Hello well looks like this place is starting to flourish so from now on I'll make monthly blogs with news. If anyone wants their to add news to next or this month's news blog please contact me on my talk page.

Featured Items

Hello I'm am restarting featured items all previous winners will remain. All winning pages will not be deleted. For this month only any story or fanfiction can run for Featured items regardless of its length.

Unwritten Awards 2012

Hello Zanna and I have Commenced the Unwritten Awards 2012 we have 2 new categories and this year there is no Best Camp as there has been no technical "Camp". The categories and nomeniees have been made now you have to vote. The winners will be announced New Year's Eve every winner being announced 1 hour appart and the User of The Year award being announced on New Year's Day on midnight. Trophies will be attempted to make for all winners. If made they will be given 1 or 2 days after New Year's Eve

My Suggested Project

 Note: Okay this for only those who play Minecraft.

Well in minecraft your survive right? Well how about making a reality show style version of Survivor on minecraft. Tribes, challenges, tribal council, the feel of the real thing but on minecraft. We could even record it and post it on youtube for those who have it. Make it even more of a show. Confessionals, alliences, building camps, immunity idols. This is an idea it won't happen, you all will vote if you want this to happen or not, also if you have any question about this or any other announcement please leave a comment below.

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