(Created by Johnny)


Those who were sucked into this world because of him, each of different backrounds where brought here by someone who was planning on them never leaving. Into a world made of 8 different realms, each ruled by a demon stronger than the last one. If they manage to kill all 8 they might just be able to return home.


Charcter Creation

Character Stats

  • Rex, Elf, Charmer, Earth, Flute
  • Johnny, Werewolf, Marksman, Shadow, Gun
  • Nathan, Werewolf, Knight, Shadow, Claymore
  • Leo, Dragonborn, Theif, Energy, Dagger
  • Viola, Human, Mage, Shadows, Staff

The RoomEdit

A room with no exit

Rex and Johnny wake up

Johnny: *Scratches head* Where am I?

Rex: *checks backpack* My flute is still in there, that's good.

Nathan: Looks like you two finally woke up *leaning against a wall*

Johnny: And you must be?

Nathan: The name's Nathan.

Johnny: Johnny, you got any idea of where we are?

Nathan: None whatsoever

Leo wakes up

Leo: Where am I?

Johnny: None of us know.

4 Shadows appear on the far side of the room

???: Battle

Turn Order: Johnny, Rex, Nathan, Leo

Johnny: *Shots Shadow #1* (-1 Ammo)

Shadow #1 0/10 HP

Rex: *smacks Shadow #2 with flute*

The magic flute does not break. Shadow #2 5/10 HP

Nathan: *roars and smashes shadow #3 with claymore*

Shadow #3 0/10 HP

Leo: *Slashes dagger through Shadow #4*

Shadow #4 0/10 HP

Shadow #2: *Attacks Rex*

The attack is too weak to harm Rex. Rex 20/20 HP

Johnny: *Shoots Shadow #2*

Johnny -1 Ammo. Shadow #2 0/10 HP

Johnny, Rex, Nathan, Leo +40 EXP


???: You really did great.

Nathan: *resting claymore on shoulder* Thanks *casually slips claymore back into empty sheathe on back*

Leo: Who are you?

Viola wakes up

Viola: huh? what is happening? *Sees her orb and picks it up* 

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