Rex Canina

The protagonist of The Power Within. Rex Canina is a talented young man who has been gifted with the ability of telekinesis. He is being hunted down by the mysterious agency that has control over his hometown.

Iris Draso

The girlfriend of Rex Canina. She unknowningly has geokinesis.

Tiana Gold

An agent of the agency. She was undercover as one of Iris's friends. She developed feelings for Rex but puts her duty above all else. She weilds dual katanas.

Jacke Sky

One of Rex's friends. He puts immense trust in Rex and follows him. Like Rex, Jacke is hunted by the agency. He possesses cyrokinesis.

Micheal Wyvern

One of Rex's friends. Micheal and Rex support each other and act like brothers. He's always ready to make a joke, even if it's at his own expense. He possesses chronokinesis.

Micheal Wyvern is based off User:Wyvern_0m3g4.

Nathan Roam

Nathan is a mercenary who travelled to Soul Town to take down ???. He weilds a gladius and a large round invincible shield in battle.

Nathan Roam is based off my best friend.

Lewis Farkua

Lewis is a member of the agency. As a member of the Farkua family he was born a werewolf.

Lewis Farkua is based off my second best friend.


The mysterious leader of the agency and main antagonist of The Power Within. Not much is known about him, except he is gifted with the abilty of pyrokinesis

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