To make a character below in the comments write the following...

(Up to 2 per person)


Your character's name.


Your character's species


Humans are not really fast and not really strong, they have the perfect balance for those who want it.


Elves are swift but have less strength than others, they are the better choice for Ranger Classes and Migical Classes.


Werewolves are fast in speed and are also strong, but they lack magical power, they are a better choice for Warrior Classes and Ranger Classes


Dragonborns are strong and have a better defense against elemental based attacks but they lack speed, they are a better choice for Warrior Classes and Magical Classes.


Your character's class

Warrior ClassesEdit


Paladins are warriors who also practice some magic, they combine both strength and magic for powerful attacks. They can become Royal Guards.


Knights are warriors how use strength and force for their attacks. They can become Rouge Knights and Royal Guards.


Thieves are warriors who prefer to sneak around and attack their enemies close up but from out of sight, they can also steal from enemies. They can become Assassins.

Magical ClassesEdit


Mages are skilled in magic of all kinds they attack from a distance to protect themselves. They can become Sages and Wizards.


Charmers are those who use charms to obtain control of others especially their enemies. They can become Musicians and Wizards.

Ranger ClassesEdit


Archers are those who use bow and arrows to attack their enemies from a distance. They can become Hunters.


Marksmen are those who use mainly guns to attack enemies from a distance. They can become Sharpshooters and Assassins.


Your character's element of choice

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Ice
  • Energy
  • Light
  • Shadows


Your character's starter weapon


A weapon for close-combat. A weapon of choice for Paladins, Knights, and Theives.


A close-combat weapon usally used for stealth. A weapon of choice for Paladins, Knights, Theives, and Charmers.

Bow & ArrowEdit

A weapon designed for long-ranged combat, ammo needed. A weapon of choice for Archers, Knights, and Paladins.


A weapon for long-ranged combat. A weapon of choice for Marksmen and Theives.


A weapon used to help and amplify magic-based attacks. A weapon of choice for Mages and Charmers.


A weapon C'harmers' use to help when making charms.

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