Wiki Ideas

Hello, I know most of you have great ideas and many of them can help this wiki flourish so if you have any ideas please say so.

Camps And Roleplays

From now on camps are going to fall under the category of roleplays from now on but Fyrexx/Mrodd whatever you want to be called this wiki is not partnered with Total Drama Island Camps Wiki so I have no right to say to only do camps over there. This wiki is to be made from the creativity of everyone so if you want to make a camp here go ahead but make sure it follows rules and guidelines.

Unwritten Awards

The voting is ending and the winners will be announced tomorrow as the day goes by, all winners will be getting a picture of a trophy. I'll attempt my best at it, though I am not an excellent drawer. If anyone else wants to do this please contact me first to let me know.

Admin Work

The admins of this wiki have respnsibilities, and since at the moment we have many abanndoned pages. If you want to delete a page of your please let us now by adding the delete template to those pages. Also I will be messaging everyone who has an abanndoned page to see if they want to keep or get rid of their pages. If anyone of the admins will want to give up the possition please let me know.

Spread The Word

If you enjoy this wiki please let others you think may enjoy it as well know about it. The more friends that join us here the better. Please keep in mind I am not say to tell others to reject the other wikis they joined to for you to start rejecting other wikis this place is supposed to be a fun place to create sotries and roleplays.

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