Made by: Alpha Ranger

So I had a idea to make a roleplay like we play as are characters and travel across the world in different episodes nobody gets eliminated it's just for fun.

Chart (For Locations and Things) Edit

Episode 1: As= Assira Sa= Salong

Character Teams: Team and Episode


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Location West V.
John As
Apollo Sa
Roman As
Sugou Sa
Shou Tucker As
Mondo Sa

Sign-Ups (OPEN) 1-2 per user Edit

1. John - The Man With A Plan - Johnny

2. Apollo - The Military Guy - Alpha Ranger

3. Roman - The Traveler - Alpha Ranger

4. Sugou - The Tear Licker - Phyneo

5. Shou Tucker - The One No One Understands - TF

6. Mondo Oowada - The Biker who committed suicide when Wes last played him - Wes

7. Fiona - The Stereotypical Evil Cheerleader - Surfer

Episode 1: The Plane Edit

The characters arrive at the airport.

Roman: Imagine how much stuff I will get for my collection.

Shou Tucker: You don't understand me! *merges Roman's mother with a bird*

Apollo: Shou Tucker are you ok?

Shou Tucker: No! Because none of you understand me! :( *merges Apollo's friends with an empty water bottle*

John: Woah. At least it seems i wont be bored.

Roman: I could not be bored with all this traveling.

Sugou: *cries*

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