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     SO, I reached 100 edits not much to be proud of. But hey another digit :). Anyway, some anounncements I will be making a show called The Alpha Show :D that's pretty plain actually how about Alpha Centure? Yup, that means Alpha CENTER but my old username for like 1 hour was Centure and centure sounds like center. SO this show will be like a bunch of minigames it's like a camp that will start sign-ups soon.

    One more thing is that I made a fanfiction for Traveling Roleplay and Pokemon Legend will keep going for awhile.


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  • Alpha Ranger

     Don't worry I am not ending it.

    Season 1 will have 30 episodes and these are unscheduled episodes that me and NegimaLover (creators) have made they are just not schudeled into the season.

    Season 1 Unscheduled Episodes
    Number Episode Release?
    1 My Kingdom Season Finale?
    2 Whenever There's a Minun Side, There's Always a Plusie Side! Soon?
    3 Rock-A-Bye Plovaby! Soon.
    4 Pokemon Powers Episode 10?

    1. My Kingdom - A episode made by Alpha Ranger that may be the season finale.

    2.  Whenever There's a Minun Side, There's Always a Plusle Side!
    (Preview: Liam and co. arrive at the Gym, Liam uses Zomblob, Driclaw and Minun, while the Gym leader uses Panzap, Libulb and Jolteon, after both side are down to their last Pokemon, Liam with Minun and the gym leader wi…

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