An eight year old girl is lost. And she has no where to go. One day, a white pheonix comes and saves her when she was only four. Now, the girl needs to find the phoenix to heal her family. Her family is sick, very sick. They might all die. Only that girl can save them because she's the only one who isn't sick. It's her destiny.


Chapter One - Sickness All Around

Sky stared off into the distant. There was a white tree, the wierd thing is: it's not winter. It was probably the White Phoenix, Sky thought cheerfully. She wanted her to come back, the White Phoenix gives Sky's family health and hopefullness.

The thought of this made Sky want to go outside and play on the white tree. It would be so fun! But, she had to help her family first. They were all sick with the flu. Sky didn't know anything about medical stuff. She doesn't even know where to find the bandages.

Behind Sky, her brother coughed. He was thirteen and he already knew high school stuff. He's a big smarty-pants, Sky thought. Sky quickly went to her brother and asked what he needed.

"W-Water," he rasped.

"Okay, Peter," Sky said gently.

Sky went into the kitchen and served up four cups of water, just in case anybody else needed water. Then, she took two cups of water and went back into the room carefully.

"Here's your water," Sky smiled.

"Thank you," Peter smiled back.

Sky sat next to Peter examining his face. He looked fine. He isn't that pale anymore, he must be getting better. That would've cheered Sky up. It would be the perfect birthday present.