(A parody one-shot by SFE.)

The Hungry Games.

You may think of eating so much you die.

That is not it.

It's throwing food around, untill you die.

This is the Infintythrd Hungry Games.

Day 1: People dead: 8 Left: 4Edit

There are crapped up cakes, smotherd sandwiches, and destroyed doughnuts all over the rink. This is the hungry games. My closest enimies are covered in those. I am one of the 4 left. I am with Darius,Joe, and Mandi. Mandi is at the verge of DEATH by Pastries. The cooks decided it would be funny to make the Poptarts look like Nyan cat. THEY GET STUCK IN MID FLIGHT. So, I had the opritunity to dodge it. Hah, I was the one to hit Mandi to almost KILL HER.

The curry-ent strudel-ings/ health.

Daruis: 1st- Health: 92.0

Sam: 2nd- Health: 90.0

Joe: 3rd- Health: 50.0

Mandi: 4th- Health: 0.05

Day 2: People Dead: 9 Left: 3Edit

I deliviered the pizza. TO HER FACE. She died on the spot, falling back, hitting Joe, making his health 40.0! Hah! Double shot! I then stood as close as possible to Daruis, threw a Nyan-Tart at him and he lost his health down to 88.0! Boom. 1st for Sam!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!! I got hit and my health went to 89.9. Dang sprinkle.

Curry-ent Strudel-ings/health.

Sam: 1st- Health 89.9

Daruis: 2nd- Health 88.8

Joe: 3rd-40.0

Day 3: People dead: 10 Left: 2Edit

Whew. I made it. I killed Joe, same thing with what's her face, and he was holding like 5 doughnuts and Daruis is to 10.0 Health. I am down to 20.9 health. I AM KICKING!

Curry-ent strudel-ings/health

Sam: 1st- 20.9

Daruis 2nd- 10.0

Day 4: People dead: 11 Left: 1Edit

I won. I hit him with 2 Nyantarts, and he fell back, landed in a pumpkin pi, and I won! My health? 5.0! Woo!!!! I won a trophy and $1,000,000 Dollars!


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