Liam had started his audition for TDI. About five days later, He got a note saying he was accepted. Now Liam and 21 other teens are competing for 1 million dollars! How will Liam's journey end?

Made by Liam.....

Day 1: Not So Happy Losers- Part 1Edit

A boat and a man are at an island....The man is Chris Mclean and he is with the first competitor...

Chris: Welcome Alexa!

Alexa: Why the heck am I here?

Chris: To win a million bucks?

Alexa: Sounds good enough to me....*walks to the other end of the dock*

Chris: Now we have Jered!

Jered:Sup Chris? Love your show!

Chris: I know. *smiles* Now we have Liam! (Liam is myself he is the main character..)

Liam: *slaps a hockey ball and hits Chris in the nuts* Oh, sorry! I have to practice for hockey!

Chris: M-M-Mommy? *holds crotch*

Liam: Uhhhh......The next person is here.....

Chris: Welcome-e Alyssica!

Alyssica: Hi! *walks to the end of the dock*

Chris: Ok....

Liam: Hi Alyssica! I'm Liam!

Alyssica: Oh,you are cute!

Chris: Meet Ryan!

Ryan: Sup dudes?

Liam does not budge. He senses something wrong about Ryan.

Liam: ....