iPod Shuffle: Ok, Ultimate Object Brawl failed D: But i am bringing back some of the contestants for another season, only this time we are going world tour style! 28 contestants! One plane! 27 Eliminations! Find out what happens on Object World Tour!!!





Gelatin & Grassy

Eraser & Pen

Pen & Blocky

Blocky & Eraser

Hearty & Package


Grassy & Fireball

Everyone & Fireball

Marshmallow & Lightbulb

Package & Marker

Bone & Poptart

Bone & Burger

Relationships: Edit


Bone's Alliance (Bone, Poptart, Ribbon, Orange)

Bone's Alliance (2) (Bone, Burger, Cookie)

Ball's Alliance (8-Ball, Baseball, Pokeball)

Hearty & Package

Elimination TableEdit

# Object World
Rank Team Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
8 Ball IN
Baseball IN
Pokeball IN
Grassy IN
Fireball WIN
Hammer IN
Bone WIN
Poptart IN
Orange IN
Ribbon IN
Package WIN
Hearty IN
Marker IN
Cookie IN
Burger IN
Gelatin IN
Marshmallow IN
Teardrop IN
Lightbulb IN
Rocky IN
Bow IN
Snowflake IN
Pen IN
Eraser IN
Blocky IN
Pin IN
Pillow IN
Saw IN

Episode 1 - The New Beginning!Edit

IS: Welcome to a season of Objects competing for money! Weird huh?... Anyways here are the new contestants!

Bone: Hello everyone I am a Bone... (CONF) No-One needs to suspect a thing about me! I am a master of underdog-ing (END CONF)

Package: Hello Bone, I am package

Pin: I am Pin, From BFDI/A

Bone: *Fake* :O

Package: Woah!

8 Ball: Hello i am 8 ball!

Pin: Please let there be more Vets then Newbs....

Blocky: Hello guys, Are Ice cube or Bubble here yet?

IS: Nope, cause they arent in this season!

Blocky: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Like SB*

Teardrop: …

Pin: At least some people stick to how they were before...

Rocky: *Bleh*

Burger: Hey everyone!
Cookie: *Eating* Hi

Bone: (CONF) Lets make an alliance with the food... (NON CONF) Hey Burger, Wanna make an alliance? With Cookie?

Cookie: Mehhh!

Burger: *Sighs* Fine...

Bone: So its agreed! *Walks away*

Baseball: Hey 8 Ball!

8 Ball: Hi

Pokeball: Hey fellows!

Baseball: We should form an alliance, What do ya say?

8 Ball: Fine, i guess it will help in the long time we have here...

Pokeball: OMG!! Yeah, i will join!

Baseball: Then its settled!!

Pen: Eraser!

Eraser: Pen!

Blocky: Blocky!...

Fireball: Pathetic Blocky...

Pen: Woah, chill out.

Pokeball: Seriously, that attitude won’t get you far...

Fireball: GO BACK TO ASH!!!

Blocky: Woah....

Bone: (CONF) Lol, rageaholic Fireball *Laughs so hard he falls of the chair*

Marker: So now what?

Rocky: *Bleh*

Package: We wait for everyone else i guess

Snowflake: Hello everyone!

Grassy: *comes out of camo* Hi.

Pillow: Um....

Snowflake: Wow....

Fireball: I can set you on fire Grassy *Does that*

Pillow: Um....

Marker: Why? -_-

Eraser: He is even meaner than Flower!...

Cookie: *Eats Oreo’s*

Marshmallow: Hey guys!

Lightbulb: You got eaten in II *Laughs*

Marshmallow: I am not amused...

Gelatin: Maybe its because you're “Well Read!”

Book: *Appears from no-where*  -__- *Leaves angrily, Then throws an ice jab at Gelatin*

[Gelatin gets frozen]

Bow: I'M BACK!!!

Hammer: Great....

Burger: So...

Ribbon: Can we start the first contest?

IS: I guess so! The contest is..... To do a headstand on a pedestal above water, You have to remain on that platform until the end to get a Team Captain spot! We will have 3 teams, Good luck...Your gonna need it!

[Everyone gets on the platform]

IS: Challenge Start!!

Lightbulb: I can’t hang onto this for long!

Hearty: Same for me!

