Seventh Child

By Highestbounty123

Chapter 1 - IntroductionEdit

In outer space atleast 100 light years away from earth astroids crash at each other and head towards planets turning to meteors evantually destroying the planets, Between all that destruction a mysterious creature who has a humanoid body, Pitch black skin and star-like dots on his whole body along with two large ones on his face being his eyes was looking around the destruction going around him "This destruction.......all of this destruction is happening at this time of all times this only means that my time is near and it is time for a new guardian for this children awake"

On earth a 17 year old teenager called Adam Kuroshiro was still asleep despite needing to wake up for school he stayed asleep, Adam's mom enters his room and stands infront of his bed "Come on now Adam wake up your going to be late for school again" Adam pretended he didnt listen and stayed asleep, His mother smiled and walked outside his room "Alright Adam you can stay asleep by the way i heard Rose came back from Italy yesterday after three years isnt that great? Would be great seeing here but since your asleep" At that moment Adam got up from bed his black hair was messy, He openned one eye revealing his yellow colored eyes, He was wearing his teddy bear dotted pijama's, He looked at his mother and sighed "I havent seen my cousin in three years and now shes came did i miss that?" Adam got up from bed and went to the bathroom.

After exacly 14 minutes he got out wearing his school uniform but had its tie a little loose, Walked down to the kitchen and took an apple for the way to school "Im off mom see ya *yawn*......if i get sick ill call" Adam's mom waved goodbye to him when he got out, Adam lives in a small town in Tokyo along with his mother, His baby sister called Mary, Adam's parents are divorced well actually his step father is divorced with his mother because of that he doesnt know who is his real father but he always says he doesnt care about that.

After a long walk Adam reached his school, He is currently in his last year in school along with his friends, Adam entered his class and sat down in his chair, The bell rang a few seconds after he entered his class, He layed his head on his hand yawning "Excuse me are you Adam Kuroshiro" A sound of a girl asked him "Huh?" Adam turned to see a beautiful lady sitting next to him with long scarlet hair and blue eyes, Adam froze in his place and didnt say a thing as he had a small blush that was hardly visible "Ummm......yeah im Adam Kuroshiro who are you?" Adam said in a weak tone "My name is Annah Danama im new here, Im also gonna be sitting next to you, I got here yesterday they said you were the only one with a clear sit" Annah smiled to Adam and pulled out her books after the teacher entered the class "Thats what i get for being sick yesterday" Adam thought to himself.

After school Adam was walking home while scratching the back of his head "Ah man of all the people to sit next to it had to be a chick i dont do well with girls......ah well atleast i got to see Rose today she looks fine" "ADAM!" Adam turned around to see who was screaming his name and saw Annah running towards him, When she reached him she stood next to him "Hey Adam since im new in Tokyo can you show me around the town" Adam immediately froze in his place feeling awkward for being asked by a girl to show him around for the first time "Ahhhhh well.......ummmmm........THE LIBRARY IS FIVE BLOCKS FROM HERE!" Adam pointed behind Annah, Annah turned back seeing a library not so far away she then turned back seeing Adam running to the other side waving goodbye, A sweatdrop was seen visible on the back of her head "Oh boy i think hes a shy one ah well that doesnt matter that much" Annah smiled and walked away to the library.

Back at Adam he just reached an alleyway, He was leaning on a wall breathing "Haahaahaaaaaaah.....i cant talk to a girl unless shes a part of my family.........i need to try and talk to her since shes gonna be sitting next to me for the rest of the year" Adam walked away going home, Deeper into the alleyway a man with white clothes came out of the shadows where he was hiding his face wasnt seen only his white clothes and duster "So hes the last one i see well time to get to work then the seventh child shall now awaken his powers".

The man openned a small part of his shirt and pulled out a large, Double bladed scythe from inside his shirt, He then disapeared instantly leaving behind a small gust of wind, Meanwhile Adam was walking home through a quiet and empty street not seeing a single person coming out of they're houses "Quiet as always haaah well atleast my life is normal like anyone elses just the way i want it" "Your kidding right?" Suddenly hearing the voice from behind him, Adam turned seeing the same man who was hiding in the alleyway having his whole body's apearance revealed, He wears white clothes cosisting of a white duster, White gloves, Shoes, Pants and a hood all of them being white as for his face it was hidden inside of his hoods shadow only revealing two red dots being his eyes and a smile with sharp teeth he was also holding is double bladed scythe "Normal life? thats what you want? that so lame".

"Who are you?" Adam asked the man with the white clothes "Who me? oh sorry forgot to introduce myself my name is Maga Kibishi nice to meet you Adam" Adam stood in shock after Maga said his name when he never met him, Adam then calmed down and pointed at Maga "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU A STALKER?!" Adam shouted at Maga pointing at him, Maga looked at Adam "Nope im not your stalker" "DID YOU JUST ADMIT YOUR A STALKER?!" Adam shouted at Maga's answer "Mye~s i suppose i did just admit that i am one hah what am i doing im not doing my job" "Job?".

Maga suddenly apeared infront of Adam and put his index finger on Adam's forhead "Awake seventh child" Suddenly Adam fell unconscious on the ground, Maga turned back and walked away from the unconscious Adam "Its time for the children to fight for the throne".


Chapter 2 - Seven ChildrenEdit

Adam woke up in a hospital room with his mom and baby sister Mary sitting next to him, His mother looked at him happily while having Mary on her lap "Adam thank god your okay" Adam's mom said to him, Adam was confused and looked around the room seeing flowers next to his bed "How long am i here?" "About a month what happened to you to make you faint for that long?" Adam suddenly looked depressed "A-a m-month? In the hospital?" "Yes" Adam jaw openned from shock as he was out of school for a long time "What happened to me? Ah man i bet i missed important Exams and i have alot of homework to do" Adam's mom laughed a little, A doctor entered the room and asked Adam's mom to leave the room, The doctor then looked at Adam "So do you still feel that fall on the beck of your head?" The doctor asked Adam "Well i dont really feel anything on the back of my head so i think its okay" "Well you should stay here another week to make sure your powers woke up"

"Okay fine but one we-WHAT DO YA MEAN MY POWERS?!" Adam yelled in surprise after the doctor's mentioning of him having powers, The doctor smiled and took off his glasses "Will have to find out if it woke up or not" "Wait a minute you....Your that Maga guy aint ya?" The "doctor" scratches the back of his head while laughing a little he then put his hand on his left ear "Thats right the doctor is kinda late so....." Suddenly the "doctor" took of his face as if it was a mask and put on a white hood revealing himself to actually be Maga himself "Right now lets get ya out of bed to start training for the big fights" Maga took off his clothes revealing him having his original clothes under the doctor's uniform, He took out Adams clothes from inside his duster "Right now put on your clothes and lets get going" There was then a silence in the room for a while "WHY THE HELL WOULD YA GO ALONG WITH YOU AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO ME?!" Adam got up his bed and shouted at Maga while poiting at him, Maga turned around and entered the bathroom, After one minute he got out with a toilet paper stuck on his shoe and the bathroom being flushed "Boy i really needed to go right now"

"YOU JUST WENT TO THE BATHROOM LIKE THAT?!" Adam shouted at Maga again this time standing next to his bed instead of on it, Maga put his hand on Adam's shoulder "Lets go already you only have one week" Adam gave up, After a while both Maga and Adam left the hospital room by Maga disguising as a doctor again and saying his taking Adam to a walk for his health, They were under a bridge next to a river sitting and playing cards "So now let me explain to you what are your powers and who i am but first of all a question" Maga told Adam while getting closer trying to peep at his cards but failed after Adam didnt let him look "Did you by any chance dream of a large floating head with white dots as his eyes no mouth and white tiny dots all over him?" Adam was silent for a while and then put down a Joker card winning the round at the game "Hmm now that you mention it i remember dreaming about it but it was all spazzy so i dont remember all of it"

Maga was hanging with his jaw open for a while after he lost the round he then looked at Adam "Is that so well lets freshen that up a bit" Maga put his index finger on Adam's forhead making Adam close his eyes and fal asleep, Adam woke up in an oddly shaped place that apeared like space having planets and stars everywhere, He looked around and saw a large floating head same as the one Maga mention with white dots as his eyes and no mouth "Am i dreaming?" Said Adam confused looking at the large head, The large head got closer to Adam looking at him "I guess this form wont do" The large head then changed its form into a humanoid body yet with pitch black skin and star-like dots around his whole body as well as his face being the same "Who are you?"

Adam asked the unknown creature "I am Almighty i am not The Almighty thus i am not god nor am i a god you may call me All for short" Adam still looking confused looked at All strangely not understanding what he is "I am also your father to-" "You my what?" Adam interrupted All's sentence with his question "I am your father Adam and also the father of your other six brothers" "Huuuuuuuuuuh?" Adam was still confused yet started to understand a little "Wait my brothers? Six? You my dad? You dont even look human" Adam said to All also showing he doesnt apear human even with his humanoid form "Well i dont expect you to believe me but ill explain ahem now at the beginning of time i was created along with the universe as for that i am most likely pure energy or what you humans call Dark Energy, I keep the universe in balance making sure everything in it is as you humans say tip top shape" "Ah huh" "But as i told your other brothers my time is coming to an end i am going to die after billions and billions of years of existence as for that i need someone to take my place and keep the universe in balance"

Adam looked at All while he was sitting listening to him "Whats gonna happen if the universe is off balance?" Adam asked All, All looked at him and sat infront of him "Because if the universe is off balance everything to the endless universe will no longer exist" Adam was in shock after hearing the fate of the universe as well as his family and friends fate "As for that i impregnanted 4 women each giving birth to one or a few children being my children each one of them even you have a part of my power givin to you" 'Wait how did you impregnant four women if your dark energy" All didnt answer Adam for some time the two only sat looking at each other "Moving on" "YOU DIDNT EVEN ANSWER ME DAMMIT!!!!" "I want to see which one of you seven is worthy of taking my place as of that once all of you have your powers you will fight and the last one standing will have my powers and responsibility, And you Adam arent the only one i told him that after all of you proof yourselfs to me in other ways you want to i will decide the next one to be the balancer of this universe"

Adam was both shocked and confused of how his life turned out like this not knowing what to do nor say he simply took a deep breath, All stood up and walked towards Adam then kneeled down infront of him patting his head "Now time to wake up Adam" Adam woke up seeing Maga finshing a complete card palace out of all the game cards they were playing with, He looked at Adam "Adam welcome back hows Al doing?" "Al? I thought it was All for short" "Yeah but i call him Al cause i want to" Adam got up and stretches his limbs while yawning "Wait how do you know my dad?" Maga looked at Adam after finishing the card tower "He felt lonely so he created me along time ago while he keeps the universe in balance i do the jobs that he cant well not while taking care of something as large as the universe el oh el" "YOUR SAYING IT WRONG!!! So wait you mean you and my dad are like brothers or something?" Maga stood up and walked towards Adam "You can say that yet remember not me nor Al have true forms we have alot of powers yet he is more powerfull than me and also were best buds haha now time to get you started with your powers"

Maga helped Adam get up on his feet he then put his hand on Adam's head "Now this might sting but it should atleast show what are your powers" Suddenly Adam felt a small sting on his head, He got back a little suddenly his right hands palm turned pitch black with star-like dots on it it then apeared that the grass and rocks were getting forced closer to Adam, Adam kneeled down and got his hand closer to the rock suddenly absorbing it into it, Maga grabbed Adam's right hand and looked at it "I see so your ability is that of a Black Hole you can turn parts of your body to a black hole just like ya pups hahaha but thats a dangerous ability i guess we have a long way to go until your fully good for fighting ya bros" The black hole on Adam's palm closed turning back to normal, Adam looked at Maga

"So im gonna be fighting my brothers?" "Yeah but ya might have a sis or two who knows oh wait i do cause i went to all of them but i wont spoil it for ya make it a surprise hahaha......But your lucky cause your the only child ill help control his powers cause ya both the seventh and last child also ya might have a small period of time before your family gets here" Adam looked suspiciosly at Maga "What do ya mean?" Maga smiled awkwardly while rolling his fingers around each other "Well while you were sleeping i went to all the children who are living in different places in the world telling them the fight began haha aint that funny haha el oh el?" Adam got raged and held Maga by his shirt waving him back and forth "YOU DAMN BASTARD WHY DIDNT YA WAIT FOR ME TO HAVE CONTROL OF MY POWERS AND HOW THE HELL DID YOU GO TO DIFFERENT PLACES AROUND THE WORLD SO FAST HUH?! YOUR ALSO SAYING IT WRONG AGAIN ITS LOL NOT EL OH EL!!!" "You were sleeping for 3 hours and i guess its because i have more power than ya think"

Adam let go of Maga and started walking away, Maga came with him "So when do we start?" Adam looked at Maga angry making Maga get frightened a little "After i get something to eat im starving" Maga breathed in relief and then started walking with Adam to a resteraunt to eat something


Chapter 3 - TrainingEdit

Adam was sleeping in his hospital room silently, The sun was shining through his rooms window but he stayed asleep, Suddenly Maga jumped onto Adam's bed landing on both his legs right over Adam's right leg "WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY!!!!!!!!" Maga shouted directly into Adam's ears, Adam woke accidentaly punching Maga in the face making him fall on his back, Adam held his hand because he felt pain after punching Maga, He got off bed and walked over to Maga "Ahhh man this hurts what the heck is your body made of?" Adam asked Maga who was getting himself up and wiping himself "Well if you really wanna know my body is made out of nothing well not practically nothing its made out of dark energy some solar rays a small glimps of light oh and some supernova waves too"

After Maga finished his sentence Adam looked at him unamused "So thats all what took to create your body?" Adam asked Maga who was supposenly picking his nose seeing he put his index finger into his hidden face "Well no not really actually i also have small black hole particals along with a mixture of time and space within my body making myself age slowly oh and my favorite part is that im also made out of a few stars" Maga finished his sentece and pulled his finger out of his nose, Adam had finished putting bandages on his broken hand from punching Maga "Alright im all set lets get to training"

The two went under the same bridge they were at last time sitting infront of each other playing poker this time who Adam was winning at "Right so now before we begin to you have any questions to ask me?" Maga asked Adam while trying once again to peep into his cards yet again failing once more, Adam looked at Maga "Yeah i had something on my mind for a while if my dad needs someone to take his place is keeping the universe in balance why wont you do it?" Adam put his cards on the ground revealing him having a full house winning the game "Ah damn i lose again, Well if your interested in knowing that then the fact i cant take his place is that my body cant endure an incredibly large amount of power such as Al's power plus even if my body could endure it having full control of it i still wouldnt do a good job at keeping the universe in balance i would probably screw things up at day 0"

Maga got up and so did Adam "Right now Adam now that weve sat played poker i lost maybe even stepped on dog doodoo we can finally begin your training before the family meeting begins HA! i just made a joke about family meetings" Adam and Maga looked at each other silently, Maga openned his duster's zipper and pulled out his large double bladed scythe from it, Adam looked surprise seeing Maga pull out a large object from a place that wouldnt fit it "Alright Adam i want you to do me ten pull ups thats how you call it on earth right? That thng where you pull yourself up with a metal stick attack to two other metal sticks?" Maga asked Adam while his scythe began to turn black, Adam looked curious at Maga's scythe "I dont know much about sports but i guess that how its called and that it is how you explained it" Maga's scythe turned into black liquid and shaped itself into Maga's description about the pull ups "Good boy Obli alright now Adam give me ten pull ups" Adam looked at Maga "How did that scythe just change its shape and did you just call it Obli?" Maga looked at Adam and crossed his arms together "Yup thats Obli short for Oblivion hes my pet also my other entity were both different entities in seperate bodies we were both created at the same time"

Adam sighed at Maga's answer and walked to Obli "Is it safe?" Maga nodded his head to Adam, Adam grabbed the metal rod and did pull ups after finishing ten as Maga told him to, He walked towards Maga "So now what?" Adam asked Maga, Maga snapped his fingers as a sign telling Obli to turn back to normal, Obli turned into black liquid and formed back to his scythe form in Maga's hand "Okay now how good of a unarmed combatant are ya?" Maga asked Adam while grabbing Obli's scythe form with both his hands "Im pretty good i guess went to martial arts class last year finished it so i guess it good" Suddenly Maga swinged his scythe at Adam, Adam quickly jumped over Maga's attack "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Adam shouted at Maga for his sudden attack "You reacted on time good now lets have a small fight" "Huh?!" Maga swinged Obli several times at Adam who dodges all of his attacks, Once Adam got an openning he charged at Maga and kicked him in the stomach, Yet fell on the ground because of Maga's hard body "Damn it i forgot hitting you hurts" Adam held his hand on his leg from pain, Maga put his hand on Adam's leg where it hurted and healed it "There better?" Adam's leg stopped hurting he stood up and looked at Maga "Why did you heal my hand when it broke?" Maga looked away awkwardly "Cause it wasnt all that serious" "MY HAND WAS FREAKING BROKEN!!!"

