Avi made the original one of this blog in feburary but I believe we need it now.

1 - Wiki Design

This wiki's design is boring don't you agree, we need a more festive, more New Year's, more Janurary 2013 design. All great wiki's have great designs. If you have an idea or wannt to to attempt this please leave a comment.

2 - Promoting Wiki

Spread the word! The Unwritten wiki's Revival has begun! The Unwritten Wiki is back! Tell old members and those how may like to join, maybe even tell random people on random wikis. To make this wiki flourish we need more members.

3 - Entire Wiki Projects

We need to come up with projects or events for the entire wiki. Events to stimulate activity and coopperation.

If you have an idea for any of these please leave a comment below

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