Skyward Sword things pretty much

Boss Tips

1. Ghiraham (Skyview Temple) - After some damage he'll follow your sword, but he won't do it forever, right?

  • His running attack is invicible, but remeber how to dodge it, it might come in handy.

2. Scaldera (Earth Temple) - Feed him bombs!

3. Moldarach (Lanayru Mining Facility) - He has three weak points, destroy two to get to his last.

4. The Imprisoned (Sealed Grounds) - Remeber he has four toes!

5. Koloktos (Ancient Cistern) - Pick his sword up!

6. Tentalus (Sandship) - The less tentacle hair he has the easier it is to win.

7. Ghiraham (Fire Sanctuary) - He still follows you sword? Those daggers could be useful

  • Two swords?!? Mabye you should remeber an undead warrior...

8. The Imprisoned 2 (Sealed Grounds) - He has arms, he can climb! The Groosenator can stun though!

9. Levias & Bicolyte (Inside the Thunderhead) - Spin those parasites!

  • Phantom Ganon, Cubis Sisters, Agahnim follow their example

10. The Imprisoned 3 (Sealed Grounds) - He can fly?!?! Groosenator to the resque!

  • You have one shot </3.

11. Ghiraham (Hylia's Realm) - Knock him off! But avoid those purple things!

  • Stab Stab Stabitty Stab.
  • Kill his sword?

12. Demise (???) - One hit at a time, then dodge.

  • His magic may stop Skyward Strikes, but mabye you could copy his move.

Hero Mode

Once you beat the game you can play in Hero Mode.

  • Enemies do double damage.
  • You get all hints.
  • No heart spawners (unless you have a heart medal).
  • Some people recognise your playing on Hero Mode and you won't need to do as many tutorials.

My Death Count:


Feel free to ask! Like whose the old lady, where's the master sword? (These two are answered in game though)

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