Maga laughed and put Obli back into his duster "Alright then enough for today you can fight unarmed thats good enough for today tommorow your gonna start with your powers" Maga pointed at Adam with both his index fingers, Adam walked at Maga "If i get killed its all your fault" Adam started walking back to the hospital Maga followed him, From the river near the bridge came out a small bubble of air, A young man who apeared in his mid twenties got out of the river and under the bridge, He has long white hair, A blue leather jacket with its sleeves torn, A red shirt that also had its sleeves torn and finally blue jeans with a brown belt holding it that has the letters RT on it.

The young man smiled and pulled out sunglasses from his pocket, He wore them on his eyes "So i guess im the first to take care of this one and luckily he doesnt have control of his powers yet hahaha"


Chapter 4 - The Cosmic ChildEdit

Both Maga and Adam were returning from the hospital after that Maga healed Adam's hand, They both saw the white haired man sitting under the bridge where they always go to, Maga laughed a little then put his hand on Adam's shoulder "Looks like the first one came along" Adam didnt understand Maga, The white haired man looked at the two and grinned, He got up pulling out sunglasses out of his pocket and wore them on "Looks like a got here before sis HA! man i bet shes pissed"

At an airport in New York a woman with purple hair and blue eyes was seen sitting on a chair waiting looking quite angry "Rex that stupid brother ditching me like this" Back at Tokyo the white haired man laughed and looked at Adam who was confused "Wait dont tell me that guy is a child?" Adam asked Maga "Yup Adam meet your 3 years older than you brother Rex Terrens" Maga pointed at the white haired man who his name is Rex, Rex walked out of the shadows of the bridge revealing his face and also wet hair, Both Adam and Maga looked at him confused "Why are you wet?" Maga asked Rex "Its because i was hiding in the river over there i can hold my breath from quite a while now cant why? Hahaha"

They all looked at each other silently "Wait how is he older than me i thought we were all born at the same time?" Adam asked Maga and removed Maga's hand from his shoulder "Well yes you were but you know he couldnt let all of you be the same age so yeah your pretty much a young bro for him but a big bro for his sis Laura bet he got here before her he also has a twin brother called Rusty" Maga walked back after finishing his sentence "Alright then you two you may begin your fight but ill be watching you" Maga suddenly disapeared from sight leaving both Adam and Rex to fight "HEY WAIT A MINUTE I CANT EVEN CONTROL MY POWERS!!!" Adam shouted at Maga even though he had already disapeared, He turned back to see Rex still smiling and ready to fight "HAHAHA!!! So you cant control your powers yet huh? well dont worry ill go easy on you i wont use my powers unless you use them deal?" Adam smiled and agreed to Rex's offer.

The two stood infront of each other then they both ran towards each other preparing a punch to each other, Both of them hit each others faces in the cheek they both stepped back from each other and charged once more but Rex quickly went behind Adam and grabbed him then through him, Rex's throw was strong enough he reache the road, A car headed towards Adam but he quickly reacted and jumped over it but he mostly walked over it after getting on it, Rex was at the other side of the road looking at Adam "Are you trying to get me killed?!" Adam shouted at Rex while all the cars at the road stopped "Well not kill only injure until you cant fight anymore" Rex answered in a sarcastic tone.

The two started to walk towards each other, Rex ran first reaching Adam and sending a punch to him which Adam stopped with his hand quickly punching Rex after wards, Rex sent a kick to Adam which was powerfull enough to send him to the alleyway at the other side of the road "HA! Too easy" Rex walked to the alleyway where Adam landed at, Adam got up and realised he was bleeding from his head, He turned to see Rex coming towards him and prepared to fight once more "ADAM!!!" Suddenly Adam heard someone calling him he turned to see Annah running towards him hugging him making Adam's face completely red, Rex stopped walking after seeing that "Adam your okay why werent you at the hospital did you run away?" Annah let go of Adam seeing the blood coming from his head, She then gave him some flowers which she intended to give him at the hospital "here take these since the last ones i gave you werent very strong and died also that you werent awake".

Adam began to breath calmly and looked at Annah yet was shaking a little "Annah thanks but could you come by later or something cause i-" Suddenly Rex intended to hit Annah to get to Adam but suddenly his punch was stopped by Maga who apeared out of nowhere "Hurting people who have nothing to do with your fights is against the rules but ill forgive you because its your first time" Maga put his hand on Annah's shoulder making both of them disapear and reapear on top of a building thus revealing Maga's ability of teleportation "You should be safe here until the fight ends" Maga told Annah to try and calm her down even though she didnt apear any frightened at all.

Back at Rex and Adam, They were both surprised for a moment but got back to focusing on the fight, They both charged at each other again but once they clashed Rex's hit was stronger thus he was able of pulling Adam back sending him to out of the alleyway and into another road, Rex walked to Adam "This is way too easy" Rex walked towards Adam, Adam looked at the building behind him and ran towards it Rex chased him, Once Adam reached the building he grabbed onto parts of the building's wall and began to climb it, Adam climbed the building until he reached its top and looked down at Rex, Rex smiled and jumped so high than he reached Adam without needing to climb the building, Adam stepped back from Rex and clenched his fists "How the hell did you do that?" Adam said while wiping some blood from his head "I was raised in a not so easy to live in city so i had to train hard enough to each no one and i mean no one would be strong enough to beat me and so i succeeded no one at my side of the street was able of beating me and just because this isnt New York doesnt mean you'll have it any easier".

Rex walked to Adam, Adam looked depressed thinking he wont be able of winning but still walked to Rex and so the two charged at each other again, They both clashed hitting each other with they're fists at an openning Adam grabbed Rex by both his shoulders, Moved his head backwards and quickly charged it at Rex giving him a strong headbutt, They both stepped back from each other "You just pissed me off just so you know i discovered my powers when i was 13 so i have more control over it then you" Rex's hand started to form a white colored energy ball in the palm of his hand "My power is cosmic energy its pretty strong, Strong enough to beat you to a pulp".

At that moment Adam was shocked thinking he had absolutely no chance in winning the fight now for how Rex was complete control over his power unlike Adam.


Chapter 5 - Adam vs RexEdit

Adam stood infront of Rex who was charging cosmic energy on his right hand, Adam began to think he had no chance in winning the fight "Great im gonna fight someone who has control of his powers while i only used once and without meaning to" Adam said to himself depresed because of his situation, Rex waved his arm backwards and waved it to the front full force at Adam sending a large blast of cosmic energy, Adam didnt have alot of space to dodge so he had no choice but to jump off the building luckily the building wasnt extremely high so he simply let himself fall down while the cosmic blast simply continued to go ahead of him going into an unknown direction, Adam fell into a large amount of garbage bags that was next to a resteraunt, He got out of the garbage bags unharmed yet he smelled pretty awfull "Can this day get even worse?".

Rex looked at Adam angerly after he saw him dodge his attack, He then jumped down but on the ground and not on the garbage bags like Adam he was able of jumping down and taking the impact of the fall being unharmed, He looked at Adam with a grin, Meanwhile Maga was standing on a roof top looking at the battle while Annah was behind him "Woohoo looks like this battle is pretty good for his first fight that is hahaha" W'hile Maga was looking at the fight Annah slipped a katana next to his head threatning to cut his head off, Maga simply stood in his place "You know your not strong enough to kill me right?" Maga asked Annah who was standing behind him "I might not be strong enough to kill you but that doesnt mean one of the three wont be" Maga laughed at Annah's answer and teleported infront of her removing the katana from his way "Lets see your oh holy church capture something thats not human nor demon" Maga let go of Annah and looked at her "Oh and by the way you wont tell them about Adam right? After all you wouldnt want the guy sitting next to you to die right?" Annah clenched her fist in her Katana and walked back a little for Maga, Maga turned back to where he was looking at the fight.

Back at Adam and Rex, Rex was sending cosmic infuesed punches to Adam while Adam dodged most of them when he got hit by an attack it would burn slightly as well as feel as if claws are scratching him, Rex then delivered a strong kick to Adam sending him back to a road "What the hell is up with you and sending me to roads?" Adam got up but a car suddenly drove towards him, Adam turned to the car "AH GIMME A FREAKING BREAK!!!!!!" Adam grabbed the car lifted it and put it behind him, He then let go of it turning to Rex who was shocked to a degree he had no reaction "Wow that WAS COOL!!!!! Too bad i have to beat you u-" Before he could react to it Adam punched Rex in the face breaking his sunglasses and sending him to a wall "WHO SAID IM GIVIN UP PUNK?! Even though i want nothing to do with this whole fight for the power and stuff im still gonna beat you and the others just so that they would leave me already" Rex got angry at Adam for breaking his sunglasses.

He charged cosmic energy on his whole arm and fired one large cosmic blast going in a stright line towards Adam, Adam put his hands infront turning his arms to black holes, His arms became pitch black with star-like dots, When the cosmic blast hit Adam's arms it got absorbed into the black hole created on Adam's arms "Whoa that was a close one" Adam said in relief after the attack was absorbed but began to fill and eruption within him, Suddenly the cosmic blast came out of his arms and was headed towards Rex, Once it hit Rex it created a large explosion tearing Rex's jacket and shirt, Rex looked at Adam "Ouch that hurt dammit" Rex ran towards Adam and so did Adam, They both clashed against each other with a headbutt, They both tried to pull each other back at that moment Rex charged cosmic energy in his hand and punched Adam in his stomach damaging him sending him back as well.

Adam fell on his back wounded, Rex pinned Adam down preparing to deliver one last punch at Adam's head charged with cosmic energy "Its all over now" Adam looked at Rex with a smirk on his face, Rex got angry thinking Adam was mocking him so he quickly sent his punch at Adam but stopped after Adam kicked Rex in his crotch, Rex got off Adam rolling in pain on the ground "What the hell man? You kicked my manly spot your even more cruel than i am" "YOU FREAKIN TRIED TO BLOW MY HEAD OFF SO DOING THAT WAS FAIR ENOUGH!!!!" A'dam yelled at Rex after he finished his sentence, Adam than felt pain in his back when he stood up making him fall on his back.

Maga got up after the fight ended with Adam as the victor, Turned to see Annah still holding her katana "Tell Raven if he wants to fight me then let him come on his own" Maga then teleported Annah back down letting her leave then turning to go get Adam and Rex, After a while both of them were in the same hospital room completely covered in bandages because of there wounds with Maga wearing glasses and playing with the wheel chair "Weee this is fun rolling rolling around woohoo" Maga said while he rolled around with the wheel chair "Hey why the hell are we in the same room?" Adam asked Maga not being able to move, Maga rolled to the middle of the two beds where both Adam and Rex were resting at "Its because i gotta keep an eye on you two thats my job as your uncle" Maga told the two while laying back at the wheel chair relaxing "So now your our uncle thats just great" Rex said also not being able of moving "Yeah well thats life hahaha oh and also Adam since your that wounded your gonna have to stay out of school for a bit longer" Adam's jaw fell from shock "And also you cant go outside like usual cause apparantly your wounds are too serious now so yeah training is gonna stop for a while" Adam felled deep depression mostly because of the long time he is going to skip school.

"My grades are going so going down.........Im never gonna find a good job now" Adam said with a ghastly and depressed tone "Ah dont feel bad atleast now you can relax for a while from the training" Maga told Adam tried to calm him down "I HARDLY EVEN TRAINED MY POWERS!!!!! And besides i got lucky in my fight against Rex" Adam told Maga, Suddenly a purple haired woman entered the hospital room looking angerly at Rex, Rex looked extremely frightened "H.....hi Laura hows things sis?" Rex said to Laura who looked extremely angry, She walked towards him with alot of fury in her fists, Rex tried to run away but couldnt because of all the bandages, After a few minutes Rex was more wounded than before, Laura sat next to Rex on a chair "So yeah he ditched me at the air port to get here first even though i dont wanna fight you or get the our dad's powers cause then i wont be able to do any shopping or hang out but i still have my powers so i decided to help out in finishing this quicker by telling you i dont wanna fight" Both Maga and Adam looked surprised at Rex's current state after what Laura did to him but still listened to her.

Maga rolled with his wheel chair being infront of the three children "Well three children are already here two are out of the fight living four more for Adam to fight and a total of five that remain this is getting so fun haha lets hope no one comes here to fight ya" Maga said to the three then rolled next to a window and looked at Laura "By the way wheres Rusty?" Maga asked Laura "Guess? Lost again" Laura sighed after answering Maga "No surprise so who wants to eat?" Maga said to the three children.


Chapter 6 - Hospital Escape+SpecialEdit

While Adam was resting on his bed Rex tried to get up after he fell from his bed to try and escape the hospital, Adam looked at Rex and sighed "Give it up your too covered to move besides its not like any doctor is gonna let you leave in that state of yours" Rex ignored Adam and crawled to the door, When he reached it he tried to open it but failed because he couldnt stand up, He then turned to Adam "How the hell did you get out of here each time then?" Rex asked Adam while he was tearing in his eyes "I just walked outside its not like my wounds were that bad and also somehow Maga was able of disguising himself as a doctor so he usually said he was taking me on a daily walk for my health" After that Adam answered Rex, Rex was already biting through the door lock trying to escape, Adam looked at him with a sweatdrop on his head "Give it up man just because your the kind of the street where you live doesnt mean you can get out covered in bandages"

"SHUT UP IM GETTING OUTTA HERE BEFORE LAURA GETS HERE AND BEATS ME UP AGAIN!!!!!" Rex yelled at Adam while he was crying out in fear of his sister "Didnt she already do that?" Adam asked Rex while still having a sweatdrop on his head "I ditched her in the air port just to come here, Beat you and get closer to getting our dad's power but i dont want that anymore dammit no i dont shes gonna be beating me up for weeks and i dont want that" Not quitting, Rex crawled to the window next to his bed and was able of standing by grabbing onto the window openning it "What are you doing?" Adam asked Rex confused on what his trying to do, Rex turned to Adam with an evil grin on his face as if his planning something "Im gonna fly outta here even if i have to grow wings" Adam didnt take Rex seriously thinking he was just bluffing "Your kidding right? True you have cosmic energy as your power but.....Flying isnt really the way to go i mean what if you fall and die?"

