Welcome to Teddy's new blog! This will be all about the new Hunger Games story I am thinking up of, and although I cannot promise you I will complete this, as I am such a total procastinator, I will try my best!

Teddy Jones: The Hunger Games

My name is Teddy Jones, and I am sixteen years old. I was born in District One to a rich family, and I've always been fed well and raised for the Hunger Games. My older brother, Ted, died a long time ago after he got reaped into the Hunger Games, and now it's time for another reaping. My name is in that bowl only six times, no biggy, right? Wrong. I get reaped, and my life, which seemed to be perfect, turned upside down.

You have just read the intro to Teddy Jones: The Hunger Games. It's about me being reaped into the Hunger Games, and my journey inside there. Sounds interesting? I hope so! This story is not developed far currently, as I'm still deciding what the characters are going to be in the story. Sorry, I'm not asking for custom characters; it's all my decision! Sorry. (xD)

What to Expect

I will try to make Teddy Jones: The Hunger Games a mysterious story! I will be reading the original novel, and I will try to make my story resemble Suzanne Collins's novel. So yes, expect the amateur version of Suzanne's Hunger Games! (xD)


Well, this is all I have to say right now. Thank you for taking time to read my blog, and I would be excited for you guys to be excited for my story! Alright, this blog is now coming to an end. This is Teddy Jones saying goodbye!

Update (12~27~2011)

I have written the first chapter of Teddy Jones: The Hunger Games! I hope you guys will enjoy it, because it's nothing compared to what's going to happen in the other parts of the story! Enjoy. <3

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