Join our Heroes as they explore Kalos, and defeat gym leaders and team flare



Pokemon On Team:Edit

  • Fennekin(Female)(Ability: Blaze)(Moves: Scratch, Ember)


Pokemon on Team:Edit

  • Rattata(Male)(Ability: Guts)(Moves: Tackle, Leer, Hyper Fang)


Pokemon on Team:Edit

  • Machop (Female) (Ability: Guts)(Moves: Karate Chop)
  • Magikarp (Male) (Ability: Swift Swim)(Moves: Splash, Tackle)

Episode 1 - Straightening The Fletchling! Edit

Fennekin: Fenne kin kin! (Translated: Hey, Liam, let's move)

Liam: You're very lively today, aren't you Fennekin?

Fennekin: Fenne Kin Kin Fen Fennekin Fen! (Translated: Of course I am, we need to get to Route 2!)

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