Adam looked at Rex still not actually taking him seriously, Rex put his head out of the window "What does it matter anyway huh? Laura is gonna kill me anyway" Rex pulled the rest of himself outside the window and once he went out entirely he fell out of the window but shortly landed on the ground discovering he was on the first floor the whole time, Rex cried in happiness and started to crawl away but was stopped by Maga who grabbed him from his leg and started to pull him back into the hospital room, Rex tried crawling away but failed, He then found himself back at his bed but this time he was tied to it very good not being able to move at all "Im doomed im doomed im doomed im doomed" Rex mumbled to himself fearing of Laura.

Adam sighed getting off his bed and entering the bathroom, Rex saw in surprised how well Adam got off his bed without a problem, After a few minutes Adam got out of the bathroom and back to his bed, He then turned to Rex who looked shocked "What?" Adam asked Rex with a calm tone "WHAT THE HELL HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF YOUR BED SO EASILY WHEN YOUR IN A BAD CONDITION SAME AS ME?!" The room stayed silend for a while, Adam's expression didnt change at all it stayed calm "Well heres the thing unlike you i didnt crawl nor did i fall into panic" Rex felt like an idiot after hearing Adam's answer but then changes his expression to an evil grin and an evil look, He then calmed down and tried to walk, After he put his feet on the ground he stood without a problem out of that he cheered in happiness and walked to the door, He grabbed onto the door lock and turned to Adam "Thanks alot succer i hope you like hospital food its grows as hell"'Rex saluted goodbye to Adam and walked outside the door.

After a while Rex was near the exit door when he openned it he discovered that he was transfered to the fifth floor so he had along way to go in his state, Once Rex reached the fourth floor he was hiding inside the janitors dorm from the doctors and nurses so that they wouldnt see him, Once the coast was clear he exited the room and started to head towards the exit door to the third floor but stopped once he saw an elevator, He smiled and walked to it, He pushed the bottom of the elevator he stood next to the door incase someone was already in the elevator once it reached the floor Rex slowly took a peep into the elevator to see if someone was there but saw no one he then entered it and pushed the botton to the first floor.

While going down the floor Rex enjoyed the musical off the elevator, Once he reached his floor he exited the elevator and immediately took hiding behind a plant, Rex looked around making sure no one was around after seeing no one at all he started to walk to the exit door but once he touched the door Maga teleported infront of him ''Yo Rex hows everything going?" Rex screamed in fear sounding like a little girl's scream "Your not planning on exiting the joint are ya?" Maga asked Rex getting closer to him and putting his hand on Rex's shoulder " im not im j...just you know AHHHH! Who am i kidding its Laura im afraid of her i wanna get outta here and run before she comes here and beats me up again please help me" Rex begged Maga to help him, Maga laughed and teleported Rex back to his room, Rex was then shocked after beind sent to where he started.

Maga put Rex back on his bed "If ya wanted to get out of here than you could've just told me and i would've healed ya same as i did to Adam over there" Maga pointed at Adam who was perfectly healthy and also completely healed from his wounds no longer having any bandages on him, Adam turned to say goodbye to the two "Well see ya im off for a while to buy me something to eat" Adam left the room and used the elevator to leave, Rex turned to Maga who was prepared to heal him "So you can really heal my wounds?" Rex asked Maga still feeling shocked as well as depressed "Mye~s but just so you know i cant heal torn off limbs unless the bone is still connected, I cant heal bodies that are dead so that way i can also tell if someone is dead or not, I cant heal disease AND........I cant heal idiocity" "WHATS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN?!" Rex immediately yelled at Maga after he finished his explanation "Wait if you could've let me outta here all this time why didnt you? Especially when i escaped the room the first time through the window" Rex asked Maga who was simply looking at him "I thought you wanted to get some fresh air so i thought you needed help getting back in" Rex hanaged his jaw open after hearing Maga lame excuse "Right now this might sting a little cause i want it to sting" Maga said preparing to heal Rex.

After a few minutes and screams coming from the hospital room where Rex was being healed by Maga, Rex came out fine without any bandages nor wounds, He came out with the same clothes he had before he fought Adam along with new sunglasses "WOOHOO!!! See ya uncle Maga im going back to New York tell Laura i-" "You what?" Suddenly the whole room went silence when Laura apeared, Rex looked the most frightened "You can forget about going back home all the flights in here were cancelled because of a certain mysterious blast of energy destroying a large part of the air port do you have any idea what could that have been?" Rex had a flashback of his fight against Adam when he fired the large cosmic blast and Adam dodged it continueing forward not knowing where it headed to.

After coming back from his flashback Rex realised it was his fault he cant go back home he then fell on his knees from self shame having a gloomy aura around him, Laura and Maga ignored him and left to go and also buy something to eat.



Maga turned around on the wheelchair he was sitting on "Welcome everyone for the first thing you humans call a Q and also an A where i answer questions that i get through this mail that i somehow get from people who are called readers.....I broke the 4th wall just now" Maga took a sack filled with mail and got out one mail, He openned it and began to read it "First of all before i begin i only answer 2 questions 3 if i feel like it now ahem 'This is a question ive been wondering for a while now how does All have a name even though he was created by the universe? I find it hard to believe' Oh a wise guy huh? Well so you know mister i think im a wise guy Al got his name after i came back from my first mission he told me to accomplish which is not the point now anywho he used to call me 'White' while i called him 'Black' white and black get it?" Maga stood in his place while there was silence around him "Ah right im the only one here ahem well moving on i told him about the names that humans give to each other and i thought to give each of us a name instead of white and black which was utterly lame now i came up with my name Maga Kibishi why? Cause Maga sounds badass and Kibishi means as some of you may or may not know it means 'Grim' in japanese thus refering to my Grim Reaper apearance hehe and about Al i gave him the name Almighty cause it pretty much suits him being the ruler of the universe and all that ya know hehe now next question"

Maga pulled another mail from the sack he openned it and began to read it "Ahem now 'Dear whoever is reading this...' Wise guy '....I wanna know how did All get those four women impregnant when his dark matter P.S. dark matter and dark energy are the same thing' Another wise guy well i dont know how he did it since he didnt bother telling anyone about it so yeah to the final question" Maga took the last mail and openned it "to begin i shall cough *coughs* now 'Dear Maga did you tell Adam all whats your body is made of or is there more?' Ah a good question indeed now my body is made out of other many things that exist in space such as gravity, Black holes and many other things i cant tell cause were outta time see ya until next time"


Chapter 7 - RavenEdit

At a certain alleyway in a small town within Tokyo, A mysterious hooded person wearing a black cloak and a hood was walking to a bar, Within the bar a man with a ninja-like apearance was sitting infront of the counter, He has a gray bandana across his right eye, Completely pitch black clothes with gray pants and black boots, His left eye is red colored and he has two swords on his back, The man's face was hidden under a black mask covering his entire head leaving only his left red eye revealed, The man sat in his chair holding a cup of tea not drinking from it at all, A few people who looked like gangsters came behind him aiming guns at him, One of them looked at the man angerly "So your the punk who killed my boys yesterday and left there bodies to be eaten by the sewer rats huh? Guess you couldnt tell this was gonna happen to ya", The man turned to see the gangsters.

"..........Okay" The man turned back to the counter ignoring the gangsters, One of them became angry and prepared to fire at the man when he fired his gun suddenly exploded in his hand, He fell on the ground with his hand damaged and his face injured, The man turned back to the gangsters and stood up unsheathing one of his swords and looking at the gangster that his gun blew in his hand "You brought that on yourself attacking me from behind like that you left me no choice" The man walked to the gangsters "You mean you did this? How i didnt see....We didnt see you unsheathe not even move" The gangsters began to look frightened by the man.

Once he got close to them one of them fired a shotgun at the man, The man instantly sliced all the bullets that came from the shotgun his moves were so quick that they werent seen by anyone, He then suddenly apeared infront of the gangster who fired at him swinging his sword at him, The man sliced the gangster making his blood spill all over the bars counter, The bartender was cleaning cups as if nothing was happening he then looked at the man "Please dont get upset Mr Raven, It took me three days to clean up the last mess" The bartender told the man revealing his name being Raven, Raven turned to the bartender "Im not upset, Im pissed" Raven then ran towards the other gangsters, The battle wasnt seen only sounds of gunshots and screams were heard.

After a few minutes the mysterious hooded person entered the bar seeing all of the gangsters dead on the floor and Raven sitting infront of the counter with a cup of tea, The hooded person walked towards Raven, Raven turned to the hooded person "Hmmm what is it?" The hooded person showed Raven a picture of Maga standing next to Adam in the hospital room giving the peace sign "You really are good at getting things that we need especially this picture how did you get it?" Raven asked the hooded person, The hooded person didnt answer Raven but simply showed him another picture this time of Annah "So you still use that old trick with that cuteness dont you? You should get new tricks though other wise they might start suspecting Annah" Raven stood up and exited the bar along with the hooded person.

The two walked for a while after being in distance from the hospital were Adam is the hooded person left leaving Raven on his own "So this is where he lies where the demon lies" In the morning Maga, Adam, Rex and Laura were sitting in a book store while Maga was reading his first manga "Wow no wonder you humans read these colorless stories they are quite interesting" Maga said while reading "Oh really then what are you reading there Maga?" Adam asked Maga, Maga turned to Adam showing him the manga's cover "Its that famous manga everyone i see in here talks about One Piece im currently at chapter 477 and wow is this thing thrilling or what?" Maga said with an excited tone still continuing to read One Piece "Wait a minute how the heck did you read all those chapters in one day? You only started reading manga today right?" Adam asked Maga who was still reading One Piece.

Maga then turned to Adam "I just......Kept on reading" Adam wasnt pleased with just that answer "I mean how can you read all that manga when your not reading it on the internet" Adam asked Maga, Maga scratches his head in confusion "Hmmm inter........Net........Is it somekind of a special net that you enter and get things for free?" Maga answered Adam openning another question, Adam had a visible sweat drop on the back of his head "No its something on the computer......You know nevermind just tell where you got all the other 476 chapters?" Maga looked at Adam and pointed at the empty bookshelf that had all the One Piece chapters that have been recently released, Adam's dropped "Your not saying that you know you just took each chapter from the book shelf right?" Maga tried to hide himself behind the manga in shame "THATS CALLED STEALING YA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!" Adam shouted at Maga making everyone look at them, Rex and Laura also looked at him, Maga looked at everyone smiling and waving hello "Hi there im just reading this amazing manga called One Piece ive reached chapter 477 in just one day"

There was silent in the store, After a few minutes Maga, Adam, Rex and Laura were kicked out of the store because Maga was reading all those chapters for free "NOOOO!!!!! I must know if the Strawhats are able of defeating Oars and Moriah please let me atleast finished the Thriller Bark Arc" Maga was outside the store's door begging to get back in while the other tried to ignore him, Adam and Rex pulled Maga by the back of his shirt pulling him away from the store, Once they were far from the store they let go of Maga who was depressed wanting to find out what happens next "Well thats just great were kicked out of the store" Adam said to everyone while sitting down "Ah man and they had the latest chapters of Fairy Tail this is just great what did i learn japanese for?" Rex said to himself also sitting on the ground with his arms crossed, Laura sat next to him not saying anything.

Maga got up and went behind Adam and Rex "Well dont be sad after all remember Adam is going back to school tommorow after an early release leaded by me and Rex and Laura are getting an apartment where ive set up for them aint that great?" Maga said to them "Well ill just show ya the apartment close your eyes everyone you too Adam" Everyone closed there eyes as Maga told them to and teleported them to a house that looked familiar, Maga led them into the house and told them to open there eyes, When they did Adam was shocked seeing that its his house "WHAT THE HELL YOU MEAN THERE GONNA BE LIVING HERE?!!" Adam shouted in surprise, Adam's mom went and welcomed Rex and Laura into the house "Welcome we have a spare room with two beds for you and your sister i hope you enjoy your stay here" Adam's mom said to Rex and Laura, Adam was surprised at his mothers answer to this, Maga then entered the house "Yo Emma hows everything going?" Maga shaked hands with Adam's mom who her name is Emma, Rex turned to Adam "Hey how come you live in Japan but you have american names?" Rex asked Adam in confusion "Its because i originate from America but i moved here after a while seeing as how my dad was japanese but he actually named me Nimida but all my friends called me Emma isnt that funny?" Emma explained to Rex why they have American names instead of japanese ones "Also Adam's baby sister Mary is actually called Mariana but i call her Mary for short well i guess its not all japanese name but it doesnt really affect it that much right?".

After a while everyone sat at the kitchen table ready to eat dinner, Adam's mom served everyone japanese food, They all ate the food, Then they all sat infront of the TV and watched some movies which where in japanese but subbed "Man this is boring why cant anything cool happen" Rex thought to himself, Adam turned to his mom and Maga "Hey question how do you guys know each other?" Adam asked the two being curious "Well you see Adam me and Maga knew each other before you were born i even knew your father All though im still curious of how he got me pregnant" Adam's mom thought to herself trying to think how it happened "We all wonder that but he just wont tell us" Maga answered Emma's question "Well in short we were good friends but after you were born Maga had other things to do since he wasnt human and couldnt stay here forever also the fact All needed help with alot of things" Adam's mom finished her explanation.

Maga yawned and stretched himself a little "So yeah thats the story haha but im gonna be staying here until All chooses the guy or gal to take his place" Maga said scratching his head, Suddenly Maga jumped off the couch and moved it aside, Raven jumped out of the window breaking the glass which is the reason why Maga moved everyone so that he could protect them from the glass, Adam, Rex and Laura got up and stood next to Maga "So you came and at this time of the hour did you get the picture?" Maga asked Raven, Raven got up looking at Maga "I know you know i want to fight you but that doesnt mean doing something as stupid as letting one of our own candidates reveal your location" Maga simply laughed at Raven "You think thats the case huh? Im just trying to take out the grand ones to get most of the trouble away from the children's fights" Maga told Raven beginning to run towards him, Maga then pulled out Obli out of his duster in an instant in Obli's scythe form swinging it at Raven, Raven stopped Obli with one of his sword using only one hand.

Maga let go of Obli and went closer to Raven trying to punch him but failed once Raven dodged him, Grabbed his hand and threw him out through the window, Obli turned to liquid and formed into a scythe in Maga's hand, Maga turned to see Raven behind him swinging his swords downwards onto Maga's head and since Maga was sitting the sword's blade had a clear openning into Maga's forhead, Maga didnt move nor do anything suddenly Raven got hit by an attack from Rex but blocked it with his sword, Raven looked at Rex "One of the demons i see you thought i would fall for an attack as simple as that hmm? Quite foolish" Raven told Rex, Rex smiled and pointing behind him, Raven turned around to see Adam punching him, Once Adam hit Raven it had no affect on him Raven's head didnt move not one single step, He then waved his sword backwards quickly swinging it forward afterwards quickly apearing behind Adam after slicing him in his chest, Adam fell on the ground wounded, Rex charged cosmic energy in his hands and prepared to punch Raven but Raven had suddenly disapeared reapearing behind Rex hitting him in the back of his head with the hilt of his sword then lifting his leg upwards then kicking Rex with a powerfull kick in the back breaking the ground with Rex.

