Yes I know now that BFDI is over for now yes they might do a second season on a different channel but me and my brother yes Sonic decided to make a thing like BFDI cause I suck at drawing and I love reality shows so anyways we need help with it for right now need is ideas for characters so far we have...


Format: Item - Name - Gender - Stereotype

Host: Microphone - Microphone - Male - Myseterious host

  1. Water Drop - Dropy - Male - Cool guy
  2. Bomb - Bomb - Male - Friendly
  3. Fire - Flamey - Female - Mischief Maker
  4. Ball - Bally - Female - Self-obsessed
  5. Penny - Penny - Female - Shy girl
  6. Quarter - Quartery - Male - Scardy cat
  7. Log of Wood - Logy - Male - Schiemmer
  8. Spoon - Spoon - Female - Helper
  9. Star - Stary - Female - Wannabe Star
  10. Tin Can - Can - Grumpy Attitude
  11. Pencil - Pencil - Male - The Wimpy Geek

If anyone has an idea for a character please write a comment in the same format of my characters.

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