Hammer: So easy!

Pokeball: *Falls off* Dang, i am round so i cant balance!

Baseball: Oh no! *Falls off*

8 Ball: *Balances perfectly* You need to concentrate more

Gelatin: *Still Frozen*

Lightbulb: Ahh! *Falls*

Pin: Yay! I have a flat edge! So i am gonna be here awhile!

Eraser: *jumps off* Suicidal jumps are cool. *puts on shades*

Pen: I agree! *Jumps off*

Blocky: Wow... You guys are stupid...

Fireball: Shut up Block! *Pushes him off*

Blocky: Hey! *Falls*

Marker: So... How you doing Package?

Package: Fine i guess....

Marker: Wanna be i-


Marker: (CONF) Where did that come from...

Gelatin: *Still frozen*

Bone: Ok, guys we need to stay strong!

Burger: *Falls off, And brings Cookie with him*

Bone: -_- Hey Poptart, wanna join me in an alliance?

Poptart: I would love to!.. *Rolls eyes*

Bone: Okay, We need more people.

Poptart: -_- How about Burger

Burger: I am alread-

Bone: Who are you again? (CONF) The smart move is to make more than 1 alliance. But don’t tell the other alliance about each other.

Poptart: What about... Marker? Or Grassy?

Grassy: Lets hope there’s no wind! xD

Bone: Marker, wanna join my alliance?

Marker: Okay!

Poptart: Grassy, Wanna join my alliance?

Grassy: No thanks, but i will keep the offer in mind

Poptart: Okay

Orange: Hey Ribbon

Ribbon: Hi Orange

Poptart: Would you 2 like to join in an alliance with me?

Orange: You bet!

Ribbon: I guess

Poptart: Thanks

Pillow: *Falls off the platform* ...

IS: So thats.... 8 out now!

Poptart: Hearty want to join my alliance?

Hearty: No thanks

Orange: Okay, get voted off then

Package: Keep going!

Hearty: Thanks!

Orange: Ah! *Falls off*

Rocky: *Bleh*

Saw: *The barf hits him and he falls off*

Rocky: *Bleh*

Ribbon: *Gets hit and falls off*

Rocky: *Bleh*

Fireball: No way! *Dodges barf* I know! *Throws Pin at Rocky making him fall off* Heheheheh

IS: 13 Down, 14 left!

[30 minutes later]

IS: Only 7 remain! Fireball, Package, Hearty, Marker, Poptart, Bone & Grassy!

Bone: Poptart, I need to throw you at Package.

Poptart: Why?

Bone: So then i am closer to being a TC.

Poptart: There are only 7 people left. Wait until there is 5 and then throw me

Bone: Fine!

Fireball: I know! *Burns Grassy* And now! *Throws Grassy like a Boomerang, and he hits Hearty & Marker making them fall off* Yeah!

IS: 4 Left, Nice combo Fireball

Poptart: Now we both might be captains! We just have to hit Package

Bone: Nah, *Throws Poptart off*

Poptart: *While Falling* Hey!!!

IS: And our 3 team captains are Package, Bone & Fireball! Fireball picks first because of his combo attack! Then Bone will pick, Then finally Package.

Fireball: I pick… Snowflake

Bone: Burger

Package: Hearty!

Hearty: Thanks Package!

Fireball: Um…. Gelatin

Bone: Marker

Package: Saw

Fireball: Grassy

Bone: Poptart

Poptart: Thanks…

Bone: No Problem

Package: Hammer

Fireball: Pokeball

Bone: Orange

Package: Pillow

Fireball: 8 Ball

Bone: Ribbon

Package: Pen

Fireball: Teardrop

Bone: Eraser

Package: Blocky

Fireball: Lightbulb

Bone: Marshmallow

Package: Pin

Fireball: Well 3 left, Rocky, Cookie & Bow…. I pick Bow

Bow: Coolness!

Bone: Cookie

Package: I wanted Rocky anyways!

IS: And those are the teams! What will the team names be? Will Fireball ever be nice? Will Bow be even more annoying? All these answers and more next time on Object World Tour!

Episode 2: Walk Like An Eygption!

Episode 3: Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan!

Episode 4: Anything Yukon Do I Can Do Better!

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