He then turned seeing Maga grabbing him by his shirt and giving him a headbutt, Raven stepped back and both him and Maga prepared to fight "Your gonna regret coming here Raven" Maga told Raven, The two charged towards each other and clashed with there weapons starting there match.



Chapter 8 - Maga vs RavenEdit

Maga and Raven have began fighting each other, Maga used his scythe on Raven while Raven used one of his swords the two where trying to hold each other back with there weapons yet they were both on equal terms with using there weapons against each other, Raven cut Obli's scythe form in half making him turn into black liquid he then swinged his sword at Maga slashing him as well as sending him a few meters backwards, Once Raven took a good look he saw that Maga didnt have a single scratch on him from his sword's slash only his white shirt had a scratch revealing some of Maga's pitch black skin, Obli began to form back into his scythe form in Maga's hand.

Maga ran towards Raven, Raven stood in his place waiting for Maga once Maga reached him he put his hand on Maga's head and jumped from Maga's back landing behind him swinging his sword once more at Maga slashing his back yet once again not showing any visible scratch on his back "How is this possible?" Raven asked himself while backing away from Maga "You can just say im very solid" Maga answered Raven's question despite not asking him, He then began to walk towards Raven, Raven ran towards Maga slashing him several times in the same spot and after finishing he saw he had no affect on him at all.

Maga punched Raven sending him to a very far away distance from his current location, Maga then teleported apearing where Raven had landed which was in the middle of the road within the city of Tokyo, Raven looked at Maga with an angry look in his eye "Its been long since ive used both my swords together" Raven unsheathed his second sword and charged at Maga, Maga simply pointed his hand at Raven firing a large beam of light from his hand creating a large crater and a cloud of dust, After the dust cleared Raven apeared behind Maga both shocked and gasping for air after dodging that large attack he then instantly turned around slashing Maga once more but without any affect once more.

Raven then swinged his other sword slashing the same spot again then swiped both his arms backwards and sending them full force forward at Maga causing a large slash on Maga that continued forward sending a shockwave breaking the glass of the windows of the buildings near the battle between the two waking up some of the people living in there, Maga had a small dent on his back he turned to Raven and saw some black liquid dripping from his back and falling on the ground "Hahahaha so i guess thats what you humans would call blood am i right?" Maga looked at Raven and so did Raven, Maga pointed his scythe at Raven "Tell me do you know that this isnt Obli's true form? No? Then here it is" Maga let go of Obli suddenly making Obli turn into a large river of black liquid starting to form into a shape of a body.

Once Obli took on his true form he had a demonic apearance, He was extremely large with four legs and alot of spikes on his back, His head had only black teeth that were extremely sharp, He had several red eyes on his face including some on his forhead with sharp black pupils in them, He had a long spikey tail, Raven looked at Obli's true form but still kept himself calm, Maga then apeared on obli's back "Right now get 'em boy".

After Maga's command Obli started to chase Raven, Raven ran from Obli dodging all the obstacles in his way such as cars, Mail boxs, Trash cans etc, Once Obli was close enough to Raven he stomped his large leg onto Raven, Raven dodged Obli's large stomp by jumping onto the building next to him running on it as if it was normal ground to walk on, Maga looked at Raven smiling he then jumped onto the same building running on it same as Raven without any problem, Maga gave Obli a sign to stay back for a while so Obli sat in his place like a trained dog being said to sit.

Now it became a race for both Raven and Maga, Maga tried to capture Raven while Raven tried to escape or so it apeared, Suddenly Raven stopped instantly turning around and slashing Maga making him fall towards the ground, Maga then teleported infront of Raven grabbing him by his face and teleporting themselves to the top of the building they were running at, The building was extremely high making it impossible for any human to survive its fall, Maga and Raven's fight has now been sent to the top of the one of the highest buildings in Tokyo.



Chapter 9 - Not A Human Nor A DemonEdit

Both Maga and Raven are now on one of the highest buildings in Tokyo as Maga teleported tham there, Raven was with both his swords while Maga was unarmed Raven suddenly ran quickly at Maga swinging his swords at him sending two slashes at Maga who didnt move one bit but let Raven hit him, After that Raven slashed Maga he was behind him he quickly turned seeing Maga unscatched once more "What kind of a demon are you?" Raven said to Maga, Maga turned to Raven still having his smile on his face "How many times do i need to say this i am not a human nor am i a demon" Maga answered Raven's question and began to raise his hand upwards towards Raven "Than what are you?" Raven asked Maga this very list question that he wants to know its answer.

Maga looked at Raven not moving nor talking for a few seconds then suddenly disapearing and reapearing infront of Raven "I AM NOTHING!!!" Maga shouted at Raven putting his hand infront of Raven's face then releasing a large light beam destroying everything in its way destroying the entire roof top on a building next to the one Maga and Raven were standing on creating a large cloud of dust "I am nothing i am not a human nor a demon so there nothing else i can be i am not a living being nor a dead being so i have nothing to desire in my never ending life that reaches to my conclucion that i am nothing" Suddenly Raven instantly apeared behind Maga swinging his swords at him but stopped after Maga fully turned to him, He then swiped one of his swords backwards and sent it full force forward slightly touching Maga's forhead "Now fly to the deepest pits of hell" Suddenly a large impact sent Maga crashing through a few buildings that were next to the one he was one as if an invisible punch hit him.

Raven stood at the edge of the building looking upon the destruction caused by him sending Maga crashing through the buildings, Out of a certain hole in one of the buildings Maga came out and started laughing maniacly he looked at Raven "It has been over millions billions maybe even more years since anyone and i mean anyone has ever did this kind of thing to me" Maga had some black liquid dripping from his forhead and down to his chin, He teleported behind Raven and raised his hands upwards suddenly Obli flew up to the building after he grew wings on his back and turned back into his scythe form in Maga's hand.

Maga looked at Raven and pointed Obli at him "Tell me do you know how to fight without a weapon?" Maga asked Raven putting down Obli stopping to point at Raven, He then pointed his finger at Raven's swords suddenly making them disenagrate into dust, Maga then put Obli inside of him he then charged at Raven, Raven did the same once the two clashed with there heads and grabbed each others hand trying to pull each other back.

The two then jumped back from each other and charged again, Once Raven got close enough to Maga he ducked and did a roll kick to Maga's legs making him fall on his back Raven then quickly stand up on his feet and kick Maga in the stomach after raising his leg up and full force down shattering the roof top once Maga hit it, Yet Maga wasnt affected it by it he grabbed Raven's leg and send him spinning in mid air, Maga got up on his legs again and grabbed Raven's leg smashing him on the roof top floor, Raven escaped Maga's grip and jumped back.

The two looked at each other preparing to charge once more but suddenly Maga had other plans he teleported behind Raven put his hand on his head and increased the gravity on Raven making him crash down the entire building from the roof top to the lowest floor, After a few minutes Adam, Rex, Laura and Adam's mom went to the scene of the battle seeing Maga walk to them "What happened? Did ya win?" Rex asked Maga curious of the results of the fight Maga patted Rex's head "Your uncle Maga won the fight but Raven got away so yeah will just have to leave it for next time" Maga walked back to Adam's house and after him went the others.

On a certain building in the other side of Tokyo Raven was sitting on the edge of the roof top looking down on the city, Behind him came the hooded person once more "I failed......I lost to him i brought shame to us" Raven said to the hooded person, The hooded person put his hand on Raven's shoulder giving him a letter, Raven read the letter and looked at the hooded person "Impossible hes coming back Knight is coming back? And after so long your right i shouldnt show one loss that i am no longer worthy of my title as Grand Priest i shall try once more" After those last words both Raven and the hooded person walked away awaiting the man known as Knight.


Chapter 10 - Ru$tyEdit

On the beach near Tokyo a young man with a blue jacket, A white shirt under his blue jacket, Blue jeans, Grey colored hair slicked back and black shoes he walked out of the water and continued walking through the beach and into the city smiling even though he is completely wet after getting out of the sea and it is very cold outside, Meanwhile Adam was in his house resting on the couch with Maga next to him "So yeah since your wounded and at your chest your gonna have to stay home for a weeeee bit longer time" Adam didnt reply to Maga's explanation he simply sat and watched TV as if nothing mattered, Adam's mom then came into the living room and looked at Maga and Adam "Adam dont forget tonight is the party at my job for all the employees and odnt forget you promised to come along" Adam's mom told Adam.

Adam looked at his mom "Oh yeah right i didnt forget mom ill be there" Maga then looked at Adam after he finished his sentence "Ohhh can i come?" Maga asked Adam "Why would you wanna come? Its just a party that the boss at my mom's job always throws once a year" Adam answered Maga looking at him "Because i want to experience the thing you humans call a party and see how its like" Maga said waiting for Adam's answer, Adam looked at his mom wanting an answer from her, She nodded her head in agreement and Adam turned back to Maga "Okay you can come just dont do anything destructive or stupid" Maga jumped from his sit in excitement.

Adam pulled Maga back to his sit on the couch, Maga looked at Adam "Can i bring Obli with me?" Maga asked Adam again and once more Adam turned to his mother for her answer and she agreed again "Okay you can bring Obli too just dont reveal him as a sharp object" Maga nodded his head and walked out of the living room and into the bathroom coming back down with a toilet paper stuck on his foot.

Later at night everyone including Maga, Adam, Rex and Laura went to the party at Emma's job everyone except Maga were dressed up for the party the boys were wearing Tuxedo's while Laura wore a purple dress matching her long purple hair, Maga looked around and immediately went to the food stand to eat something, The others looked around while the employees talked to each other, Adam sat down on a table and layed his head on his hand while Rex was also eating with Maga and Laura was looking around "I hate parties always so noisy" Adam said to himself looking around.

Maga sat next to Adam in the same table after he finished eating and put his hand on Adam's shoulder "Ahhhhhh delicious human food you humans sure know how to cook up food hahaha *hic* too bad i dont need food like you then i would eat more often haha" Maga said to Adam he then took his hand off Adam's shoulder and went to the bathroom, Suddenly Adam felt heavier and had a hard time moving, He got up his chair but had a hard time doing it because of him feeling heavier for some reason, Rex and Laura walked to him also feeling the extra weight "What the hell is going on? Why am i feeling heavier?" Adam asked both Rex and Laura.

"Ah damn it Rusty why here and now? Im not finished eating" Rex said to himself suddenly they all felt great weight that made everyone in the party fall on the ground as if something was pushing them down all the furniture also broke the tables' legs broke, All what was made from glass shattered into small pieces and all the food looked as if someone stepped on them Rex was especially sad about the food, Then the young man who came from the beach walked into the party after exiting the elevator he looked around and saw Adam he pointed at him "AH HUH I FOUND YOU!!!!" The young man yelled at Adam, Adam was confused and saw Rex raged and trying to get to the young man "DAMMIT RUSTY I WAS EATING JUST NOW C'MERE IM GONNA RIP YOU OPEN!!!!" Rex yelled at the young man who his name was revealed to be Rusty, Rusty looked at Rex "Yo bro whats up?" Rusty simply waved a hello to his brother with a smile on his face which made Rex angrier.

Rusty stood up and looked at Adam who was looking at Rusty "So your the guy who beat my big bro well my name is Rusty Terrens younger brother of Rex and older brother of Laura and also i can control gravity so your basicaly weak in everywhere you walk on IN YOUR FACE!!!!" Rusty laughed at Adam, Adam stayed quiet and then started to try and get up while trying to get up his hands slightly shattered the floor he was on while trying to push himself upwards.

Rusty stopped laughing and looked at Adam, Adam then looked at Rusty angerly "Your the third one to come and the second to want to fight me well i have something to tell ya, You could've charged at me from behind while i was outside walking...." Adam got a little bit up after pushing himself, Rusty looked surprised seeing Adam being able of pushing himslef upwards like that "......Or you could've thrown me to the road like your brother Rex....." While trying to lift himself up Adam broke a large part of the floor with his immense strength even making the cracks reach Rusty who was a few small meters away from Adam ".......But you just had to come at this time in this day and this night well i got something to tell ya Rusty brains....." Adam then got himself up on both his feet but still having some difficulties standing up, Yet Adam was able of enduring the heaviness from the extra gravity cause by Rusty, He looked at Rusty stil angry ".......You shouldnt HAVE RUINED THIS PARTY FOR MY MOM!!!!!!!!" Adam's legs suddenly turned into black holes having there colors change to pitch black with star-like dots making it easier for Adam to walk because of a black hole absorbing the gravity.

Adam then ran towards Rusty and so did Rusty the two then started there battle, While Maga was still in the bathroom not being around to see that Rusty is bringing in people who dont have anything to do with there fight which as he explained in the fight between Rex and Adam that it is against the rules.


Chapter 11 - Adam vs Ru$tyEdit

Adam ran towards Rusty and so did Rusty the two hit each other with heabutt pushing each other backwards, Rusty then made the gravity behind Adam push him back because only his legs were turned to a black hole the rest of his body wasnt safe so Adam was pushed by the gravity back and hit the floor, Rusty walked towards him smiling, Adam was able of getting up again "A tough guy huh? Well there goes the fact i actually agreed on coming here and wearing this tuxedo" Adam took off the tuxedo black shirt of him leaving the white shirt with short sleeves and his black tie on "Im gonna keep the rest of the tux on cause it makes me look badass".

Adam and Rusty prepared to fight again but before they began Maga got out of the bathroom and walked back to the party not realising whats going on "Ahhhhh that great thing that flushes down that you humans call bathrooms and toilets looking at them flash really is entertaining and i got a full score this time haha" Once Maga stepped into the party the gravity wieght affected him as well so he fell on the floor as if someone pushed him down "Ouch hey what the hell?" Maga looked around and saw Rusty and Adam standing up while everyone were on the floor.

"Hey its Rusty he got here hahaha yo Rusty whats up?.....Wait a minute hey your not suppose to involve others in the fights let the others go this is between you and your bro so the other ones dont count" Rusty looked at Maga "Too late its been about seven minutes since ive done this they also heard you just now so its too late haha" Maga's jaw openned after realising the situation of everyone knowing of whats going on, He then decided that there isnt any other choice so he let that go "I guess this is what happens when you enjoy seeing the water flush so much" "WHAT KIND OF A STUPID EXCUSE IS THAT?!" Everyone yelled at Maga's reason for what happened.

Rusty turned back to Adam and pointed his hand at him, Adam ran towards Rusty preparing to punch him but suddenly a large burst of gravity sent Adam hurling back through the glass window and falling down from the party that was on the top floor, Adam looked down while he was falling "Thats just great" Adam turned himself around facing the ground he was falling towards, He then put both his arms infront of his face as if his trying to block it once he it the ground it created a large crater around him and a cloud of dust.

