[Based off Virtual Villagers, My Tribe and The Island: Castaway]

After the engine on a cruise ship explodes, only six people remain.


~The original six

  • Rex Canina, age 15, played by Kokori9
  • Charlie Nervei, age 17, played by Bethenyvsduncan
  • Davis Durell, age 18, played by Xroshearts
  • Olivia Castle, age 22, played by Izzynsierrafan12
  • Megan Hellenfer, age 20, played by Syle190
  • Zac Ange, age 12, played by Mrodd

Skill TableEdit

Name Age Foraging Building Research Fishing Medicine Breeding
Olivia Castles 22 1 1 1 3 (30%) 1 1
Megen Hellenfer 20 1 1 1 1 3 1
Davis Durell 18 1 3 1 1 1 1
Charlie Nervai 17 3 1 1 1 1 1
Rex Canina 15 1 1 3 1 1 1
Zac Ange 12 1 1 1 1 1 3
- - - - - - - - - -

Tribe FactsEdit

Population: 6


Name Number Where you can get
Bait 3 Holes
Berries 20 Berry Bush
Fish 30 Ocean
F. Water 6 River


Name How to Get. Reward Achieved?
Starting Off Reach 10 population 50 Berries No
Adept Person Get one person to level 5 in any skill 25 Fish No
Fishing Guru Get one person to level 10 in Fishing 100 Fish No
Building Master Get one person to level 10 in Building 100 Wood No
Foraging Pro Get one person to level 10 in Foraging 30 Berries, 30 Turnips, 40 Pineapples No
Research King Get one person to level 10 in Research 10,000 Tech Points No
Medicine God Get one person to level 10 in Medicine New Herb: ??? No
Breeding Lord Get one person to level 10 in Breeding Increased Birth Rate: 5% No
Jack of all Trades Get one person to level ten in all skills New Herb: ???, 20,000 Tech Points, 200 Fish, Increased Birth Rate: 15% No
Scary Fishing Discover how to catch sharks 50 Fish, 10 Bait No


Collection - Leaf 3 4 - Blank Collection - Leaf 5 6 - Blank Collection - Leaf 5 6 - Blank Collection - Leaf 1 2 - Blank Collection - Leaf 1 2 - Blank Collection - Leaf 7 8 - Blank Collection - Leaf 3 4 - Blank Collection - Leaf 7 8 - Blank
Collection - Space 3 4 - Blank Collection - Space 1 2 - Blank Collection - Space 1 2 - Blank Collection - Space 7 8 - Blank Collection - Space 5 6 - Blank Collection - Space 5 6 - Blank Collection - Space 7 8 - Blank Collection - Space 3 4 - Blank
Collection - Pot 7 8 - Blank Collection - Pot 1 2 - Blank Collection - Pot 5 6 - Blank Collection - Pot 7 8 - Blank Collection - Pot 3 4 - Blank Collection - Pot 5 6 - Blank Collection - Pot 3 4 - Blank Collection - Pot 1 2 - Blank


Puzzle 1 - Blank Puzzle 2 - Blank Puzzle 3 - Blank Puzzle 4 - Blank
Puzzle 5 - Blank Puzzle 6 - Blank Puzzle 7 - Blank Puzzle 8 - Blank
Puzzle 9 - Blank Puzzle 10 - Blank Puzzle 11 - Blank Puzzle 12 - Blank
Puzzle 13 - Blank Puzzle 14 - Blank Puzzle 15 - Blank Puzzle 16 - Blank

Day OneEdit

The BeachEdit

Access to other areas: Beach Path

~The six people wake up here. The beach is strangly quite.

Rex: well that was horrifiying...

Davis: You said it.

Rex: just the whole explosion...

Charlie: whoah huh where are we??

Rex: some random beach on some random island

Davis: We better find food if we want to survive.

Rex: just wait

Charlie: *Looks about* huh where is everyone else?

Rex: *points to three sleeping people* unconsious

Olivia: *adjusts glasses, and pushes back her long hair* So...where are we? And we need food! We need shelter! We need to get out of here!

Rex: just wait, we should get to know each other first

Olivia: Sorry for freaking out. I'm just scared!

Rex: it's okay ;) I'm Rex

Olivia: Hey Rex. My name is Olivia. Gosh, is this really happening? Because I was playing a game like this a week ago called Visual Villagers! (Reference)

Rex: this isn't a game....

Olivia: I meant as in it happened a bit like this being on an unknown island. I only wish this is a nightmare!

Rex: mkay (gonna make the collections now ;))

Charlie: Please be a dream :(

Rex: *pinches Charlie* Not a dream :3

Megan: o3o Why are we here? ( I know why, she doesn't)

Rex: some random event happened that propelled us into this plotline, except this isn't a story it's real life (does that count as a 4th wall break?)

