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  • XrosHearts

    I'm here to states issues and news about the wiki

    Say hello to the new admin TrentFan.

    Hello, this really isn't an issue but we should premote this wiki for others to know about it, so spread the word to your friends and wiki friends.

    This wiki is lacking new things, so if you can and want to please create more things to add to this wiki.

    If there is any issue, or anything at all you wanna say please leave it in a comment.

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  • XrosHearts

    Hello, I know most of you have great ideas and many of them can help this wiki flourish so if you have any ideas please say so.

    From now on camps are going to fall under the category of roleplays from now on but Fyrexx/Mrodd whatever you want to be called this wiki is not partnered with Total Drama Island Camps Wiki so I have no right to say to only do camps over there. This wiki is to be made from the creativity of everyone so if you want to make a camp here go ahead but make sure it follows rules and guidelines.

    The voting is ending and the winners will be announced tomorrow as the day goes by, all winners will be getting a picture of a trophy. I'll attempt my best at it, though I am not an excellent drawer. If anyone else wants to do this…

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  • XrosHearts

    Avi made the original one of this blog in feburary but I believe we need it now.

    This wiki's design is boring don't you agree, we need a more festive, more New Year's, more Janurary 2013 design. All great wiki's have great designs. If you have an idea or wannt to to attempt this please leave a comment.

    Spread the word! The Unwritten wiki's Revival has begun! The Unwritten Wiki is back! Tell old members and those how may like to join, maybe even tell random people on random wikis. To make this wiki flourish we need more members.

    We need to come up with projects or events for the entire wiki. Events to stimulate activity and coopperation.

    If you have an idea for any of these please leave a comment below

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  • XrosHearts

    Hello well looks like this place is starting to flourish so from now on I'll make monthly blogs with news. If anyone wants their to add news to next or this month's news blog please contact me on my talk page.

    Hello I'm am restarting featured items all previous winners will remain. All winning pages will not be deleted. For this month only any story or fanfiction can run for Featured items regardless of its length.

    Hello Zanna and I have Commenced the Unwritten Awards 2012 we have 2 new categories and this year there is no Best Camp as there has been no technical "Camp". The categories and nomeniees have been made now you have to vote. The winners will be announced New Year's Eve every winner being announced 1 hour appart and the User of The…

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  • XrosHearts

    The Unwritten Revival

    December 16, 2012 by XrosHearts

    Hello I've never been the one from here to be up and give the news and stuff, but I've decided its time for this wiki's revival for far too long it's time for a comeback. I've taken charge to create a path for the future, with permission from AverageHero.

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