Adam stood up and once the cloud dust has faded Adam was hardly harmed by the fall Rusty looked confused of how is that possible, Adam was also confused as he himself didnt know what happened Rusty got angry and jumped down he made his hit to the ground lighter by using his gravity powers to decrease the gravity on him thus making him apear as if his floating down after landing his gravity turned back to normal and he looked at Adam "So you got lucky and didnt break your whole buddy huh? Well your not gonna get that lucky twice".

Adam ran to the road and stood there waiting for Rusty, Rusty followed him but once he got to the road he saw Adam lifitng on of the cars that were in parking and threw it at Rusty, Rusty jumped onto the car and off it making it hit the buildings door, Everyone were able of moving again after that Rusty was no longer close to them they all stood up and watched the fight, Rusty then lifted a car that was on his side and threw it at Adam, Adam also jumped towards the car only he openned the door and quickly went out through the other one reaching Rusty and punching him in the face sending him back a little.

Rusty smiled and looked at Adam "So i see your quite talented in fighting jumping speed and all the other stuff well too bad for you strength is my main priority in battle so get ready to be kicked in your ass" Rusty lifted a much larger car this time and threw it at Adam, Adam dodged the car but then had many other cars thrown at him by Rusty, Adam hardly had time to dodge all those cars that were heading towards.


Chapter 12 - Ground ZeroEdit

Adam stood in his place while many cars that Rusty through at him were heading towards him and all the guests of the party were watching the fight, Adam quickly jumped onto one of the cars and jumped to another one that was near him before the other car crashed into the ground, He then walked to the car that was flying right next to him as if it was two cars on the ground not moving at all and next to each other, Adam kept his balance while on the car he quickly jumped to another cars door and entered the car, He began to hijack the car he was in by using the wires and he succeeded Adam then sat in the drivers seat and put on his safety belt ready to drive "I am so dead if i find this cars owner".

Once the car hit the ground Adam instantly drove it around turning it towards Rusty who showed some signs of fear, Adam drove the car towards Rusty, Rusty smiled and made the car slow down because of the extra gravity Adam continued on driving towards Rusty, He took off the safety belt and jumped outside the car, Once he was behind it he kicked it making it move faster towards Rusty, Rusty dodged the car yet not the explosion caused by it when it hit the building only his right arm was burned a little.

Rusty got up and looked at Adam with an angry expression "So ya think your all hot stuff just because you can hijack a car and blow it up damaging me huh?" Adam didnt reply Rusty for a while he just simply tore off the right sleeve of his shirt "Well no i dont think im a hot stuff but i do think i look badass like this" Adam told Rusty, Rusty charged at Adam preparing to fight him hand to hand, When he reached Adam the punched each other in the cheek and started sending kicks and punches at each other evantually sending each other backwards, Adam hit a building wall while Rusty hit a garbage can.

Adam got up and wiped himself from the dust on his clothes "Great i hit a wall and you hit a garbage can now im sure there a god out there and he or she hates me" Rusty then got up and wiped himself as well form the dust, Rusty looked at Adam and smiled "You know you might think you can beat me just because you beat my big bro well i got one thing to tell ya Rex might rule the street we live in but i.....I RULE 10 STREETS HAHAHAHA IM LIKE A CRIME LORD!!!!!!!" Suddenly Rusty got punched in the face by Adam who walked towards him while he was busy talking, Rusty was sent back and he hit a wall.

Rusty then put both his arms crossed prepared to swipe them towards Adam "Bear witness by killer move Ground Zero" Rusty swipe both his arms forward making the gravity making everyone and everything within a certain radius hover because there was no gravity "When i activate Ground Zero this whole place is my playground" Adam hovered around unamused by Rusty's speech "So you name your attacks huh? What do you think this is a Manga?" Adam said to Rusty which made him quite angry at Adam.

Rusty made some gravity be stronger on Adam making many objects head towards him, Adam didnt know what to do with all those objects heading towards him and not being able of moving he did a block with his arms and once they all hit him it seemed as if he was defeated, Rusty laughed happily of his "win" but suddenly all the objects that hit Adam and formed as an orb-like shape after hitting him began to get crushed slowly they all then got crushed entirely and sucked into Adam's body after revealing that he had turned his entire body into a black hole, His whole body was pitch black with star-like dots and yellow glowing eyes having a resemblance to his father.

Now the battle has truely began to get serious with Adam whole body being a black hole and Rusty using his playground attack.


Chapter 13 - Battle FinaleEdit

Adam had turned his entire body into a black hole sucking all the objects into him, Both him and Rusty looked confused Adam then looked at Rusty and aimed his hand at him "What goes around comes around" Adam then released all the objects that were absorbed into him and sent them at Rusty who couldnt stop the objects because they were fired from a black hole making them somehow invurenable to gravity, Rusty quickly returned the gravity to the area dodging the objects making them crash into another building waking up other people from there sleep.

Rusty turned to Adam and ran towards him, Adam's body then turned back to normal after landing he prepared to fight Rusty but was too late because Rusty already reached him, Rusty kicked Adam in the leg making him lose his balance he then went behind him and pinned him down not allowing him to escape "Haha i win you lose i am the king of this city now hahahaha" Rusty said to himself while having pinned down Adam, Adam began to pull himself up but Rusty increased the gravity on him making it harder for him to move but Adam continued on getting up.

Adam got a little bit up he continued on pushing evantually he grabbed Rusty's leg got up on his legs and jumped backwards falling on the ground with Rusty on his back making Rusty fall down and get hit by Adam as well, Adam then got up grabbed Rusty by his shirt made him stand up kicked him the crotch same as he did to his brother "AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! Are you insane you kicked my manly spot" Rusty said in pain and fell on the ground not being able of continueing the fight.

Rex and Laura were pretty ashamed of there brother because this time many people saw that humiliation "Ah man this is so embarrassing he got his manly spot kicked infront of many people" Rex said to Laura, Laura hit Rex on the head from anger "You think thats the issue? All those people now know our secret this is bad real bad" Laura said in a paniced voice "Well i guess i should have known this would happen well hope you enjoy being stalked" Maga said in a calm tone not showing much worry about the situation Rex and Laura got angry about that and started kicking Maga.

Adam looked at the people and guests of the party who watched the fight there was an awkward silent moment, Adam scratched the back of his head "Ummmmm i won the fight?" Adam said awkwardly suddenly all the people an guests clapped for Adam after his win Adam waved to them not showing much care about it while Rusty got angry about that, After that night everyone including Rusty were sitting in the living room in Adam's house all watching the news about last nights fight.

"So is this a bad thing that i fought him in public?" Rusty asked in an awkward tone "Idiotic" "Mindless" "Completely and utterly reckless" Adam, Rex and Laura said to Rusty making him feel down about himself, While they watched the news Maga was trying to keep away the reporters from the house by showing them "magic" tricks "Okay now you see this large scythe im holding correct?" Maga asked the reporters, They all nodded there heads to him, Maga then put Obli in a box and pulled him out as a small fork "Ta dah magic" The reporters clapped to Maga's magic with Obli, Back in the house Adam's mom made food for everyone still looking happy and not worried.

She went back to the kitchen to feed Mary, They all ate still feeling depressed about the situation now knowing what to do "Soooooooo........What are we gonna do know after Rusty's big screw up?" Rex asked Adam and Laura not including Rusty "We kill Rusty" "We beat Rusty to a bloody pulp" Laura then Adam suggested to do making Rusty afraid and crawl to the corner of the couch.

Now they all had abig problem on there hands both now that they have been discovered and how to deal with it as well as decide Rusty's punishment.


Chapter 14 - The Holy ChurchEdit

Everyone were sitting on the couch in the living room inside Adam's house still thinking of what to do about they're situation, Maga entered the house and walked infront of everyone "Well guys and girl i have good and bad news which do ya wanna here first?" Maga asked everyone after standing infront of them "Lets hear the good then bad news" Rex said to Maga "Right so good news is the reporters are gonna stay out of our hair for a while" "And the bad news?" Adam asked Maga after he finished the good news "The while is a day or two" Maga answered Adam, Everyone sighed still thinking of what to do.

Meanwhile in another part of Tokyo Raven was seen walking into a church with the hooded person, When he entered it a priest with white hair, Cigarrette and two pair of guns was sitting down cleaning one of his guns while his other one was in his belt that is tied around his waist, The priest looked at Raven "So Raven your back heard ya lost to that demon shamefull" The priest said to Raven, Raven looked at the priest "As if you've never lost a battle before Jackal" Raven told to the priest who his name is revealed to be Jackal, Jackal pointed his gun to a statue of a priest reading a bible.

Raven walked to the statue followed by the hooded person, Raven knocked on the statue twice suddenly the statue openned like a secret door, Raven and the hooded person along with Jackal entered the secret room located behind the statue, They all walked down long stairs they evantually reached an underground church that was incredibly large with many people dressed in priest clothes, Raven walked to an old man sitting on a throne and kneeled down to him so did the hooded person and Jackal, The old man looked at them "Raven your defeat has brought shame to us but it is only the first time you have caused us a thing like that as for that it shall be forgiven this time only".

The old man said to Raven, Raven looked at the old man and stood up "Thank you Great Old Priest Jonah i promise not to lose next time" Raven said to the old man revealing his name being Jonah, Jonah stood up and told Raven, The hooded person and Jackal to follow him, They all walked to a large statue of a man raising his hands upwards holding a cross in his right hand and a bible in his left one "That is my father he like you Raven lost some fights and won others which is why one lose isnt as shamefull as you think same goes to you Jackal you are also a Grand Priest and yet you have lost many fights but won more then you lost and yet you havent lost your rank".

Jonah said to Jackal and Raven he then pointed at the hooded perosn calling forth to him "Tell me now where is he now?" Jonah asked the hooded person, The hooded person pulled out a map and openned it fully pointing on a certain area far from Tokyo "So he is still far away oh if only he took a train instead of walking the whole way" Jonah said to the hooded person.

Raven looked at the hooded person "Why do you keep that costume on he is not anywhere near this area so you are safe" Raven said to the hooded person, The hooded person took off the hood off of his head revealing the hooded person being Annah "Thats true but i still like putting on my hood because it makes me feel safer and more secure" Said Annah to Raven "You need to get over your trauma it has been more than 10 years it cant follow for that long feeling safer hidden from the world isnt true" Raven said to Annah.

Jonah looked at Jackal "Who si guarding the entrance Jackal?" Jonah asked Jackal "Someone else to my place now he has two other guys with him to guard it sir" Jackal answered Jonah and lighten his cigarrette "Excellent then we have nothing to fear" Said Jonah in a calm tone then walked back to his throne "Damn why does that jerk Knight always have to be so late" Jackal said after Jonah left.

Raven turned to Jackal "Be carefull Jackal you might be a Grand Priest like me and Knight but you know i know we all know that no one else in our Holy Church can defeat someone as powerfull as Knight for as he is said to be an inhuman creature some hardly believe his even human" Raven said to Jackal "Well whatever it is he still shouldnt always be late its getting annoying".

Annah walked away from the conversation both Raven and Jackal were having, She walked to an empty room and sat on the bed "Too bad things had to end up like this Adam if only we could have been friends instead of this" Annah said to herself talking as if she was planning on doing something bad to Adam.


Chapter 15 - Holy Church Assault PlanEdit

Everyone including Maga were still sitting on the couch in the living room in Adam's house thinking of what to do about the situation, Maga then got up "I have it guys its simple all we have to do is leave Tokyo and just look for the other three children who are left for Adam to fight what do ya say?" Maga told everyone yet not showing any signs of interest from any of them except for Rusty who was too scared to talk "Okay then we wont leave ummm well how........About ummmm ah what the hell lets take a walk and think about it" And so everyone did what Maga suggested they got up from the couch outside the house and walked the streets of Tokyo thinking of what to do.

Yet they couldnt get any peace or quiet because of the people recognizing them and bothering them "HEY LOOK!!! Its those people who fight in the streets and look thats the guy Adam Kuroshiro who beat up that car thrower" One the people who was in the street said, Rusty felt depressed being called a car thrower "C-car thrower?.........Why?" Rusty didnt have alot to say, After long enough from being called by several other people knowing them giving them nicknames Maga got tired and teleported everyone to a roof top of a tall building in Tokyo "Aaaaaaaah much better" Maga said to himself breathing calmly but suddenly got kicked and punched by everyone because he didnt teleport them in the beginning.

After they finished beating Maga they sat with they're legs and fists hurting because of hitting Maga's solid body but Maga healed they're wounds after getting up "We really cant do much can we?" Adam said "I bet this news are gonna be spread all across the world i mean its not everyday you see a guy control gravity and another guy turn to a black hole" Said Rex, Maga then pulled out Obli "I have a better idea we can get rid of those who are trying to capture you guys" Maga said to everyone, Everyone looked at Maga confused of his suggestion "Trying to capture us? Who and why?" Asked Rex.

Maga got up and made Obli shapeshift into a statue same as the statue within the Church that Raven and Annah went to "There are people who think your demons sent from the underworld they think the same about me because of our powers we are feared but we shouldnt worry about that because most of them are just normal people and arent all that strong" Maga explained "They are called The Holy Church even though they aint all that holy cause they use guns swords and other things that the army would use to blow us up" Everyone looked at Maga still confused but not as confused as before.

"But dont think there arent any tough guys in there that guy Raven who Rusty didnt meet is a Grand Priest one out of three i met the other one his name is Jackal he uses guns instead of sword unlike Raven but i never met the third one but i know his name is Knight and his supposed to the strongest" Maga continued on explaining he then pointed at the statue formed Obli "This statue is there symbol the man to begin the Holy Church the first Great Old Priest Mizaku Nagashiro Hunder The 3rd now his son Jonah Mizaku Nagashiro Hunder The 4th is there new Great Old Priest he took his fathers place when i killed him".

Suddenly everyone stood in shock of Maga's words that he killed someone "If your wondering why i killed him its because if i didnt you none of you were to be here now when he knew about you through some unknown means he immediaterly considered you demons from hell and was going to kill you even if you were simply infants or young he wanted to start with the youngest Mazu Hyde his your brother he lives in England i stopped him on the place because as your guardian and uncle i cant let anyone hurt you nor kill you".

Obli shapeshifted back to a scythe and Maga put him back inside his jacket "Now we should stop them now cause if we dont there just gonna be a big pain the ass for the rest of the journey and we already have the reporters on our tails" Maga sat down and looked at everyone "I dont know where they're hiding so were just gonna have to wait until they show up first okay?" Maga said to everyone "Why didnt you try to kill them yourself?" Adam asked Maga "Kill? I never intended to kill them Mizaku was the only one i killed because of the crime he was ready to commit for his so called god when he thought you were demons i planned on simply destroying the organization but i couldnt for two reasons one i had to keep an eye on all of you incase your lives were at stake two i couldnt find there hide out at all no matter where i searched but i couldnt search for long".

After Maga finished explaining himself he teleported everyone to the same bridge where he used to train Adam even though they didnt do much training at all "Right now everyone go ahead and do whatever you want and if someone comes along and tries to kidnap or fight you then make him take you to the Holy Church hide out okay? Okay" Suddenly Maga teleported leaving everyone behind they didnt understand at first but then decided to do what he did.

