This is Avi, your friendly wiki founder! After a recent chat with some of the admins over chatango, I've decided to create this blog as a haven for the new "Wiki Improvement Project"! I want to make our wiki awesome which is why I'll be working to make our wiki look good, be more fun, and get into rhythm! And I'll definately need you admins' help!

Step One

-I propose that we work to bring new features to our wiki like weekly roleplaying games over IRC or Chatango, more small weekly activities like polls and puzzles on the wiki, newsletters to give you guys the scoop, story reviews, and MORE!

STATUS: In Progress

Step Two

-Once we get more stuff, I propose we make this wiki look even more awesome! We can keep up with the featured logo contest, and we can also make our main page cooler! An organization of the wiki distribution bar will help you guys find cool stuff along with the community messages!

Step Three

-After we improve, we'll have to spread the word to make our wiki known! We want WAY more activity and the featured stuff to have more than 1 or 2 votes and nominees. Plus, like people always say, the more the merrier! We'll also start having an admin election!


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