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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    New Camp Alert~!

    February 20, 2012 by Sgt.FrogEpic190

    I have no idea what it's gonna be called but it goes like this:

    There is gonna be 5 or 6 players. There will be more than 5 rules, and Each submission REQUIRES art.

    Everyone will get 10 Gold Coins. Each coin will be taken away, given, or kept. I will describe something and everybody must guess what it is and draw a picure. So Like this:

    • Hamm: Rainbow Sock

    If I see something like this:


    There will be judging on the art, It's EXCELENT,3 coins. Maybe, 2 coins. Try Harder,1 coin.

    Hope you join! :L

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    Puzzles are fun! And rewarding too. Every part of a puzzle is a certain amount of Golden Keroros.(Represented by ₪ ) There will be 5 rounds. YOU ONLY HAVE 4 GUESSES. Who ever answers them correctly gets a Keroro. They can be used in the store and get you a prize. (Shown Below)

    • 30-31₪: A user box, collab, and a drawing (Pencil and paper or MSPaint, your choice)
    • 24-29₪: a user box
    • 20-23₪: collab
    • 15-19₪: A NEW CA- one more puzzle just to see if you can get a prize.
    • 10-14₪: a sympathy hug.
    • 0-13₪: Nothing,please try harder next time. :)

    The spent Keroros will not affect your final total.

    Item Price What it does
    Hint 2₪ Gives a hint for the puzzle
    Bonus Question 4₪ Helps you get a certian ammout of Keroros(₪).
    Insta-Solve™ 20₪ Solves a question/puzzle for you.

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    It's SONGUGU!

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    Syle is now....

    January 17, 2012 by Sgt.FrogEpic190


    This is Kinda like INDF's blog, but it's not.


    Ok, I wanted to be called "Kululu190" but someone had "Kululu12". I was like: "Holy crap, holycrap!!! I need to contact Wikia to tell them!!!" So I did.

    A few hours later, Brandon Rhea (A guy from the Wikia staff...) Sent me an email. I didn't get it untill a few hours ago.

    I was like "Oh good, I was notified, he said it's alright." I emailed him back what I wanted to be named.

    I told him:

    "Sgt.FrogEpic190 or If that's too long,


    He told me it wasn't too long and he'd get to the name changing.

    IT TOOK ALMOST 2 HOURS. But that wasn't a problem for me.

    I liked that I talked to a real person, and not a robot.

    So, that's my story. If Brandon helps you anytime, say that Sgt.Fr…

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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190

    Ok, I asked Rex in our "secret way" of communication if I should bring back Pictonary or Let's take a Quiz. Sadly, he hasn't answered yet. And I asked him almost a month ago. :P

    So, that's why I'm asking YOU guys! Which one would you like to priticipate in more, Let's Take A Quiz, or Pictionary? Vote now! Closes on the 21st! Vote in the coments!

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