Rex and Rusty went to a boxing club they came across and caused some ruckus in there, Laura went to a library to read some books while Adam simply walked into an alleyway thinking for himself "A church trying to kill us great as if having a bigger family who most of it is trying to beat me up isnt enough" Adam sighed and continued walked he then heard something from behind him, He turned around seeing no one behind him and then continued walking until he suddenly got pinned down by someone "HEY WHAT THE HE-...?!!!" Suddenly when adams turned he saw Annah was the one who pinned him down and she was wearing her school uniform meaning her skirt as well so Adam accidentaly saw her panties and had a small nosebleed.

"ANNAH WHAT THE HELL I CAN SEE YOUR PANTIES!!!!" Adam shouted in embarassment with his face completely red "Im sorry but i have to kill you" Annah said in a quiet voice and pointed a katana blade next to Adam's head preparing to actually kill him.


Chapter 16 - Adam vs Annah......KindaEdit

Annah was trying to kill Adam with her katan which she put next to his head when she pinned him down, She prepared to cut off Adam's head off while she raised her katan upwards Adam rolled away from her direction dodging her attack and standing up "What the hell are you trying to do Annah?" Said Adam trying to find out why is Annah attacking him, Annah stood up and looked at him "Im sorry but this is what Jonah told me to do" Said Annah to Adam, She then charged at him in great speed apearing infront of him and swinging her katana at him nearly cutting off his head but missed because he ducked down.

"Jonah? Does she mean that long name guy that leads that church thing" Adam thought to himself and quickly dodged another attack from Annah this time falling on his face after dodging her attack, The wind that was blowen from her attack made her skirt float up a bit revealing her panties again making Adam look away with a nosebleed "Dammit what do i do i cant fight a girl i never hit a girl and i never will" Adam said to himself turning around to see Annah swinging her katana at him again.

Adam jumped backwards from Annah's attack and stood up looking at her "A seriously Annah why are you doing this? What does that Jonah guy have that makes you do this?" Adam asked Annah, Annah looked at Adam and pointed her katana at him "You'll see soon" Annah said calmly and ran at Adam quickly apearing infront of him, She grabbed his shoulder and through him towards a wall "Owwwwwww thats......Thats stronger that what i thought" Said Adam to himself.

He then turned to see Annah infront of him, She grabbed him by the head and threw him again this time upwards towards the sky, She ran quickly onto the building wall that she was able of running on it, She ran until she reached its top jumping high over Adam and swinging her katana at him, Once she reached him she hit him with her katana and sent each other falling down towards the ground breaking it creating a dust cloud, Once it cleared Adam had stopped Annah's katana attack with his bare hands and moving it to the side giving him a small cut on his right shoulder after he pushed the katana with his left hand to the right.

Annah got up and got back form Adam, Adam got up and looked at Annah "Okay Annah thats enough just tell me why the hell are you doing this huh? Do you really believe that Jonah his name is too long to even trust him not to mention do i even look like a demon to ya do i behave like a demon huh? TELL ME DO I?!!" Adam shouted at Annah, Annah didnt reply she simply prepared to attack Adam again, Adam sighed and tried to step back but Annah let him as she through a throwing knife next to his head stopping him from thinking of running away, Adam took the throwing knife and decided to use it to fight Annah.


Chapter 17 - Rather Die Than Hit A GirlEdit

Adam was holding a throwing knife sent at him by Annah while Annah was using her Katana, They both stood infront of each other preparing to fight, Annah was the first to make a move running very quickly at Adam swinging her katana at him nearly cutting him but Adam quickly dodged backwards resulting Annah cutting only a bit of his front hair, Adam quickly tried to grab her katana but failed once she swiped her sword backwards and quickly sent it forward trying to stab Adam, Adam blocked her attack with the throwing knife, The exact tip of Annah's katana was stopped by the small throwing knife by Adam.

Adam tried to push her katana back but couldnt pull it back because Annah was equal to Adam's strength thus they were both in the same situation, Annah then instantly ducked down and stood up infront of Adam punching him in the face sending him back at a wall, Adam got up and looked at Annah "Why wont you fight seriously like you did with Rex?" Annah asked Adam pointing her katana at him, Adam had a small bleeding on his forhead and he wiped it off "Because im not the type of a guy to hit a girl infact i'de rather die than hit a girl so theres your answer" Adam answered Annah still holding her throwing knife in his hand, Annah smiled a little and charged at Adam quickly reaching him, She grabbed him by the shirt and threw him to the road where a car nearly hit him.

Annah walked to the road when a car drove towards her "ANNAH WATCH!!!" Adam screamed to Annah telling her of the car that was going to hit her, Annah turned to the car with a calm face and in an instant the car was sliced in half by Annah in such a great speed her movements where hardly seen, The car driver wasnt injured because the car was sliced clean in half being frightened the car driver quickly ran away, Annah turned back to the shocked and surprised Adam and smiled at him.

Adam dropped Annah's throwing knife from his hand from shock of Annah's swordsmanship skills, Annah simply smiled at Adam and continued walking towards him, She then quickly ran at him instantly getting close to him and then turning behind him hitting the back of his head knocking him out cold, Annah stood next to Adams unconscious body suddenly Raven apeared next to her and put his hand on her shoulder "You've done a good job Annah now ill carry him to the church" Said Raven and carried Adam to the church, Meanwhile Rex and Rusty were winning matches in a boxing club Rex has won 8 fights and Rusty won 5 each without using there powers.

Rex sat down next to Rusty without his shirt on showing his muscular body and abs "Woohoo im winning thses fights easily if only Adam would be here to see how i kicked those goons' asses i bet he'd be so scared of me hahahahaha" Said Rex to Rusty laughing evily Rusty looked at him and smiled "He kicked your manly spot to didnt he?" Rusty said to Rex, Rex then got gloomy "Y-....Yeah" Rex said gloomy, Rusty laughed at his brother and drank some milk that he got from the bartender "So what do we do now?" Rusty asked Rex, Rex looked at Rusty no longer gloomy "Hmmm well i dont see anything better we can do then bit some more boxers" Said Rex "Yeah but we do much more than that at home" "True" Said Rusty then Rex answered.

The two sat looking at two boxers fighting while thinking of what to do while the bartender behind them was pulling out a large battle axe from behind the counter and swinging it at the two, The two smiled and dodged the attack from the bartender "HA! Ya thought you could kill us that easily mustache" Rex said to the bartender, Rusty had a tear drop on his forhead "Can ya put your shirt on now please? You smell" Rusty said to Rex, Rex looked surprised at his brother with his jaw wide open.

The bartender got infront of the counter with other workers at the bar and some of the boxers preparing to fight against Rex and Rusty "So ya wanna fight huh? Well you should know that we both own more streets than any mafia or gang in where we live" Rex said to them "Thats right if you wanna fight us then you gotta be stupid so bring it on bar guy" Rusty then said after Rex the two prepared to fight the people int he bar.


Chapter 17 - Terrens vs EveryoneEdit

Rex and Rusty were fighting all the people that were inside the boxing club and so far they knocked out half of the people there, Rex was still looking for his shirt and jacket while fighting "Damn it wheres my shirt? Im sure i left here somewhere" Rex complained looking for his shirt behind the counter and then punched a guy in the face who tried to attack him from behind, He then grabbed him and threw him outside the window, Rusty made it hard for them to move because of the extra gravity.

He then made them all fall on their faces, Rusty laughed at them evily until Rex took Rusty's jacket and wore it on, Rusty looked at Rex angerly "Hey gimme back my jacket!" Rusty yelled at Rex, Rex put on Rusty's jacket and it fit him perfectly but he then tore off the sleeves to make it like his own jacket, Rusty looked at him shocked "There much better" "WHATS SO MUCH BETTER YOU RUINED MY JACKET BASTARD!!!!!" "Well what else am i gonna do i cant find my shirt and jacket and since your my bro it wont hurt" Rex and Rusty argued while some of the bar people escaped, Rex and Rusty then followed them.

Meanwhile in a library Laura was reading a book quietly about poetry, A man walked behind her slowly sneaking behind her and slowly got his hand closer to her to capture her, But suddenly she grabbed his hand and turn to him with an angery face scaring him, Then on the other side of the library the man was thrown and he crashed through several book casesmaking them fall like dominos evantually hitting the window and breaking out of the library, Laura closed the book and walked back to put it back in its place, Suddenly another man put a gun behind her head ready to shoot her.

Laura ignored the man and put the book back in its place, The man short her but the bulled broke when it hit her revealing a force field created from plasma thus revealined her ability of plasma manipulation, She grabbed the man's gun slowly melting it the man let go off of his gun because of its hit blowing on his hand, He then turned to see and enraged Laura, Laura kicked him in the face sending him a few meters in the library hitting a wall and leaving an imprint, She then walked to the exit door but was stopped by many other people she turned to see that the whole library was after her.

Laura cracked her neck bones and smiled at then aiming her hand at them, Outside the library Rex and Rusty just finished beating up the bar people who escaped, They both gave a high five to each other and breathed calmly suddenly a large explosion happened behind them in the library where Laura was, They turned around to see the library burning on fire and knew it was their sister, Laura came out of the library fires unharmed and walked to her brothers "So you were attacked to?" Laura asked her shocked brothers they nodded their heads to her.

They turned around to see more people preparing to capture them with many different weapons, The two brothers and sister cracked their neck bones preparing to fight all the people that were going to fight them.


Chapter 18 - The True Face Of The ChurchEdit

Maga was somewhere within Tokyo standing on a tall building looking around apearing to look for something he then saw an explosion that came from the library he instantly teleported himself near the area, Once he reached the area he saw Rex, Rusty and Laura fighting many people who were attacking them with different weapons, He looked at them not having any problems until he saw a person from behind them firing an RPG at them, Maga insantly apeared behing them and suddenly the rocket fired from the RPG stopped in its place and so did everyone else showing that Maga stopped time, He grabbed the rocket and turned it back towards the man who fired it then turning around to face the ones the brothers and Laura were fighting.

Time moved again and the rocket headed right towards the man blowing him up supposenly had died from the explosion, Maga put his hands on both Rex and Rusty's shoulders "Yo guys wassup?" Maga said to them, Rex and Rusty looked behind to see what the explosion was not understanting what happened "So ya gettin chased by some priests i see" Maga said to them beginning to walk towards the priests "Priests? What do you mean?" Rex asked Maga confused.

Maga looked at him still having his wide grin across his face "I told ya they aint holy using unholy weapons such as guns RPGs swords and no holy daggers time to go nighty night" After Maga's finished talking he suddenly disapeared then a large shockwave was released at the middle of all the priests knocking them out at an instant, Maga apeared in the middle of the aftermath of the shockwave waving a hello to the three "What was that?" Rex asked himself shocked by the enormous explosion.

"A tiny supernova explosion" "WHAT?!" Rex screamed of shock after Maga said his last sentence after apearing behind Rex "I used a tiny supernova explosion if i used a large one half this planet would be destroyed and the other half would die slowly hahahahaha" Everyone looked both unamused and depressed of Maga's way of explaining himself and laughing after that, They all then decided to start looking for the church's hideout but unlucky for them all the priests were knocked out too good that they couldnt wake up at all thus they couldnt ask them about the hideout so they decided to search for it somewhere else.

Meanwhile within the underground hideout of the Holy Church, Adam was chained to a wall prepared to be executed, He was still wearing his black leather jacket as they didnt remove it from him nor anything else he had, Raven and Jackal were standing between him guarding him making sure he doesnt try to escape or no one tries to save him, Adam was looking around seeing all the members of the church looking at him as if hes no human but Adam didnt show much care about how they looked at him "So are ya gonna go ahead and stab or what?" Adam sarcastically asked Jackal.

Jackal looked at him pointing his gun at him "Okay so a bullet to the head huh? Nice quick and painless ill go with that instead of stabbing if you dont mind" Adam once again said sarcastically, Jackal put down his gun "You should know your execution will be slow and painfull more than what you can ever imagine" Jackal said to Adam, "Right~" Adam said then looked around to see Annah looking at him from a corner he saw her but then looked away after Jonah walked towards him and stood right infront of him "Now you shall perish from this existence demon" Said Jonah to Adam, Adam didnt show alot of care for Jonah's threat "Ah huh and im guessing your the guy with the long name am i right?" Adam asked Jonah, Jonah pulled out a small dagger from his sleeve preparing to impale Adam putting the dagger next to Adam's heart.

"Now at this simple impaling to your dark heart....." "Dark heart?" "....I shall release the world from your fowl existence......" "Fowl?" "....And return to the underworld with hatred and despair once mo-" Suddenly Adam broke loose of the chains that binded him to the wall and he grabbed Jonah's head and bashed to the floor enraged of what Jonah said about Adam, All the priests were shocked of Adam's action towards Jonah and instantly pulled out their weapons which were chains.

Adam stood up and looked at all the priests "Maga was right this place aint so holy" Adam said before charging at all the priests ignoring the two Grand Priests that were behind him.


Chapter 19 - Doesnt Look Like A DemonEdit

Adam charged at the many priests within the church who were using chains as their weapons, Adam reached them and started to fight them punching some of them in the face kicking others while dodging their attacks, One priests came from behind Adam swinging a chain with spikes on it, The spiked chain nearly reached Adam, Once it did Adam ducked down letting the spiked chain hit another priest in the face, Adam then instantly stood up headbutting the priests jaw with his head knocking him out, He then turned around grabbing one priests chains and pulling him using the chains, And swinging at other priests.

He then let go of the priest he was swinging using his chains, He then turned to other priests but his left arm was then tied by a priest's chain, He tried to get himself untied but his right arm also got tied by another priest's chain he then noticed he began to get tied by many chains and while trying to escape he looked around and saw Annah looking at him, Adam got enraged and begun to walk forward despite all the priests that tied him with many hard chains, Adam walked towards her trying to reach her "ANNAH!!!!! Why the hell are you doing this huh? Tell me do i look like a demon? Do i look like i would want to do anything bad? DID I EVER DO ANYTHING BAD TELL ME GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!".

Adam shouted getting closer and closer to Annah but was suddenly easily stopped by Jackal who grabbed a hold of the chains and pulled them easily throwing Adam to a wall effortlessly, Once Adam hit the wall he fell and sat down his back to the wall, Then Jackal walked to him and pulled out a gun "Im afraid ill have to make you have an unholy death" Said Jackal to Adam, Adam giggled a little from Jackal's words, Jackal Immediaterly took it as an insult and kicked Adam in his left cheek making him bleed from it, Adam looked at Jackal with a slight smile.

"Unholy death? And you say it when you attemp to use a gun on me huh? Guess you just said it yourself this place is unholy" Adam said to Jackal, Jackal immediately kicked Adam once more this time in the right cheek, And shot a bullet next to Adam's head putting a hole in the wall, Adam removed his smile, His hair bangs hid his eyes while Jackal pointed his gun at Adam "What would you know about holiness? Demons are those who are unholy in all their life but i shall make up to this death of yours making it more holy" Jackal pulled out a dagger and went to stabbing Adam's face but Adam quickly moved his head slightly to the side.

He looked at Jackal then put on a demonic smile on his face instantly getting up and grabbing Jackal by the head bashing Jackal's head to the floor, Adam ran towards the rest of the priests and began to fight them this time with more ease, When he got tied by chains again he grabbed them and pulled them lifting all the priests using the chains bashing them onto other priests, Adam looked at Annah who was rather shocked, He pointed at her and removed his demonic smile "Im coming to get you and thats a promise".