Charlie: Great so what are we gonna do

Rex: wait till they wake up *points at final person*

Shaman: *appears* Well well well, who do we have here? A couple of misfit strangers to our island. Well how about I give you a challange. Directly east *points along beach* is a place you can stay, if you can find it.


Beach PathEdit

Access to other areas: Beach, Camp

~It's nice and sandy here.

Charlie: Well err this is nice

Rex: shaman guy is weird...

Olivia: Is it normal to find the Shaman attractive?

Rex: O.o You couldn't see his face, he has a mask on... OF COURSE IT'S WEIRD!

Charlie: Olivia Rex has a point what u like the mysterious type

Olivia: I mean his body.

Rex: Which was almost completly covered...

Olivia: I know. I just like the outline ;). Anyway's, when are we going to get some food? I'm starving!

Rex: when we get to the camp I hope... I think this is where it's meant to be...



Access to other areas: Beach Path

~You cannot see the camp, look for it in this area.

Rex: hmmmm, where is it?

Olivia: Argh! Why does the camp have to be hiding from us!

Rex: hmmm... he said 'if we find it' I think we should look around

Olivia: *peers behind a bush, but drops her glasses* Uh-oh. Where are you Rex? I need help quick! My glasses fell behind a bush! *rubs the ground in search for her glasses, but slips into a bush*

Charile: *Helps Olivia up* Next time be careful ill help you out ok

Rex: hey good job, you found the camp! *points to a hut and a firepit* andd there's a box here...

Olivia: Good! *Attempts to locate the camp, but slips in the bushes* Can someone get my glasses!?!

Rex: charlie you go open the box while I help Olivia *looks in the bushes* where are those glasses?

Olivia: *starts to sob* Oh my god! We need to find them! Other wise my eyes will be disabled!

Charlie: *Starts opening box*

Rex: here they are! *gives them to Olivia*

Olivia: Thank you! *puts them on and walks to camp*

Charlie: *Finally opens it* Done

Rex: *looks inside* it's food! and there's a fishing rod!

Olivia: I am good at fishing...

Charlie: Yes :) Food

Rex: it's getting pretty later though... I suggest we go to sleep and decide what we'll do in the morning

Olivia: Agreed

Charlie: Got it.... *Mumbles* If i can


Day TwoEdit

The BeachEdit

Access to other areas: Beach Path

~The beach is silent, except for the lapping of the waves. It is currently very easy to catch fish here.

Olivia: *walks into the shore with a fishing rod* Well, here it goes! *swings line into the Ocean and waits*

Rex: did you get any bait?

Olivia: No. I couldn't find anything. I'm just hoping the fish get caught on the hook. Do you know where any is?

Rex: Well You can get it from holes in the ground, but I found some in the box inside the box *hands Olivia some bait* there's only five bits, but you should be able to get enough fish with that

Olivia: Why thank you Rex. *reels back in and applies bait* You're really helpful! *swings line out*

Rex: your welcome :3 *heads back to camp then goes to the jungle path*

Olivia: *waits and waits for a nibble*

Fishy: *bites the hook*

Olivia: Yes! *attempts to reel in her line with the fish*

Charlie: Yes some food

Olivia: *eventually reels in the fish and passes it to Charlie* Can you please take that back to camp? *applies some more bait*

Charlie: Got it

Fishy: *bites hook*

Olivia: Yes! *reels in the fish* Well, I'm going to pack up now. I'll check the island out more *packs everything up and walks to camp*

Beach PathEdit

Access to other areas: Beach, Camp

~It's nice and sandy here.


Access to other areas: Beach Path, Jungle Path

~The camp is here. A path leads into the jungle

Rex: what i'm worried about is food and water. We need to find a source of water, or we'll die. And we need a steady supply of food becuase this amount won't last long. We also need a fire...

Olivia: Is the ocean clear to fish in? Because I'm skilled at fishing!

Rex: yeah, go ahead. I think we should get around fifty portions of food. And at least 15 portions of clear water.

Davis: I'll stay here and you guys can bring the things and I can build shelters.

Rex: what shelters? The hut is enough for now. Help me find firewood and water

Davis: Soon there will be more people, but we can do that later.

Charlie: hey you want some help?

Zac: *Yawns* Rawr?

Rex: *places bowls next to hut and heads back to river*

Jungle PathEdit

Access to other areas: Camp, River

~A path through the jungle. It's quite cool here.

Rex: nice and cool <3

Charlie: Well theres a different atmosphere alright

Rex: get some branches here... about 25 of them. *continues down the path*

Charlie: OK *Starts collecting branches from a tree above him*

Davis: *heads back to camp*


Access to other areas: Jungle Path

~A slow flowing river lies here.

Rex: a river <3... hey look some bowls... we could use them to transport the water... and to temporarily store it, but we'll need someway to store it indefinadly... *picks up a bowl* each bowl could store around 3 portions of water... hmmm and theres 6 bowls... *fills two bowls with water and heads back to camp*

Megan: *Arrives* Water? This could suply water and baths. *turns back to camp*

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