Jon was sitting with his friend Max and was playing Playstation and eating peanut butter sandwiches until they heard a shaking. It was an Earthquake. Jon ran to get out of the house but he pulled the wrong door and brooms fell on him.The houses roof had collapsed leaving Jon and Max stuck in the rubble. Thier parents were at a business metting.No help

Day 1Edit

Jon woke up. Nope not a dream this was real. "Great." "How am i gonna survive?" Jon said. Jon opened the refrigirator. Marmite,muffins,mashed potatoes,mustard,mayoniasse,McMuffin,McChicken,Melon,Mince,Mentos,Mac and Cheese and Mackarel enough to survive for a week. Then suggest cannibalism.Jon went up to Max and woke him up. They had a breakfeast of melon and each a Mento."We should go scavenging find tools and stuff like that."Jon said. After all Jon lived in a mansion.They ended up getting a shovel,screwdriver,sledgehammer,saw,and some soap.Done for the day.

Day 2Edit

After bathing themselves by dipping toilet water with soap they ate a breakfeast of muffins and one Mento like always.They started trying to break the house down but Max got a knee cut from the sharp wood.They fixed themselves with freeze spray.

Day 3Edit

They heard a noise when they woke up. A creaking sound. A wood splintered. A person was opening the wood. He wore kahkis and a shirt covered in blood and tears. He said "Escape we don't have much time!" Jon passed out. He had just got unconsious. A baseball bat hit his temple. He was bleeding. Max ran out of the house. The man gave him a shotgun. He screamed for Jon, but he was dead. He saw the world. It was in ruins.

Continued in my next story Apoclypse.

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