Chapter 20 - Team Maga To The RescueEdit

Adam was still fighting against the many priests of the church while Jonah was sitting in his throne with Jackal and Raven by his side to protect him, Was trying to reach Annah but was always interupted by another priest in the way, He then got tied once more by many chains from priests, He pulled them all swinging them around and around evantually slamming them into other priests but was tied once more and couldnt continue for long, Adam fell on his knees being tied by many chains that he couldnt move anymore.

Adam was thrown to a wall by the priests and once more he was going to be stabbed in the heart by Jonah "Now without any interuptions" Said Jonah preparing to stab Adam's heart, Suddenly an explosion was heard from the ceiling from the ceiling Maga, Rex, Rusty and Laura came down to the church, Maga pointed at Jonah "Team Maga to the rescue" Maga said to Jonah, There was then an awkward silence in the church "Since when did agree to that name?" Rex asked awkwardly, Maga looked at him and patted his head "Since the team was formed by nephew since it was formed" Maga answered Rex and stopped patting his head.

"Right now ah Adam to a wall Jonah with a knife some priests on the ground not awake others with chains and awake okay i get it now you wanna kill Adam well not on my watch" Maga said to Jonah suddenly apearing infront of him and punching him sending him crashing through his throne, Raven and Jackal prepared to fight him but Jackal took a running start and reached Maga shooting at him from both his guns yet once they hit Maga he didnt have not even a dent on his body, Jackal was pushed back by Maga after he got kicked by him being sent back to where Raven is "You shouldnt have done that" Raven said to Jackal, Jackal looked at Raven "Shut up".

Maga helped Adam get back up on his feet "You got caught by who?" Maga asked Adam, Adam pointed at Annah who was a distance behind Maga "Oh.....So you were caught by a girl........Thats kinda lame even for you" Maga said to Adam "IS IT MY FAULT I CANT HIT A GIRL?!" Adam shouted at Maga annoyed, They all turned to the scared priests, Maga walked infront of the three brothers and sister aiming his hand at the priests "This wont hurt.....Kidding" Suddenly an invisible shockwave went through the church breaking some of he walls and the ceiling, All the priests have put down their weapons in fear of Maga as they all tried to stay away from him "What the hell did you do to them?" Adam asked Maga, Maga looked at Adam "I can also control emotions right now they only have fear in them haha though the girl and Jonah as well as the two Grand Priests arent affected because they werent in my range so yeah".

Annah walked to Adam and looked at him, Adam turned to her not noticing she walked towards him "Please dont beat me up" Adam said still afraid of Annah because he couldnt possible hurt her "If i could i would have killed you before" Annah said to Adam, Rex and Rusty giggled a little behind him but Adam ignored them "What does that mean?" Adam asked confused, Maga tried to take a peek at their conversation but was pulled back by Laura "It means i dont want to kill because i.....Um...." Annah had a small blush on her cheeks, Rex and Rusty laughed behind Adam in a low voice "Because i.......I need to give you the homework you missed during your time at the hospital sorry its embarrasing" Annah said giving Adam a large notebook with alot of things written in it, Adam had a small teardrop on the back of his head "This is what you couldnt say to me and why you didnt kill me? What does this mean?".

"It means im starting to regret being apart of this church even though ive been here with my father since i was born" Annah said to Adam "Is this really the time and place to say all this a few hours ago you tried to kill me and now your giving me the homework i missed? Your a weird girl but atleast now i dont have to worry about fighting you" Adam said to Annah, Raven and Jackal walked to them "So your leaving you traitor i guess there isnt a reason to wait any longer" Jackal said pointing his gun at Annah he shot a bullet but it was suddenly stopped by Raven's sword, Raven looked at Jackal with an angery expression "Do you mind my daughter is having a conversation with a guy she actually likes" Raven said revealing Annah to be his daughter.

Adam had a blush on his face because of Raven saying that Annah likes him, Annah looked embarrased "Aw dad why do you have to say it like that" Annah said to Raven, Raven pushed back Jackal and looked at her "Well it cant be helped now time to start our plan weve been planning with Maga" Raven said to Annah, Everyone was confused, Jackal then started firing at Raven, Raven sliced the bullets with his swords and kicked Jackal in his stomach then hitting his jaw with the hilt of his sword, Jackal hit Raven in the head with his gun, Raven grabbed Jackal's head and threw outside the church and onto the bar that was the secret passage Raven the followed him.

Everyone then looked at Maga "What did he mean the plan you been planning?" Adam asked Maga "Oh well you see this was the plan all along Raven Annah are infact father and daughter also spies in this church they helped me all this time to protect you when you were young so yeah" Everyone looked at Maga somewhat not happy about his explanation "So why did he slice my chest if he was on our side?" Adam asked Maga "Quite simple he needed to prove himself since he was being watched all the time" Maga answered Adam, They all then looked at Jonah who was standing up again "You all of you shall perish because of your betrayel and you demons shall perish as well" Jonah said taking a black box, He openned the black box taking out a black paper-like thing.

Maga looked shocked at what he was looking at "Whats the matter Maga?" Rex asked Maga "That thing he has in his hand is......Is a piece of my flesh" Maga answered everyone looked shocked, Jonah then took a bite from the black flesh, He suddenly begun to feel pain falling his back, Jonah began to change his beard's hair fell off, His skin started becoming pitch black, His pupils on his eyes disapeared and his hair was fell off as well, He stood up taking off his robes and shirt being only with his pants newly changed, His mouth wasnt visible as he became similar yet different from Maga having a lack of ears and mouth "Now with this power you shall all perish from my sight" Jonah said preparing to try out his new powers.


Chapter 21 - Truth Behind The MaskEdit

Jonah had transformed after taking a bite off of a piece of Maga's flesh becoming similar to him but with slight differences, Jonah looked at everyone and aimed his hand at them "Time to erase you from existence you fowl demons" Jonah said firing a large plasma blast from his hand, Everyone dodged the attack but it created a large hole in the wall behind them, Maga looked at Jonah not having his usual grin on his face "You fool stop this your body cant whistand a power level that high" Maga said to Jonah, Jonah ignored Maga's warning and quickly apeared infront of him punching him on the lower jaw sending him flying incredibly high into the sky not being seen.

Jonah then turned and saw the children, He aimed his hands at two sides, The left side at Rex, Rusty and Laura while the right side at Adam and Annah, Jonah fired two large light beams from his hands that caused a large explosion, Everyone succesfully dodged the attacks, Everyone prepared to fight Jonah, Rex and Laura fired large beams from their hands at Jonah while Rusty caused the gravity on Jonah to increase, the beams hit Jonah causing a large explosion in the area, Once the smoke from the explosion cleared showing Jonah unscatched.

Jonah aimed his hands at Rex and Laura firing a plasma and cosmic beams from his hands at them, The two got a direct hit, Rusty then turned to see if their okay but suddenly he got hit in the back by Jonah being sent crashing at a wall, Jonah then turned to Annah and Adam "So you never were apart of us to begin with? You and your father are going to pay for your betrayel" Jonah prepared to fire beams at Annah and Adam but was suddenly grabbed from the back of the head by Maga and was thrown outside the church and into the streets, Maga turned to see Annah and Adam "I.....I believe i can fly i believe i can touch the sk-" "WHY THE HECK ARE YOU SINGING THAT NOW?!" Adam shouted at Maga.

Maga grabbed Rex and Rusty throwing them outside to the streets took Laura with him, Adam and Annah got out using the stares, They got out seeing Jonah stand up preparing to fight again "You all shall perish for i will show no mercy to anyone" Jonah said charging at Maga, Annah and the children, Meanwhile Raven and Jackal were on top of a building standing infront of each other "You do realise that your friends have no chance against Jonah now that he had obtained the devils powers" Jackal said to Raven while reloading his guns "Hes not the devil nor a demon hmmm this is quite ironic i was calling him those things for quite a while i guess that this is how life happen to be" Raven said pointing his swords at Jackal.

Jackal put a cigar in his mouth and lighten it up and looked at Raven "Then i might as well kill you like a stray dog" Jackal and Raven charged at each other, Jackal fired several bullets at Raven, Rav en deflected the bullets with his sword, The two then charged at each other preparing to fight to the death.


Chapter 22 - FightEdit

Jackal and Raven charged at each other with their weapons in their hands, They both clashed blocking each others weapons, Jackal blocking Raven's sword with his gun and Raven blocking Jackal's other gun by putting his swords tip in the guns bullet hole, The two tried to push each other back at the end Raven quickly stepped back and jumped over Jackal kicking his back while in mid air and landing on his feet from the back, Jackal turned to him and fired several bullets at him, Raven quickly got up and deflected the bullets back at Jackal with his sword, Jackal dodged the bullets and charged at Raven, Raven also charged towards him.

The two clashed head first and their weapons later and begun to push each other back, Meanwhile back at the ground everyone else were fighting against Jonah and unfortunately Maga was once again punched into the sky so everyone had to fight Jonah without Maga until he comes back down at least, Jonah charged plasma in his hands looking at everyone "You should just surrender i am more powerful that you filthy demons" Jonah said preparing to fire a plasma beam at everyone.

Adam looked at Jonah cracking his neck bones "We're the demons huh? Well then if we're the demons then what are you?" Adam said to Jonah, Jonah then instantly disapeared apearing infront of Adam with his hand infront of Adam's face firing a large plasma beam, Everyone looked shocked when the explosion reached them creating a large black cloud of smoke, Everyone got up and looked around "Adam?! Wheres is he is he okay?! Adam?" Rex shouted looking for Adam, Suddenly behind Jonah apeared grabbing him from behind his head.

Rex grabbed Jonah's hand trying to make him lose his grip but couldnt, Jonah continued on crushing Rex's head until he was hit by a plasma shot from Laura, Jonah let go of Rex but wasnt affected by Laura, He quickly apeared infront of her grabbing her by the head slowly crushing her head just he was doing with Rex, Suddenly Adam grabbed Jonah's hand while nearly falling on the ground bleeding from his head, Jonah let go of Laura and hit Adam sending him flying at a wall, Adam coughed blood and fell on the ground trying to get up, Jonah walked to him and stepped on Adam's back.

"I cant stand you, I'll just have to crush your spine and kill the others later ill leave Annah for the last because of her betrayel now die you filthy demo-" Jonah stopped talking once he was grabbed from the back of his head by Maga "Who you callin filthy?" Maga said throwing Jonah into a building causing it to completely break down, Maga walked towards him with Obli turning into a scythe in Maga's hand, Jonah got up preparing to fight Maga "Thats my nephew your calling filthy and for your information he showers twice a day" "YOU WERE SPYING ON ME EVEN IN THE SHOWER?!" Adam yelled at Maga after he finished his sentence "I was watching over you incase you were to be attacked" "THIS ISNT PSYCHO*" Adam shouted at Maga again.

'Note: Pyscho is a horror movie which in it a woman got attacked in the shower that why Adam mentioned that movie'

"Well doesnt matter either way cause ya never know hehehehehehehe Death is coming to town and gonna right up your-...." "SAY AND I SWEAR ILL PUNCH YOU!" Adam again shouted at Maga "Okay okay geez.......Now Long name Jonah im gonna beat you up so badly you'll drop even deader than a dead person" "Is that even possible?" Everyone thought for themselves about Maga's conclusion.


Chapter 23 - Punch HimEdit

Maga and Jonah were standing infront of each other looking at one another while everyone else stood aside to not interfere "Damn my head hurts" Adam said while scratching his head "How the hell did you come out of that blast alive anyway?" Rex asked Adam, Adam looked at Rex "Well all i did was simply turn my body to a black hole to absorb the blast but i was too late to completely become a black hole so i didnt absorb the whole which is the reason why im bleeding" Adam said and turn to look at Maga.

Maga and Jonah charged at each other, With Maga using Obli's scythe form and Jonah using his fists, Obli's scythe blade was heading towards Jonah's head, While Jonah's fists were heading towards Maga's lower jaw, Jonah punched Maga first sending him flying towards a building completely breaking it down, Maga got up unscatched and charged at Jonah, Jonah waved his arm backwards then sent it forward punching Maga in the face sending him flying again only to a much more far distance.

Once again Maga stood up again and charged at Jonah again but was punched back again over and over again for 4 minutes "Now were getting somewhere" Maga said to himself "YOUR JUST LETTING YOUR SELF GET BEATEN UP!" Everyone except Jonah yelled at Maga, Maga looked at Adam and pointed Obli at him "Soon your gonna give 'em a good punch" Maga said to Adam, Adam looked confused because he didnt understand Maga.

Maga charged at Jonah one more time, Jonah clenched his fist charging it with light, Cosmic energy, Plasma, Solar flames and fire then punched Maga with a powerful enough punch it shook the ground and broke it, Maga fell on the ground uncoscious but still smiling, Obli turned to black liquid, Jonah turned to the others and aimed his hand at them "Die" Jonah said and fired an extremely large blast of unknown energy at everyone causing a black out in the half of Tokyo.

A large dust cloud cleared showing only Adam, Rex and Rusty still standing while Laura was uncoscious and Annah had a hard time standing, Jonah looked at everyone who were heavely injured "Im impressed your alive, But...I will not allow you to leave through this next attack" Jonah apeared instantly infront of Rex and punched him away, He then turned to Rusty and punched him in the stomach making him cough alot of blood and fall uncoscious on the ground, Jonah then turned to Adam "You have put me in shame now i will make you suffer".

Jonah aimed his hand at Adam, Adam prepared to block the attack but then Jonah changed his direction towards Annah who couldnt stand, Adam had a worried look "You wouldnt dare" Adam said to Jonah, Jonah laughed and fired a large energy beam at Annah causing a large explosion and a dust cloud, When it cleared Adam stood infront of Annah covered in alot of blood mostly on his forehead and arms, Annah looked at Adam shocked and so did Jonah.

Adam started walking towards Jonah slowly while bleeding "So your alive after that hit? Well no matter at your state your as good as dead to me" Jonah aimed his hand at Adam, Suddenly Adam ran towards Jonah and punched him in the face sending him crashing at a building wall, Jonah got up surprised of how he got sent back so easily "H-how the hell did you...?" Jonah said in a surprised voice, Adam panted and put his hand on his bleeding forehead whiping most of the blood off and looked at Jonah "I am really going to kill you now" Adam said to Jonah with an angry expression in his eyes.


Chapter 24 - He Knows Boxing?Edit

Jonah looked surprised at Adam after being punched and somewhat angry, He got up and aimed his hands at Adam preparing to fire two beams "I will send you to your homeland demon" Jonah fired two beams at Adam, Adam stood in his place and put his hands infront of the two beams "Im already in my homeland" Adam said, The two beams where absorbed into Adam's hands that were turned to a black hole, He then turned them back and looked at a shocked Jonah.

"No....N-no NO I WONT BE DEFEATED BY YOU!!! Im....Im invincible, Powerful and more superior than anyone else and you are nothing but a filthy demon" Jonah said to Adam pointing at him "More superior than anyone?...Invincible and powerful from what i can tell those words wont usualy come from a human beings mouth now would it?" Adam said to Jonah, Jonah looked angrier at Adam and charged at him, Adam took a boxing stance with both his hands ready to hit Jonah, When Jonah got close to Adam, Adam punched Jonah sending him back, He then punched Jonah again in the stomach making him cough black liquid from his mouth.

