Liam the Cyndaquil - LIG

Squritle - OJII

Meowth - Berryleaf

Riolu - TrentFan

Chikorita - Liamliamliam

Clover CityEdit


Larvitar (Larvitar's Evolution Item Shop)


Kecleon Bros. (Green & Purple)(Shops)

Cinccino (Cinccino's Storage)

Poochyena (Poochyena's Link Shop)

Gardevoir (Gardevoir's Appraisal)


Porygon2 & Porygon-Z bros.

Togekiss (Togekiss Assambely)

Sawk & Throh (Sawk & Throh's Training Dojo)

Audino (Audino's Day Care)

Sewaddle (x3, 2 evolves, one joins the team)

Swadloon (x3, newly evolved, one shiny)

Leavanny (mother of the Sewaddle & Swadloon)

Vullaby (sentry outsider, evolves)(She checks who's arriving)

Mandibuzz (sentry outsider, newly evolved)(She checks who's arriving)


Ambipom (Ambipom's Gift Shop)

Episode 1 - The Storm At SeaEdit

???: Hey....wake up, please!

Liam: *opens his eyes slowly, gets up*

Squirtle: You okay?

Liam: Where am I?

Squirtle: Elian Shore, see the bubbles?

Krabby blows out bubbles over the air

Liam: Ack...A talking Squirtle & a talking Meowth!?

Meowth:  Uh oh...not again.

Liam: Am I dreaming? *tries pinching himseld* OW, I guess not!

Meowth: Wanna play with guns?

Squirtle: Since when does anyone want to play with guns?

Liam: Hellloooooooooo, what about me?!? I'm a human, you know?

Squritle:  No, you're a Pokemon, you're a Cyndaquil

Liam: Cyndaquil? *feels himself over, has a flame igniting on his back, squinty eyes & a long nose* You're right! *freaked out* How did i get turned into a Cyndaquil, i don't really remember!

Squirtle: You must've hit your head or someting because you don't seem to remember being a Cyndaquil.

Liam: Lemme check if i know any attacks! Blaaaa*spits out some flames at a rock*

Squirtle: At least you can remember to do that, I guess.

Liam: I know that move, was that Ember?

Squirtle: I-I don't know. I'm a water type. I don't really know fire moevs all that well.

???: H-help!

Liam: That sounds like someone needs help!

Squirtle: Should we help them?

Liam: Yes!

???: My name is Poliwag!

Poliwag: I need an exploration team to rescue my best friend, Tympole!

Liam: Don't worry Poliwag, We'll rescue Tympole!

???: You may need my help!

Liam&Poliwag: Huh?

Riolu: The name is Riolu, nice to meet you. Anyways, I heard about someone needing to rescue Tympole, so I thought I could offer help.

they arrive at Mushroom Forest, Liam defeats a Shroomish with Ember, then he levels up to level 6

Riolu: Good job! You leveled up!

Liam: Thanks, watch out!

Sees a Paras behind Riolu & Liam finds a Cheri Berry

Riolu knocks out a Paras with Quick Attack, but Riolu gets paralyzed.

Liam: Riolu, catch! *throws a cheri berry over to riolu* Eat it, it should help!

Riolu: *barely manages to catch the berry and eats it* ....Uh..........Oh hey! I feel better. Thanks Liam!

Riolu grew to level 6, Squirtle grew to level 6, Meowth grew to Level 6

Liam: That was a Cheri Berry I just gave you, Riolu! Plus you just leveled up!

Riolu: Sweet!

Liam: Looks like you leveled up too, Meowth