We've been to the movies. We've been around the world. Now, Total Drama is taking a brand new cast of competitors to the most dangerous place on Earth, for the harshest, cruelest, cringe-worthiest million dollar competition EVER... right back where it all began, at Camp Wawanakwa! This season Chris Mclean is amping up the danger and bringing the pain with a whole new set of hazardous challenges. And since Chris rented the island out to a toxic waste disposal company while he was gone, the island now boasts a whole new collection of vicious, deadly, and freakishly mutated creatures!

(Note: If you don't know anything about Total Drama: Revenge of the Island click here!)

(Note: There will be a new episode between every five-seven days, though this might change.)

Contestants (2 Per User)Edit

  • Ann Maria - My Scope
  • B - Izzynsierrafan12
  • Brick - AverageHero
  • Cameron - Kokori9
  • Dakota - XrosHearts
  • Dawn - Izzynsierrafan12
  • Jo - My Scope
  • Lightning - XrosHearts
  • Mike - AverageHero
  • Sam - Kokori9
  • Scott - Bethanyvsduncan
  • Staci - AverageHero
  • Zoey - Bethanyvsduncan


Bigger, Badder, Brutal-erEdit

Chris Mclean: Camp Wawanakwa. Once a paradise on Earth. Now a biohazardious dump! The perfect setting to drop a gaggle of teen freaks and let 'em run wild! We're going back to the island baby! Thirteen new contestants! Each one more abnormal than the last! More dangerous challenges. Who will win? Find out right here on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!

The thirteen new contestants are shown on a boat, heading to the island.

Dawn: *meditates on the railings*

Staci: *startles Dawn* Ya know, my great-great-great-great uncle on my mother's side invented meditating! Uh-huh! Before meditating, people used to chase each other with metal bats because they were SO angry!

Brick: They were much smarter, then! People should be DEALING with their problems instead of just passing it on with their fancy schmancy medi-taters!

Mike: *laughs nervously*

Dawn: Umm...okay then...*continues to meditate*

Truth or Mutant SharkEdit

Ice Ice BabyEdit

Finders CreepersEdit

Traitor in SightEdit

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The Best Contestant Ever.