Jonah quickly jumped away from Adam and charged at him immediately, Adam took a boxing stance again and quickly ducked dodging Jonah's punch and got up giving him an uppercut attack to his lower jaw, Adam then punched Jonah again the face sending him back, Rex looked at Adam surprised "He knows boxing?" Rex asked himself while getting up.

Jonah looked surprised "You....Who...Who the hell are you?!" Jonah yelled in a freaked voice, Adam looked at him and started walking towards him "Who am i? My name is Adam Kuroshiro, Im 17 and a half years old, Im turning 18 next month, Im a high school student who works hard on his grades to get a decent job when i grow up, I have a mother and a sister at home, My dad keeps the universe in balance, And a few weeks ago i discovered that i have six other siblings and an insane made out of tons of things from space uncle who looks like the grim reaper, And finaly....." Adam took a Martial Arts stance with a raged look in his eyes "....Im the second best and strongest fighter in my entire school".

Jonah ran towards Adam "And by the way i dont just now boxing i also know..." Adam quickly punched Jonah in the face and grabs his arm turning him around and restraining his arm on his back "....I know quick restraining...." Adam kicked Jonah away, Jonah turned and ran back at Adam, Adam slightly swipped his leg backwards and then quickly jumped doing a full turn and kicking Jonah in the chest "....I know a bit a kung fu...." Jonah sent a punch towards Adam who landed at the ground, Adam blocked Jonah's punch with his arm and put his arm around Jonah's, Jonah sent another punch at Adam, Adam quickly let go of Jonah's arm and put his hand on Jonah's fist lifting himself up and giving Jonah a double kick to the face "....Learned some karate....." Adam grabbed Jonah by the collar and pulled him up smashing him to the ground on his back "....I fully mastered judo......" Adam grabbed a long pipe and hit its tip on Jonah's neck and started to pull him back while he is still on the ground, With the pipe's tip in his neck and Adam using the pipe to pull Jonah back.

Adam started running grinding Jonah's back to the ground until they hit a wall breaking through it, Jonah quickly grabbed Adam's pipe and kicked Adam back, Jonah ran towards Adam, Adam took a stance and quickly disarmed Jonah from the pipe and hit him in the head with full force nearly cracking his skull "....And finaly i know kendo...." Jonah started walking back from Adam until he fell on his knees, Jonah looked at Adam shocked "H-....How.....Did you defeat me....? I have become.....A god....." Jonah asked with a ghastly weak voice.

Maga apeared behind Jonah and grabbed the back of his head "Did you actually think.....That a human with an old and weak body such as yours can control such a powerful amount of power such as the universe?" Maga said to Jonah, Jonah turned his sights from Adam to Maga "You.....If your not a demon nor a devil than what the hell are you?!" Jonah asked Maga, Maga bashed Jonah head to the ground face first "I am nothing" Maga said letting go of Jonah's head and looked at Adam "Are you wondering it yourself? How you defeated him despite his immense strength?" Maga asked Adam, Adam nodded his head to Maga "Well you see he just borrowed my powers which are too much for someone as old as him to control, Only a young and healthy body can fully control or particaly control this kind of power and so because he was neither of those his body slowly started to become weaker and weaker, So basicaly what you just fought and defeated was a mere pitch black skinned human with powers at your same level but not same skill as you, Well done nephew".

Maga put his hand for Adam to shake, Adam shaked Maga's hand and then let go "What about Annah's dad and the gun guy?" Adam looked around wondering about Raven, Suddenly an explosion came from the building and it started to burn up slowly from the inside, Then the door was broken open and out of it Jackal came out drenched in blood with one gun pointing at Annah "I....Will kill.....You traitor....".


Chapter 25 - Green EyeEdit

Before the explosion and Jonah's defeat, Raven and Jackal were still fighting on top of the building, They both charged at each other with their weapons, Jackal fired several bullets and Raven, Raven was dodged to them until he reached Jackal and hit him in the lower jaw with the hilt of his sword, He then quickly swinged his other sword towards Jackal's head, Jackal quickly stopped Raven's sword with his gun and quickly aimed his other gun directly at Raven's forehead, Raven ducked down and kicked Jackal's legs making him fall on his back, Raven quickly got up and sent his sword towards Jackal's head to stab him, At that moment Jackal stopped the sword by biting the very tip of the sword with his teeth, He quickly aimed his gun at Raven, He fired a bullet with apeared to have hit him in his left eye making Raven walk back from Jackal, Jackal got back up on his feet and looked at Raven.

Raven dropped his sword from his hand after being shot, He put his left hand on his eye that has blood, He then took off the bandana from his left eye revealing his hidden green eye, Jackal seemed a bit curious about it "Green eye? So you're heterochromia" Jackal said to Raven "Its not heterochromia since i wasnt born like this, I was actually gifted with it if you want to say, You can say it was a gift from the devil ya see, When i was 16 years ago when i was 11 i lost my left eye" "What? How?" Raven looked like he stopped moving and let his hands and head fall, He then fell on his knees, Jackal looked confused but then aimed his gun directly at Raven's head and fired.

Suddenly Raven disapeared from his spot with a gust of wind crossing Jackal, Then Raven apeared behind Jackal holding the sword he dropped after being shot, Jackal turned around surprised but then Raven grabbed Jackal's hand stopping him from aiming at him, Jackal then aimed his other gun at Raven but before he could completely aim it, It was cut to pieces "W-what the hell is going on?" Jackal asked with a horrific voice, Raven looked at Jackal "Its your green eye isnt it?" Jackal asked again "Thats right" Raven answered, Jackal quickly freed himself and jumped away from Raven.

Raven pointed his sword at Jackal "Thats right, This green eye is a gift from Maga, I met him after my first kill when i was 11, After i killed the man who tortured me for 7 years i finally got back at him but that costed me two important things first my left eye and also my beloved mother, Then i wondered the streets alone without anyone or anything, I nearly starved to death if Maga hadnt found me and took care of me, He even gave me back my full sight and something extra, You see this green eye carries some of the black fluids that is Maga's blood which enhanced my brain functions and reflexes, So for short my speed is near Maga's speed and reflexes, I can react to anything i want to by simply relaxing my entire body and not thinking at all thats how i was able of quickly reaching you without you being noticed" After that Raven finished talkin, Jackal started to smile and then began to laugh, He then looked at Raven "Now i wont be bored of this fight, Looks like im gonna be the next Great Priest you little shmock".

Jackal grabbed Raven's sword that was left behind and prepared to fight Raven, The two charged at each other but suddenly the floor they stood on broke in a circle shape and they both fell down one floor but the floor got broken down their as well so they fell another floor down, They then reached the third highest floor of the building, They stood up and looked at each other "What just happened? The floor broke suddenly but why?" Jackal asked with a nervous voice being shown by his slight sweating, Raven stood up and prepared to attack Jackal, Jackal smiled then took a stance with both his gun and Raven's sword with him.

The two charged at each other, Jackal pulled pulled the trigger of his gun but it was out of ammo, He then threw his gun at Raven who then cut it in half and decided to just use a sword, They both clashed with their swords breaking the ground they stood on, Jackal quickly jumped over Raven and sent a kick towards his face but Raven grabbed Jackal's foot and threw him aside, Jackal quickly got up again.

He charged at Raven grabbed the sword's hilt with both his hands, Raven grabbed it with one hand, Jackal then swinged the sword at Raven after getting close to him but Raven instantly blocked the swing with his sword, Jackal quickly ducked down and pulled a small revolver from his sleeve, He then fired the bullet towards Raven lower jaw but Raven quickly dodged it, Raven then looked at Jackal "I told you, If you wanna hit me then you need to be faster than me" Raven said to Jackal, Jackal looked angered and jumped back from Raven.

Jackal looked at Raven "I guess i have nothing no other choice left" Jackal said pulling out a small needle shot from his pocket with a black liquid in it, Raven seemed surprised at that moment "That black liquid?...You dont mean?" Raven said sounding a little frightened, Jackal smiled "You didn't think i play fair and square now did ya?"


Chapter 26 - Fake BloodEdit

Jackal took out a needle shot and gave to himself, injecting the black liquid into his body. Raven prepared his sword to fight Jackal. Jackal started to feel pain and fell on his knees. "You didn't think it would go easy without any pain now did ya?" Raven said to Jackal in a mocking tone. At that moment, Jackal stood up with his pupils being wider than usual as well as narrow. He looked at Raven and smiled "This...Is the same liquid....That was stored within....The box that the Great Priest kept.....Now i will show you.....Why you shouldn't be on the demon side" Jackal's voice sounded gargly as he talked to Raven.

Jackal then charged at Raven, Raven quickly prepared to attack Jackal but was suddenly stopped once Jackal caught his sword barehanded. Jackal looked at a shocked Raven grinning evily "I didn't even intend to stop your attack but no matter" Jackal threw away Raven's sword and hit him in the stomach with a strong punch sending him flying towards a gas tank. Jackal pulled out a small revolver from his pocket and aimed at Raven, Raven quickly grabbed the gas tank and threw it at Jackal, Jackal fired at the gas tank causing it to explode quite close to him.

Meanwhile outside, Maga knocked out Jonah and then everyone looked at the building burning, Jackal came out of the burning building alive but heavely burned with scars holding his small revolver aiming at Anna. Before he could fire, Raven's sword stabbed through his back and out of his stomach. Jackal looked at the sword through his bare chest and turned around to see Raven with half his ninja-like mask burned off his face revealing some of his real face. "You will all die for what you have done this day...." Jackal said and fell on the ground.

Maga helped Raven walk out of the burning building "Looks like we're done with this place" Adam said to Maga, Maga looked at Adam "Not quite, this place still existed but not to everyone so...." Suddely a large energy blast apeared from the sky and onto the burning building that hid the church creating a large hole revealing the hideout.

Everyone looked surprised and shocked at Maga "YOU COULD'VE DONE THAT FROM THE BEGINNING?!" Everyone shouted at Maga, Maga simply laughed and started to walk away "If i were to use it before then i would have hurt alot of you guys, right? Now let's go before the cops get here" Maga then teleported everyone away from the area.

The next day, everyone except Anna and Laura were in the hospital again and in the same room with Maga being the doctor again "Hey......I'm just askin' but.....WHY THE HELL ARE WE ALWAYS IN THE SAME ROOM?!" Rex asked in annoyance for being stuck in the same room with all the other males "Don't ask me, ask doctor crazy over there" Adam said pointing at Maga who was playing with a wheelchair by driving in circles "Wheee~ this is fun~" Maga happily said driving to the door, suddenly the room's door openned hitting Maga out of the wheelchair and into the wall. Raven entered the room with a wheelchair still wearing his mask on his face.

"So how are you feeling today?" Raven asked everyone "Not so happy" "Annoyed" "I'm starting to hate hospitals" Rex t'hen Rusty and finally Adam all commented on what they thought of. Maga stood up after being hit by the door "Well no need to worry guys cause tonight i'm gonna be healin' all of you bastards 'till ya good to leave" Maga said to everyone "That means i can finally go back to school after more than a month" Adam said to himself "Why do ya wanna go to school so bad anyways?" Rex asked Adam, Adam looked at Rex "Cause i wanna get myself a good, decent job when i grow so that i won't end up being a guy who can't afford any money for the family or stuff like that" Adam explained himself to Rex.

Rex sighed "Well you shouldn't worry cause i only went to middle school and cut high school same with Rusty and look how we all ended up" "You ended up being street gangsters" "HEY WHO YA CALLIN' GANGSTAH?!" Rex first said then Adam replied and finall'y Rusty shouted.

Maga smiled and laughed at the situation "You guys should start packing your back packs cause ya mom called and she wants you and Laura to attend the same school as Adam starting tommorow AHAHAHAHAHA!" Rex and Rusty looked devastated after hearing the news Maga gave them, Adam showed no care about that.


Chapter 27 - Back To SchoolEdit

In the morning at Adam's home, Adam woke up and exited his room wearing his green PJs. He walked into the bathroom, still sleepy, and started brushing his teeth "Hey Adam, can you go get a towel please?" Anna who finished taking a shower asked Adam while behind the shower curtains. Adam didn't reply for a while and stopped to try and realize what was going on because he was still sleepy "I'll get you a towel after i brush my tee- *Spits out tooth paste* WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE'S SHOWER?!" Adam bursted in surprise after realising what was happening "You don't know? Since the church, where me and daddy used to live in, is destroyed and off limits we're temporarily leaving in your home until we find an apartment" Anna said to Adam.

Adam didn't reply because of the shock. He openned the bathroom door and took the towel that was hanging on the door nob, he gave it to Anna and left embarrased and confused. He walked back into his room and changed to his school uniform. Adam took his bag and walked downstairs to see Rex, Rusty and Laura wearing his schools uniforms ready to leave for their first day at school "This is probably awkward for two guys who are over 18 huh?" "SHUT UP!" Adam said to them and Rex and Rusty shouted in embarrasment at him.

Later Rex, Rusty, Laura, Adam and Anna walked to the school "You don't look so excited for the guy who said he was happy of going back to school" Rex asked to Adam curious of why he looked bored and unnamused, Adam looked at Rex "I'm not excited and even if i was i wouldn't change my expression since it's my normal face" Adam answered Rex's question "Now that you mention it, i didn't see you smile or do any other expression since i met you" "Yeah well that's because i don't feel like doing much expression" Rex and Adam said to each other.

"I think you would look better if you smiled a little bit Adam" Anna said to Adam holding his cheeks upwards making him do a not so real smile, everyone looked in gloominess at Adam's forced smile. Later, everyone reached the school gates and entered it but when they did the school grounds were empty, most of the windows were broken and everyone apeared to be in class. Adam looked at his watch and noticed they were late which explains the school grounds being empty but not the broken windows. Everyone went into Adam's class where the teacher was giving a lecture "Ah, look at that everyone, Adam is back and the three new students are here too" The teacher said and the class all waved hello to them.

After introducing the new students everyone sat down and continued listening to the teacher's lecture. "Now that the lecture is over it is time to get to buisness now that Adam has returned we have a request to ask you dear Adam" The teacher said to Adam, Adam looked confused by the teacher's words, before the teacher could start explainning himself a student wearing normal clothing and holding a nailed bat walked into class making everyone including the teacher freeze. The student looked around and walked behind the teacher's desk sitting down on the teacher's chair without the teacher's permission.

"So i heard there are some new students here and some one that came back after long am i right?" The student asked the teacher. The teacher looking frustrated looked at the student "Why yes indeed, we have three new students and a student who came back to us after so long, Adam Kuroshiro who will save us from yo-..." The teacher stopped once he noticed that Adam was gone from his seat. He turned pale turning to the student sitting in his chair who looked angered.

The student stood up looking threatening towards the teacher "What was that you were going to say?" The student asked the teacher with a threatening tone "I....Ummmm...." The teacher tried to answer but was too frightened to say anything. The student raised his bat upwards at the teacher preparing to hit the teacher. Once he started swinging the bat at the teacher he got hit in the head by a chair being sent to the wall. Everyone looked at the door and saw Adam standing showing that he threw the chair.

"Sorry i left without telling i just had to go to the bathroom" Adam said making nearly everyone drop their jaws. The student with the bat stood up angered at Adam "Hey you, just who the hell do you think you are?" The student asked Adam "Who me? I just wanna get some good grades so why do ya have to cause a ruckus now?"


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