Sneak PeekEdit

Link is just an ordinary boy. Little does he know that the spirit of a hero is within. Unfortunately, he hasn’t figured that out yet. Everyone in the village seems to like him, due to the fact that he was named after a hero.

Well, everyone except a young boy called Zedrick. He is jealous of his popularity. Zedrick always, teases and insults Link. Link does not like Zedrick at all.

“Wake up Link! This is very important!” a female child shouts at a sleeping Link.

As she continues to nudge him, his eyes begin to flicker like a butterfly flapping it’s wings.

“Huh, what are you doing here Mia?” Link asked, in a drowsy voice.

“The Great Lord needs you,” Mia tells the clueless child.

After hearing that, Link immediately rolls off his bed, only to slam into the cabinets, knocking himself unconscious. Mia rolls her eyes, as she stares at him.

A few moments later, Link wakes up in an unfamiliar castle already dressed.