son of a.....I admire your bravery but it ain't enough to....

Yakan: Don't know, don't give a shit about it

Sazen: FINE!

Sazen turned into a large pile of liquid blood, he then turned into a large tsunami-like wave of blood at Yakan, Yakan activated his Knightmare and prepared to take the hit. Meanwhile from afar, Izan watched the fight between the two smoking a cigar.

Izan: Not yet, soon enough, almost and I'll have to go in, looks like just another busy day at the office

Crow: Oh shut up you lazy bum, you hardly do anything for our favor, Lord Kagutsuchi hardly thinks of you as any help for our organization since he knows the true reasons behind you joinning us

Izan: S'that so? Well good to know i ain't keepin' anything from you or i would be lying and i hate lying

Crow: Well what are you going to do now?

Izan: Wait my friend, i am going to wait

Crow: Do not call me a friend you lazy bum

Izan: Alright, alright relax pa-...

Suddenly Crow did a full round and kicked Izan in the face sending him into a tree.

Crow: Why won't you shut up already, i am not your pal, buddy, friend, amigo or anything in relation got it?

Izan: You little shit, you just askin' to die ain't ya? I don't like you either but i still hang out with you because it is that's what hot head says

Crow: Let's just continue watching the fight

Back at the fight, Yakan tried to capture Sazen who was hiding in the large sea of blood around him.