Everyone depends on someone for devotion and loyalty. Sometimes, we don't get these things due to flaky people with flaky personalities. Many people are affected, but of course, they can't do anything other then forget and move on. Friendships, relationships. Backstabbing is why many people (like myself) are skeptical of others around them. Don't be fully skeptical, but at the same time, turn the naive button off. It's not worth your time. Profesionalism and practialism knows of backstabbing. All you have then is a broken heart and severed head. Don't dream. Dreams are never what they seem....

Chapter One: I'm CheapEdit

I am an unstable soul. Go ahead and don't read this because well, it will probably bore you since this is about my....nevermind.

It's Saturday, and not much is happening..which tells me not much will happen to me ever, and I personally can't keep this elsewhere but here. Watching nothing but the crummy news, watching downtown Vegas all vibrant with lucky people with lucky love and lucky everything, they're all lucky, they have it all with their fancy drinks and fancy parties..they all have the good life while I just crumble alone..

I've been losing my confidence and my stride...don't know why, just faded away, I guess...

But that doesn't matter...

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