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    we will accepting up to 4 other people. me and TF are already signed in, and will also be portraying the NPC's in the story.

    the sign ups will go like this (Note: traits with a * next to them are not required)






    Weapon:(Any kind of weapon existing in the 17th century will work)

    Fighting Style:(can be of any of the existing characters, they are found on the main page, for more help, visit the SoulCalibur wiki)

    Story: (any kind of backstory of other personanl info about the character's goals can be listed.)

    These are me and TF's characters in the RP, when your character is accepted, they will be listed here also.

    (my character)

    Name: Leon Douglas

    Birthplace: French Empire

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: Has never weighed…

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