Many years ago, the army of evil sought to take over the worlds throughout our universe. Legends foretell that a group of pure heroes braved the danger and defeated the army. Now the generals rise again, to restore their army and to take control of the worlds. And those who have been chosen must rise up and defeat them again, lest the worlds fall.


To join this camp, please leave a comment with these details:

  • Your characters name
  • Age
  • Backstory
  • Weapon
    • Be creative.
  • Class
    • Melee Classes:
      • Warrior - A soldier who specilizes in close range combat. Does more damage at close range.
      • Thief - A fast rogue who can steal items. Uses short bladed weapons more effectively
      • Paladin - A warrior with the ability to cast spells. Deals more damage to undead monsters.
    • Magic Classes:
      • Wizard/Witch - A magician who can craft potions. Potions are more effective.
      • Sorcerer - A magician who uses spirits and illusions. Can summon spirits.
      • Musician - A magician who uses music to make magic. Resistant to sound based attacks.
    • Ranged Classes:
      • Archer - A ranger who uses bows to attack from far away. Does more damage from long range.
      • Marksman - A ranger who uses guns to attack. Resistant to recoil damage.
      • Bomber - A soldier who uses bombs to attack. Resistant to explosive damage.
  • Elemental Alliance (This will decide your magical strengths and weaknesses, so pick carefully)
    • Elements Include:
      • Air
      • Earth
      • Energy
      • Fire
      • Ice
      • Light
      • Shadow
      • Water

The HeroesEdit

  • The 21 year old Musician, Rex. Weilds instruments and is affiliated with ice.
  • The 21 year old Archer, Johnny. Weilds a bow and is affiliated with fire.


Character Stats

Enemy, Item, Spell etc. Information


~The heroes awaken to find themselves in the courtyard of a castle. The gate is shut, and there is no sign of the doors opening at the moment.~

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