Hello all, Teddy here! I would like to announce that I am attempting a Q & A game with all of you. I will take ten questions from ten users! For example...

(ex: Pink or Blue?)

You simple ask me a question in the form of question and question. Like, if you want to know my favorite mall, ask it in the form of "This mall or this mall?". It's very easy if you read!

Now, I have some rules for you, and please read them! I wouldn't want to not answer your question because you broke one of my rules!

My Rules for Teddy's Q & A Game:

  1. You may not go over the edge with these questions! No inappropriate ones please, as I'm trying to stay kid-friendly here!
  2. I am only answering the first ten questions I get. If I receive anymore, and you are the person who asked it, please leave a message on my talk page and tell me about it! I will answer a maximum of fifteen if it comes to it, but I will try to stay to ten.
  3. No stupid questions. I don't know if that is possible, but some people can make it. So yeah, be intelligent! (xD)

Q & A

  1. Stories or Fanfiction? (Asked by Rex) Well, I do enjoy Fanfictions, but I have to say Stories! Professional writers often write better than amateurs, so I would have to say Stories.
  2. Mrodd or Zach? (Asked by Zachipoo) I've always called Mrodd 'Zach' or 'Zachipoo', so I would have to say Zach!
  3. Justin Bieber or Andy Grammer? (Asked by Josie) Wow Josie, you know I love both! But Andy is extremely hot, so I support Andy all the way! <3
  4. Pinkie Pie or Derpy Hooves? (Asked by INSF) Hmm...I Googled them, and I obviously like Pinkie Pie more!
  5. Ham or Beef? (Asked by Syle) I love ham! So totally ham!
  6. Sandwich or Sub? (Asked by Syle) Not sure what a sub um, sandwich! <3
  7. Edward or Jacob? (Asked by Syle) Oh my gosh Syle, this is so hard! Both are so hot...but I have to pick Jacob. Taylor Lautner all the way! <3
  8. AverageHero or Bloomin13? (Asked by AverageHero) I like AverageHero better, because Bloomin was a weird username! xD
  9. Dragons, Wolves, or Wolfdragons? (Asked by Rex) Not sure what a Wolfdragon is, but it sounds cute! So Wolfdragon!
  10. Rex or Tia? (Asked by Rex) Tia, because she's a girl, and awesome!

Game Conclusion

Thank you for these users who have requested a question:

  • Rex
  • Zachipoo
  • Josie
  • INSF
  • Syle
  • AH

Although it was a short game, I enjoyed it! Expect some more games from me in the near future. This is the end of my first Q & A, and I hope you got to know me better during the game!

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